Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Team Wuss Perv reads Letters to Gramercy

The PPSS has a rec list doc as long as dear Eddie's cock, so we decided to continue our Friday Pick's while also breaking up into 'teams'. There are multiple 'fic teams' made up of PPSS members that prefer certain genres, whether they be slash, anything goes, angst driven or spank fics, we've got them all covered.

First up, Team Wussperv this team is made up of myself, Nina aka Ninapolitan, Bri aka Antiaol & Emmy aka Pippapear. I'm sure you're wondering what the fuck is a wussperv right? A wussperv is someone that is...

A) Tragically canon
B) Loathes angst (in massive doses)
C) Loves smut

The three of us are exceptionally proud of our wussperv status and do our best to beg and plead with people to share with us their findings. So, if you've got a wussperv rec for us, send it to me at ninapolitan@pervpackssmutshack.com
Our inaugural wussperv rec is by an author named, OhMyWord. Most of her stories are PERFECT for the hopeless romantic. Don't get us wrong there is drama but not wrist slicing, kick you in the uterus angst. Ick. They don't cheat, they fuck like bunnies and they're relatively happy in their lives.


Title- "Letters to Gramercy" Author- OhMyWord
Summary-I reached down; it was a plain, lined sheet of paper. I should have just crumbled it up, I shouldn’t have read the first couple of lines, and I shouldn’t have folded the paper and put it in my jacket pocket.

Nina-I may be a rotten bitch, but I'm a hopeless romantic and a sap at heart so fuck off. I'm only mostly kidding. I love OhMyWord's stories and this is no exception. This one I'm particularily fond of as it's set (mostly) in NYC and I'm a sucker for anything set there. If you're ever looking for a tasty, well written, clean yet dirty, fic. Anything by OhMyWord will do just fine.

LtG was a quick, easy read for me. It was light-hearted and funny, but not boring. There was just enough drama to keep me interested, but not so much so that my Wussperv heart crumbled in my chest and I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Perfect balance of the sap, the funnies and the drama for all my fellow Wusspervs out there.

Emmy- "Letters to Gramercy - This story when it was still a WIP was one of those updates that would make me smile without exception. OMW writes beautifully romantic and happy stories with genuine characters and a believable yet fluffy storyline. Bad day? No matter an update of LtG sorted me out! I liked how Edward was not some walking penis or repressed romantic - he was real, with baggage and was a genuinely nice bloke who fell for Bella.. Their relationship & bond - started off through blind letters first found at a Gramercy Park Pub and then emails and then chat screamed intimacy and connection and lead to great meaningful sexing. This intense bond brought them both to happier places and the relationship they were destined to have. Loved OMW's charcterisation of the rest of the gang too. Although this has a wee bit of sad in it - rest assured it has the Team Wussperv seal of approval and if us 3 pussy's can get through it with joy in our hearts - you can too. Fluffy, romantic and fabulous! Emmy/pippapear loves LTG & OhMyWord. :)