Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Team Blood Lust has Choices (and Consequences)


Now it's time for Team Blood Lust!


Title: Choices & Consequences
Author: JustBiteMePlease

Summary: 17 year old Bella is fascinated by the elusive and mysterious Edward Cullen. Will he be all she dreamed of? Or more than she bargained for? And will she still want him when one night changes everything? A/U Cannon pairings


Emmy: I have been following this story for a wee while. I really really like it. I particularly like her very strong, opinionated Bella who fights against the possessive and oh so sexy Edward and his need to own her. I love love love chapter 4, when Edward's lusty & delusional, or perhaps just over enthusiastic, side is revealed to the reader...

The writing is top notch, it has real depth and emotional impact with super characterizations of all the players..

& I really like a possessive vampy Edward... The scene with the shower door btw is HOT! I love it when vamps lose control..

Choices and Consequences is all about what happens when Edward does that. He makes the bed but its not just him that has to lie in it...... (& No its not a family orgy!! I mean Bella AND the rest of his family have to deal with the consequences of his choice....)

I think you will really like this one. ~ Trust me... I am a randy bugger 4.5 dripping... fangs out of 5.... :*

Nina: Emmy has talked about this for a while and I finally took my head from my ass and read it. I'm glad I did.

I too am a sucker for possessive vampward. He pwns me hard especially as Emmy said when his control is shot.

Besides yummy Edward in this, I love that her Bella has a spine and doesn't take any shit. She is opinionated and her attitude is great. I'm also a big fan of this Alice, who is a breath of fresh air in light of the typical depiction of her.


Lilly said...

Thanks for recommending. I'm on ch. 8 and enjoying it tremendously!

Emmy said...

So glad you enjoying it Lilly! I hope you remember to review! :*