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Hopey wants to be a Difficult Woman

Confessions of a difficult woman




Leah Clearwater is not the kind of girl that goes for guys like Edward Cullen. In fact, she thinks he's an asshole and Edward's made it clear he hates her too. One drunken night changes everything. AU AH For the Parkaward Contest
Okay, I have to be up front and say that I am a huge Jeanne (einfach_mich) fangirl. I'm going to try and contain my fangirl gushing. Try being the operative word there.

This is an Edward/Leah story. Yep you read that right Edward and Leah. Now you might be thinking that pairing doesn't necessarily go together, but here they do in a really big fucking way. And it's not shoehorned to fit, it's natural.

Leah has been adopted into the Cullen family inner-circle after dating (fucking) Emmett for a little while. She's perplexed as to why they still want her around after Emmett and her broke up. She goes along with it because really Alice is force of nature that cannot be stopped, but does it begrudgingly.
It’s like Jasper says, “Once you’re a Cullen, even an honorary one, it’s for life.”
Leah is snarky and sarcastic, a smart-ass. She's not the bitch here that the fandom usually makes her out to be. Well, that's a lie. She is a bitch, but only to Edward. They push each others buttons, poke at each other, hoping to get a rise out of the other. They fight and throw insults back and forth. It's all in good fun, well kinda. It's verbal foreplay, Leah just doesn't realize it...yet.

Then there's Edward, who Leah thinks she has all figured out. How very wrong she is. Here's her description of Edward.
Edward is that guy. You know, the one you just don't bother with, don't even consider. For starters, he’s ridiculously good looking and he knows it. I swear, girls line up to impale themselves on his dick. To make it worse, he's really smart. Like to an annoying degree. Edward is a Trivial Pursuit master, which I suspect is due to him cheating. There's just no way anyone knows that much about micro-biology and old 70's sitcoms.
Things take an odd turn during Leah's surprise birthday party when she's left with Edward as her designated driver. She's pretty plastered, free alcohol and all. She sobers up a bit with the use of coffee and knowing she needs to be on top of her game with Edward. There's an almost run-in with a SUV, which helps to sober her up even more. The next thing Leah knows Edward is kissing her.

“It would be easier to unlock the door if you weren't covering it with your ass,” he says, giving me an annoyed look.

“If you were half as skilled as you claim to be, you'd move me yourself.”

I don't even know what the fuck I just said. I think I know what I meant to say. I came down from my adrenaline high and my brain is still a little foggy from the alcohol. He's staring at me, an eyebrow raised and the corner of his mouth pinched up, in what could either be a smirk or grimace. It really could go either way. He could be confused by my drunken babbling, he could be annoyed, or he could kiss me?
That was... unexpected.
One thing leads to another and she ends up almost naked in the back seat of Edwards "Douche-Mobile". Things change though, it isn't drunken hate fucking around in the back seat of Edward's car anymore. It's feral and intense and desperate and more, so much more.

“Fuck me,” I gasp as my hips buck under him and I force my eyes open to watch.

“If you keep asking like that, I just might,” his says, in a hot stream of air that scratches across my sore, wet clit. He's looking up at me from between my quivering legs. I've seen that look a thousand times on his face. I always took it as annoyance or anger, but now as his tongue is sliding slowly in and out of me, I realize it's hunger.
They go a round or two in the car before high tailing it to her place to finish what they started in a more private location. Once inside Leah's apartment the snark returns briefly between the two of them, as I think they realize exactly what is about to happen. Just as they are about to seal the deal something changes yet again. It turns almost soft, reverent on Edward's part.

There's no hint of sarcasm or bravado, just an unguarded smile. That small, simple smile hits me in chest like a sledgehammer and I fall on him, kissing his beautiful mouth for all I'm worth.

His hands are on the sides of my face, pushing me back and I let him, but feel shy when his eyes meet mine.“Are you ready?” he asks.

His eyes search mine, like he's waiting for me to back out or something. I can feel every inch of him pressed against my stomach and I'm suddenly trembling with anticipation. I nod and his eyebrows wrinkle as his mouth frowns. I match his expression, wondering what the hell is wrong. He closes his eyes, letting out a slow breath and then opens them again to look at me.

“Say it, out loud,” he says, with such intensity that I feel myself contract as I open my mouth.

“I want you inside me,” I whisper against his mouth and he closes his eyes as he groans. I bite his chin and enjoy the way his whole body seems to react to it, shuddering and gently thrusting against me.
It does become reverent as it turns from fucking to something more, something that is unnamed. Something that Leah was expecting, but wants all the same. Something that she yearns for.

“Tell me how this feels,” Edward pleads and I struggle to breathe, wondering how I'm supposed to answer. How do I describe the intensity, the aching delight, and overpowering sensation of fulfillment? I sputter and shake my head.

“Overwhelming,” I blurt out as he thrusts into me, and groans.

“More,” he says in a high-pitch, almost desperate tone. The sound seems to pluck at something inside me, reverberating through my whole body. I don't know if it's a demand, a question, or if he's just speaking a language that I don't understand.

“It's almost too much.” I gasp, hoping that it does justice to this intense pleasure that's filling me, threatening to burst. I try to convey all that I'm feeling as I look at him and see it mirrored in his face. I've never seen this look from him before. Edward looks like he's having trouble breathing and he puts his hand on the side of my face. He brushes his lips over mine and murmurers something I can't quiet make out, before he start to move with more purpose.

It ends with Leah expecting Edward to dash off now that the deed is done. But once again Edward does the unexpected and stays. The snark returns, but is playful and light. It's the start of something new for them.

Not only is the smut steamy and very well written, there is a underlying connection between Edward and Leah. One that Leah wasn't even aware of, one that catches her by surprise. That I think is why I love this story so much.

Of course, its funny and sarcastic and who doesn't like a little bit of hate/annoyed sex? It's also very well written and just the beginning of something great. There is so much more here just waiting to be discovered and uncovered.

I've been asking (pestering, begging, bugging, annoying) einfach_mich for more of this story. She finally relented and is working on the next chapter now. I want to know what Edward said that Leah couldn't make out, it seems important. I want to see Leah discover that things are what they seemed. I simply want more.


Eagles17 said...

Thanks for the rec! I just read it, and I must say, I loved it. This actually is the first LPOV I've read, but I can't wait to read more.