Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let Them Eat cupCAKE! Wusspervs "Take the Cake"

Team Wussperv this team is made up of myself, Nina aka Ninapolitan, Bri aka Antiaol & Emmy aka Pippapear. I'm sure you're wondering what the fuck is a wussperv right? A wussperv is someone that is...

A) Tragically canon
B) Loathes angst (in massive doses)
C) Loves smut

Take the Cake


Edward Cullen is an author with a serious case of writer’s block. Escaping his apartment to avoid his publishers’ calls, he goes walking and stumbles across a quirky NY bakery where the inhabitants encourage him to live life one cupcake at a time.

After doing a shout out on Twitter for Wussperv friendly fics, Algie rec'd this little ditty and away the three of us went! So many things about this fic are unique - from the characterizations to the interactions to the small details woven throughout and it's nice to have something different to reference rather than the "same old." The quirkiness of Bella is easy to fall in love with, as is Edward's quiet comfort...they compliment each other nicely and it's wonderful to see it play out. I will say the format of this fic takes some getting used to, and I found it a little difficult to follow the time line always as it sort of jumped from section to section. But, it does give the fic a different feel that you don't see in many others.Now, wusspervs, I'm going to warn you - chapter 5 was...um...uncomfortable for me to read. Bella and Edward both have encounters - of the peen and vag variety - with other peeps. Yep, gave me the heebie jeebies. Other than that, the author has filled this fic with tons of UST and although the pace is a bit slow for my liking, we get in some delicious tension and finally some lovin'! TtC gets 3 1/2 cupcakes from me.

I can't remember how I stumbled upon this wee delight of a story. I can however remember that it was a horrid day outside - all wet & windy & cold & dark - and that as I started reading this fic, I started to feel warm again and smiled.... Thats the beauty of this story. It warms you, delights you and leaves you glad to have encountered it. Its set in the most darling of cake shops in NYC. - If this place existed I tell you I would be there in a shot to, soak up the sassy cake names & Alice's thought of the day not to mention see the Lion King in his natural habitat visiting his Bella... It would be easy for this fic to be as sweet and sickly as supermarket cupcakes.. but its more like the delicious sweet of the frosting on Magnolia cupcakes... It is not too much..

This is where Sandy interjects with some very interesting character developments which have an edge to cut through the sugar. Her excellent characterization of Alice for example - a couple of the scenes of her alone in her flat were beautifully haunting. The tension caused by Jacob (NEVER FEAR WUSSPERV'S DEFFO NOT A ROMANTIC RIVAL!) or Edward's inability to share with Bella the things she needs him to all give balance to this fiction. Without it getting too tense or edgy for us three founding wussperv's.... I would probably like a tiny wee dollop more 'How's Your Father' - but then I am a perv.. :)

The scenes we get are in keeping with their characters and nicely done - and reflect their growth (stop it! Not like that!) in their relationship, I wonder as they both gain confidence in their bond, whether this will also translate over to the bedroom?But the gentle interplay between Bella & Edward make this story the delight it is. Their gentle exploration of them as a couple and how this fragile, burgeoning connection helps them explore their possibilities, explore who they are - alone and apart.

This fic gets 4 "Lemon Afterglow, lemon meringue cupcakes" out of 5, with a cherry on top from me! ;)

Bri turned me on to this little ditty thanks to her twitter poll for wussperv recs. The glorious Queen of Twitardia, Algonquinrt, sent this treat in and I devoured it in 2 hours. I love, love, love it. With a capital UST as the cherry on top.

First of all, it's extremely well written and smart. Very visually stimulating and detailed, delightful and well paced. For the first time in a long time, I didn't want to punch any of the main characters in the babymaker and actually found myself loving all of them. No easy feat.The setting is a tasty bakery affectionately called "Take the Cake" found in Greenwich village. The homey and artsy shop is owned by Bella who employs Angela & Alice, her 'pocket rocket' (mind out of the gutter) friend, that for once, isn't bubbly enough to make you vomit or a vapid shopoholic with no soul. She's whimsical and wonderful and I want to hug her not throw her down a subway stairway.

Edward is broody and blocked in his quest to write another book. He is alone with his issues and in need of serious of some serious salvation, with icing on top.There are so many wonderful quirks in this story.

The chalkboard of wisdom, the fucking off the wall UST, all of it makes for a really entertaining story that needs more attention. Honestly, the smart and witty characters are enough to send you hightailing it over to read it but the UST and sweet, sweet sugar covered love will keep you there.

4 1/2 out of 5 delicatable cupcakes from me

The three of us are exceptionally proud of our wussperv status and do our best to beg and plead with people to share with us their findings. So, if you've got a wussperv rec for us, send it to me at ninapolitan@pervpackssmutshack.com


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Hmm think I'm definatly a wussperv then, *grin*. Thanks for the rec :)