Monday, November 2, 2009

Algonquinrt loves A Life Extraordinary

Long before I was ever privileged enough to speak to LolaShoes, I discovered her fics, which should be published in order to replace Breaking Dawn. Her take on canon Bella and Edward from the honeymoon on is exactly what we all wanted to happen after Eclipse. Like the tool that I am, I read her fics out of order, reading A Life Extraordinary—the story of Bella and Edward after Bella's change—before I got to the honeymoon. No matter, because I fell completely and irrevocably in love with Blissward even without reading the honeymoon.

For, while the honeymoon with vampire Edward and human Bella, as they discover their sexuality, is both romantic and adorable, the sequel, with vampire Bella, as they adjust to married life, is stunning. As Edward learns to let loose and Bella learns to manage her talent and her confidence increases, their love, and their fuckhot sex life, increase every chapter.

While the points of view switch at times, I have to confess, the hottest times are when you get inside Edward's very busy mind. Bella agrees, and after a night at a dance club and a bit of coitus interruptus in a parking lot, asks Edward to share what he's thinking while they are making love as she engages in the hottest bit of road head in the fandom:

“Let me hear what you’re thinking,” I whispered. “Let it all

I lowered my mouth over him again and he put his hand in my
hair to hold my head still and pushed up into my mouth.

“Is this
okay?” he whispered. “It’s not too hard?”

I moaned a happy sound.
His hips thrust into me, his cock moving to my throat.

And while he
thrust into me, Edward began talking.

A lot.

“Such a
soft mouth…always so sweet and so soft and wet…oh Bella it feels good, always so

“Fuck baby, I can smell how ready you are, Bella I know that
smell, I could make you come so hard right now…”

“Ahhhh…oh God…your
mouth is so sweet to me, you take such good care of me…”

Bella…I love you, beautiful, your hair, oh God it’s so soft, I love you so

“So good so fucking good…mmm yes, suck harder, that’s right,
don’t be afraid to use your teeth, oh Bella you know my body so well…can you
feel how hard I am?”

“Bella…do you know how beautiful you

“Damn, oh God, oh…I’m going to eat that pussy like a fucking
animal when we get home…”

“Fuck Bella…Baby I’m…I’m going to come so

“Baby you’re everything to me…I can’t believe how much
you love me…I need you so much…”

“Oh, so warm, oh you’re sucking me
so hard…oh…Bella I’m…Oh God yes…oh…oh…FUCK! FUCK! UNGHHHHH!”

held my head still as he released in several hard streams and I took all of it,
moaning against him. I stayed where I was for several moments as he calmed down.
I dropped kisses along his length gently before I sat up.

He rested
his head against the headrest, breathing heavily.

He turned to look
at me, grinning happily, and then looked back at the road.

I ran my
index finger along the side of my mouth and smiled at him. “My, you were

“I told you,” he chuckled. “I told you it was busy up
here.” He tapped his forehead.

Hello, Babbling Edward. You had me at “fuck.”
Algonquinrt is the Queen of Twitardia, all around fanfuckingtastical woman, writer and friend. Most importantly, she's not afraid to cut a bitch. She's Jacksper's biggest fan and hopes to bear the fruit of his vampy loins someday. I made myself a bit sick writing that. xo Nina


jennifer said...

i am addicted to Lola's lemons!
:-D glad to know everyone else will be now too!!
ALE is awesome.

Sherry said...

I think this is one of the most re-readable stories out there.

Jessedholm said...

excellent little reminder of how fucking awesome ALE was. *runs to re read*