Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Honor of 'The Hot Bitch'...

Soooo, I'm traveling today to Comic Con. In anticipation of seeing Peter "the Hot Bitch" Facinelli I'm using my One-Shot Wednesday to emphasize my love of all things Peter and his peter.

Now. None of these are canon. I know, I know, "But Nina, you're a wussperv and only read canon." While that's true for E/B, Carlisle should never willingly have to fuck Esme.

In fact she should just not exist in my opinion. I hate her. So, I give you Carlisle laying his glorious pipe with everyone BUT that twat that he married. Ick.

Title-HB, CEO of Seksy, Flies the Friendly Skies
Author-La Vie Pastiche
Summary- Captain of Industry and resident Hot B!tch Carlisle makes it with hot stewardesses Bella and Rose after they meet on a NY to LA haul. My entry to the "That's Mister Hot Bitch To You" contest. AH/OOC GRAPHIC LEMON. smutty know you want to!

Fuck me sideways, it's Carlisle, Bella and Rosalie in flagrante and it's fucking H.O.T.!

Title-For Her
Author- Mrs. Ronald Weasly
Summary-Edward thinks too much. Bella overreacts. And Carlisle helps them accomplish something. Rating for threesome sexual content and slash. EdwardBellaCarlisle. EdwardCarlisle. Please read and review.

FYI: I'm not entirely positive that PFac will be at Comic Con but I do know that the following week he's at Twicon and mother fuckers? SO AM I!


Stephanie said...

Nina, you know how much I fucking love you right?

Madi said...


Also, yes fivehead needs to GTFO.