Saturday, July 18, 2009

Twilight Gift Exchange!

So, the gloriously delicious GinnyW aka the author goddess that writes "Coming to Terms" a fic that pwns half the fucking fandom, runs the "Twilight Gift Exchange" on LiveJournal. An explanation from the genius herself...

In its very basic form, people signed up back in March with a list of
things that they'd like to see and then Shug & I assigned the participants
someone to write/create a gift based on that wish list.
Writing based
on a prompt is difficult, but writing a prompt when you know that it's
specifically for another person is even more difficult. That's because the story
or art is tailor-made for that specific person. It not only makes writing the
stories more personal, but it also makes writing more challenging when you're
taking another persons thoughts, likes, dislikes, etc, into account.
Giving a
synopsis of the gifts is even harder. :) There is such a wide variety of what
was submitted.
Some of the authors are: manyafandom, smellyia,
angstgoddess03, americnxidiot, obsessingoveredward, heavens_immortal, purdueliz,
dollegirl, emibella, staceygirl01, siDEADde, and the list goes on. Not to
mention that and I dragged over a couple of really good authors from my last
fandom, too.
The stories range in rating from K up to NC-17 and they are as
short as 1500 words, up to a 70,000+ word novel.
The topics run from all
human stories with things like: Bella is in the hospital with amnesia and she
meets the cranky patient down the hall, to Bella moves to Forks and gets a job
at Newton's Outfitters. Stories about reclusive artists, about pineapples, and
one about a persnickety restaurant critic.
Then there are some extremely
well-written fics that read like they came right out of the Twilight series.
They remind me of why I began reading fanfiction in the first place. From Edward
and Bella dealing with Nessie growing up and wanting to live her own life, to
Edward telling Bella about some of his few memories of his parents, to Edward's
POV when he and Bella were going home from Isle Esme in Breaking Dawn.

So, what are we at the Pack asking from you? Read some of the entries, review them via the 'comment' area on LJ and leave the authors some love.

Our very own PurdueLiz and Manyafandom have participated. Can you guess which ones they did?