Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Emmy Takes a Turn

Hey Pervlings, Bitches and Slags. :) Yup you are stuck with me your resident British Strumpet again.

As you probs already know - I am a greedy bitch! So like the luscious Nina did previously I am doing more than one one shot.. I do so hope you don't mind....

I have three for you & a wee twisty too!

I have always loved this story since it came out for the Sexy Eddie Contest. I love a good voyeurWard and this Edward has a naughty secret he's kept from Bella, what will happen when she discovers it in all its glory? - delicious fun and of course as its by FreakyHazelEyes it is very well written...

"Edward was lying back on their bed, his mouth slightly open, breathing harshly, cheeks flushed and his green eyes were bright. He was propped up on his left elbow while his right hand rhythmically pumped his erect cock as he watched the screen of their plasma TV that was propped on the wall opposite their bed. Bella’s eyes went to the screen and her mouth dropped open. Two people were having sex on that screen. Not just any sex; no, if the sharp arch of the woman’s back as she very enthusiastically rode the man’s almost blisteringly red cock were any indication of hot raunchy porn star sex, then Bella didn’t know what was."


Author- hpobsessedrissa
Now my wee twisty this week is that I have slipped in a sneaky HP (Marauder era) recc. - to honour the release of the new HP film! :)
These 2 one-shots are very enjoyable beautifully written sexy shots. I am also delighted to say that the author is starting to move into twilight writing too... Maybe if you review enough she'll be encouraged to do so quicker? ;)

Mere Acquaintances is choc-a-bloc full of UST. Its all about denial. Just how far do mere acquaintances go?

"knees were on the verge of buckling and his fingers gripped at her waist, backing her up to the nearest wall for support. Her eyes flew open when her back collided with the cold stone and went even wider when his lips targeted her neck. Air seemed to catch in her throat and her lungs seemed to constrict when she felt his tongue flicker over an exceptionally sensitive spot.

Suddenly, his eyes met hers with a staggering look and she realized (to her horror) that she just moaned. Loudly.

A smirk fell upon his lips when a blush tinged her cheeks pink, but he resumed his work on her neck, sucking and biting at her skin. The actions were becoming more brazen with each passing second and each low groan and heavy sigh that freely escaped her lips.

No longer were his lips caressing her neck. Instead, he was placing light kisses along the collar of her button down shirt. He went as low as the cloth would allow him, once again using the skill of his tongue to trigger a moan from her."

Heroin is about when someone else becomes your addiction, when you just cannot get enough of their body, soul or mind...

"He doesn’t know how he became the ‘other’ man....

And as he has her balanced between the cold stonewall and his strong body, he finds that he doesn’t give a shit.

Good judgment has long since been discarded for madness. Perhaps he threw it away when their monthly escapades became once a week, and then once a week became every other day. It’s so complicated when there are two other innocent people involved. He knows this can only lead to heartbreak, but it doesn’t matter to him.

He can’t even summon an explanation for such recklessness.

Suddenly, they’re not alone.

The door to the lavatory squeaks as it opens and another door closes, this time to a stall a couple of places down. She’s giggling at the mischief of it all, but he keeps his hands placed firmly on her waist and doesn’t stop her revolving hips. The friction is too much of a good thing—she’s too much of a good thing—and he’ll be damned if he lets some random schoolgirl ruin the moment. So he gently places his left hand over her mouth and picks up the speed.

Her eyes fly open at the abrupt change of pace, but only for a short time. Her head collides roughly with the wall as she tosses it back, her eyes rolling back into her head as the pressure climbs. He feels the moisture of her breath against the palm of his hand and he loses himself. Her heat overwhelms him. She overwhelms him."

Title- Fever
Author- Serene Caffeine
To conclude I am featuring a new one-shot from Serene Caffeine
This won my twitter appeal for a one-shot - Poor Edward is poorly - I wonder what kind of medicine could cure his ills? I wonder if Bella might know? ;)
We all know about man-flu & how infuriating it is - turn it into some sexy fun times instead..... I particularly like how Bella has a bit of bite to her narrative:

"Again, like a couple of horny teenagers, I had just gotten off, dry humping my boyfriend. Can you really blame a girl? When he looks like he does and not only is his body completely on fire (thank you fever), but he knows exactly what he’s doing. His fingers were still clutching my hips and his breathing was jagged; I knew he desperately wanted to come too.

As the post orgasmic feeling ebbed, I crawled down his body, to the other end of the couch. He looked down at me curiously; why, I don’t know. He knew good and well what I was going to do. He’s not stupid."

Enjoy them my lovelies and remember to leave them all review love.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you rec'd one of Maria's stories! Her shit is hotter than hot, and some of the sexiest shit out there. SINdependence come to mind...Mmmmm. *drools* Much love for Serene Caffiene! <3