Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gemmabobella and Jayeliwood

Gemmabobella asks Jayeliwood the tough questions.

Questions for Jayeliwood:

gemma: How and when did you stumble upon the Twilight series?
jay: My sister in law introduced me to the series about two years ago right after Eclipse came out. She's REALLY into the whole thing and she dragged me into it. We don't normally like the same things but this time was different.

gemma: Had you written any fan fiction before Twilight?
jay: I wrote Harry Potter and Dr. Who but I never published the Harry Potter stuff.

gemma: Do you write any other genre of fan fiction, or would you consider it?
jay: Oh, I've written a thing or two for Star Trek but I never published it. So yes, I've considered it. Maybe one day I will. We'll see.

gemma: How about original fiction? Have you considered writing something original and getting published?
jay: I've been writing original stuff since I was really young. I'd really love to get something published. That's my hope for one day.

gemma: Do you have a favorite story that you’ve written?
jay: Um, that's kind of hard to say. It changes from time to time. Computer Repair is one of them and for lemony stories, Unplanned.

gemma: I know you’ve mentioned that Renee in Blind/Pieces of Time is based loosely on your own mother; are there other characters based off of people in your real life?
jay: My Edwards are always based a little bit on my husband. He's the sweetest man in the world. The Computer Repair Edward was the most based off of him. My husband is a computer tech and a major nerd.

gemma: Is there a secret to all the ideas that you get? A favorite time of day or place to think up plot bunnies? Do you have any story ideas stored away for later?
jay: Um lol I have WAY too many stories in my head. As of right now I probably have six story ideas that I've cooked up. Most of them come into my head late at night or in the shower.

gemma: Do people in your real life know you write fan fiction? The husband? And what do they think about it?
jay: Yup, they all know. My sister in law reads fan fic, way before I did as a matter of fact. My husband has read a lot of the stuff lol he likes when I 'test out ideas'. He's always telling me that he's trying to give me inspiration. And much to my horror, my mother in law has read some of my fiction. I blame my sister in law for that.

gemma: Do you read a lot of other authors, or do you mostly focus on your own writing? Do you have a favorite story or author?
jay: For a long time I read a lot but that kind of slowed for a while. It's picking up again. I've been reading a lot of the Dom. I love those stories. I've been reading Art After Five as well. I really like that one.

gemma: What is the hardest part of writing fan fiction, in your opinion?
jay: Organizing all my ideas and trying to focus. The writing just tends to flow for me, if I can get settled into a place where I can write.

gemma: What’s your philosophy on lemons in fic? Is there a hard limit to what you will write/read?
jay: I'll read just about anything but I do try to limit what I write because I know it can offend some people sometimes. I know there are certain things I don't enjoy as others and I do keep that in mind. I've kind of opened up more in my writing as time goes by. I'm figuring out people are just as big of freaks as me. lol

gemma: Is there a lemon or sexy scene that you are most proud of in your stories?
jay: Either chapter nine of Blind, where they make love for the first time or Unplanned at the very end.

gemma: In Of A Certain Age, you’ve really created a world that is different from that of Twilight. The rules of vampirism are different. Was there something in particular to go that route?
jay: Well, the best part of fan fiction is that you can change the rules. I wanted them to suit me and some of the ideas I had. SM changed the rules of vamps and I figured so could I.

gemma: Also, still speaking of Of A Certain Age, I sense the potential for a threesome between Edward/Carlisle/Bella – is that just wishful thinking on my part?
jay: Ha, well that's something you're just going to have to wait and see. But, keep in mind that I do like a happy ending.

gemma: I know music is often a major source of inspiration for me, how about you? Is there a specific genre or artists that you find help you write?
jay: I listen to music if I can. Sadly I'm usually listening to the theme song of Elmo's world because that's when I get to write- when my kids are being quiet doing other things. But, I have vast taste and when I write I go with the story theme. I listen to a lot of Bach when I'm writing Of a Certain age for instance.

gemma: You ran the Sexy Edward Contest a while ago, is that the kind of thing you see yourself doing again?
jay: Honestly, I don't know. It was a lot of work. I still get asked questions on how to start contests and all that and the first thing I warn about is the amount of work. Maybe one day.

gemma: If you could cast your ideal Twilight saga cast – would you make changes? If so – who would you cast?
jay: I'd recast Kirsten Stewart. She's so...blah. No personality. I imagined Bella a bit more sarcastic and funny. I don't have the perfect Bella but I think Ellen Page would be closer to what I imagined. She's pretty without being overly so.

gemma: Do you have a favorite romance novel/author?
jay: I don't read many romance novels, surprisingly. I prefer fan fic for that sort of thing. The writing is usually better.

Questions from The Pack:

gemma: And because this is on behalf of the Perv Pack’s Smut Shack, time to get personal … (you are under no obligation to answer any question you’re not comfortable with. These are questions they recommended I ask)

Favorite sex position?
jay: Spooning. It's comfortable and I feel really close to my husband when we do.

Favorite sex toy?
jay: Um, lol... my husband's hands. Do those count? I have an insurance policy on them. They work miracles.

Any tattoos or fun piercings?
jay: I have a cat paw on my ankle to represent my husband. His initials are P.A.W. I don't like getting names. I also have the dragon that's on my family's crest.

If I were to look under your bed right now, what would I find?
jay: A cat, lol or five. It would probably attack your head. Beware.

Which Cullen man or Twilight character would you want to marry/have a one-night-stand with/set up with your best friend? And why?
jay: I'd marry Jasper. I like southern men. Carlisle would be my one night stand for sure. I'm just curious. He's got up close and personal knowledge on how the human body works. I think Emmett would be for my best friend but I know she thinks Edward is hotter. I think she needs a funny guy.

Will you be one of the many at a midnight showing of New Moon?
jay: I seriously hope so! I love midnight showings. I go to as many as I can for all kinds of movies. The Twilight midnight showing was a little hard on me because I was very pregnant at the time and I just wanted to go to sleep and I couldn't have any popcorn or sweets because I was diabetic during it. So considering all that, the New Moon showing should be a lot more fun. Besides, I want to drool over the sexiness in that movie.

Well that's it for this time, tune in next week...