Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kasey and the Potiphar's Wife

Title:Potiphar's Wife
Author: twilighter620
Rating: M
Chapters: One-shot
Words: 9,306
Bella is "Potiphar's Wife" the deadly seductive woman who makes it her goal to bed Carlisle's, "Joseph," Edward Masen. Mature content and based off religious themes. Proceed with caution...

HOLYMOTHEREFFIN-A! Your girl, Kasey (Love=EDWARD), is here once again to pimp out a personal fanfiction fave. This little gem, penned by one very gifted young writer, starts off with a bang, Pervlings. Literally!

As some of you may know, I loves me some Carlisle. One of my own stories features a Bella/Carlisle pairing because let's face it, Peter "Hot Bitch" Facinelli makes a sexy-as-hell Carlisle and his appearance in the Twilight movie only cemented my love for the character. But anyway, I digress.

Potiphar's Wife is a tale based off a biblical story where a man's wife desires another man - her husband's faithful servant, no less. That's pretty much the only parallels between twilighter620's tale and the story in the bible, so don't let the warning in the summary scare you away. This is absofuckinglutely a VERY hot tale.

I found myself reading it and salivating as the sexual tension built - and boy does it build well. Bella, the spoiled, sexy, self-indulgent wife of the wealthy, successful, gorgeous Carlisle thinks she's got it all until Edward Masen walks into their lives. Suddenly, Edward becomes the one thing she doesn't have. Naturally, she desires him more than anything and endeavors to have him. Of course, Edward is the absolute prize (duh!) but in his eyes, she's the forbidden fruit - a fruit that he salivates over, mind you. Tormented by his loyalty to Carlisle and his desire for Bella, Edward can only fight his lust for so long.

Anyway...I'm not gonna spoil it further. YOU'VE GOT TO READ IT! But I will say that I couldn't wait for the story to reach it's climax (pun intended) and when it did, twilighter620 surely delivered!

Actually, one of twilighter620's talents, in this reader's opinion, is her ability to channel Edward Masen/Cullen effortlessly. She writes him perfectly, conveying the way he speaks, the way he's presented to us, and just adding little masculine nuances which paints us a perfect picture of the alpha-male we all know and love. If you've read her other story, Secret, then you know what I'm talking about. A little rough around the edges, very masculine, alpha, and yet, perfectly put together. I don't know about the rest of you, but twilighter620's Edward always slays me, and as a result, I'm a huge fan of her fics. So when my turn to recommend a one-shot came up, I jumped at the chance to once again devour Potiphar's Wife and lust away. And believe will feel a bit overheated after reading this, if you know what I mean. ;) For those of you that have significant others handy, I recommend that you read this before bed. :grins evilly:

So, you know the drill, Pervlings...GO. RUN. READ!



Twilighter620 said...

Kasey, you're too good to me. I can't stop smiling out of nervousness and embarrassment.

Thank you for the kind words. I try to make my Edward's very sexy, especially if I'm going to be ballsy enough to write in his POV ;) lol

Much love <3


Emmy said...

I am soooo chuffed you recc'd this one K. I ADORE C's fic's.. I crush hardcore on Secret... (I think you all know!).. So everyone read & review this one & then scamper along to that.. Its fecking fabbio! X