Monday, November 30, 2009

Kimpy wants a sexy Trip Home

For anyone who believes that MsKathy is just a Beta Extraordinaire to the Stars, or just writes slash, erase that nonsense from your minds. She writes so many different kinds of erotica it is insane, and it’s all fucking incredible. I’ve loved her stories from the moment I read my very first one. As luck would have it, she has written fifteen—yes, that’s right, FIFTEEN—little gems for FF. She has written some of my favorite FF lemons, and is the Mistress of Dirty Talk (among other things). To this day, every time I look at a shower, I whimper, all thanks to MsKathy.

While I love all her stories, I happen to be a total fangirl for The Trip Home. How can you possibly go wrong when your story is about Bella teamed up with Jasper and Edward in a trio relationship? How many of us would give our eyeteeth to trade with Bella? Exactly!

I’ve been reading TTH faithfully, but only recently happened upon an outtake called, A Very Cullen Christmas—The Trip Home Outtake. The words erotic, hot, steamy, and citrusy don’t do this outtake justice. Seriously, it is red hot erotica. The sad thing is, it only has 58 reviews, so there are lots of fans of TTH who have missed this golden nugget.

Here is just a sampling of some of her sizzle:

“’Don't bother to sit back down, Edward. I want to see you on your knees and I'm sure Bella will appreciate the show. In fact, we're going to make her pre-pay, so to speak, for her entertainment. Bella, before Edward sucks my cock, I want you to strip off your wet clothes while I let Edward take ours off. Make it good and you can watch what happens next.’ His words cut off with a moan as Edward brushed his length with his long fingers.”

“Baby, we're going to give you a show you will never forget in return for that fucking hot show you just gave us. Aren't we, Edward? Get on your knees, baby, let's show Bella a good time. Bella, why don't you move over to that love seat and sit down. I want to see you touch yourself while Edward sucks me.”

“You are such a bad girl, aren't you, Bella? I can see it in your eyes. You can't wait for Jasper to fuck your tight ass while I slip into your wet pussy.”

“I couldn't take it anymore, so I slid myself into Bella and was instantly rewarded. It was a sensation like nothing I have ever experienced before -- enjoying the moment with Bella, but feeling Jasper on the other side of her. We set a contradicting rhythm, Jasper thrusting in as I pulled out.”

“A few thrusts later, I was licking and sucking Bella's neck as my own orgasm rocked through me, forcing me to pump harder, fucking her in shorter, faster strokes. Only then did I notice that Bella had her eyes closed and her body was slightly limp.

‘Bella? Bella, are you alright?’

Oh, fuck. We literally fucked her to death.”

Not a bad way to go, being fucked to death by Edward and Jasper, right? Umm, yes, please! Check out the one-shot AND then whole story; you’ll be glad you did. I personally hold MsKathy responsible for any exploded undergarments.

Kimpy0464 is the author of 10 stories for Twilight. Including my two personal favorites, "The Green-Eyed Monster Comes Out to Play" and "The British Invasion," both of which highlight her love of the parka and all it's fuckhawtness ~xo ninapolitan