Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Team Spank Me Goes Anonymous

Team Spank Me is bringing you this week's Team Rec!
It's pretty clear what Team Spank is looking for and rec'ing, right? If not, we want your well-written BDSM/roleplay stories. They can be serious, light, hardcore, or one-time fluff playing.

Team Spank Me is made up of myself, Kathy aka MsKathy, and Steph aka PurdueLiz. This week we have a guest team member, Emmy, aka pippapear

The Anonymous Series

Sin and Shame

A chance encounter leads to an odd attraction that develops into an addiction.

There are so many things about this woman that fascinate me. She's beautiful. Classically beautiful at that. Intelligent. Articulate. Witty. She's everything any man could ever dream of or want. Except I don't even know her name. Warnings: Lemons. Lots of lemons. Actually, more like Mike's Hard Lemonade. Mild D/s.

I am still in internet fail - so I must keep this review short & sweet. But I just HAD to add my tuppence, as a guest to Team Spank Me's pick this week, as I adore this series. The intensity, and power of Nicole's writing lights a fire deep within me. It grows, dark and deep and powerful. I find her prose quite spellbinding. The way she describes something as straightforward as the movement of their bodies is enough. Much of this fic's power is in its subtlety and in its focus on the psychological power, hold and strength of the protagonists sexual bond. Just brilliant. Although not as explicit or sensationalist as some fics in this genre, less is definitely more.Please give me 4.5 spanks out of 5 for the sin and shame....

Okay, if you have a problem with RPF, you should probably just check out of this story right now. The details and references are usually very light, but they are there. I'm not going to lie, it's probably the only thing I dislike about this story, as I personally would LOVE it 100x more if it wasn't centered around an actual person. The female protagonist in this story doesn't seem to have a clue who he is, however, and I like that detail.

This is the story of Rob and his encounters with a mysterious green-eyed, red-haired, older-than-him Dom(me). Her name is not revealed, and he is given instructions, after their first encounter, to text her in a particular manner if he wishes to have a second encounter. This leads the reader to believe that either she routinely schedules her sex, or she is a very organized and detail-oriented person. Perhaps both. Maybe neither? Part of the fun of this story is not knowing a damn thing about Her.

Chapters 1 and 2 are very hot, involve a lot of control and information, and then chapter 3 sort of made my heart clench. Lines like this:
I got the feeling that, for her, I could have been anyone at the moment. At that point, I was nothing more than observer. On some level, that saddened me.
Profoundly affected me.
Chapter 3 ends with Rob tied to the headboard, as she leaves the room, saying she has to get back to work. Should you ever leave a person bound, blindfolded, and alone with no way to seek help? No. That's why this is fanfic and not real life, people.

I'm not going to lie, chapter 4 sort of killed me a little more. She is convinced they can only ever have this anonymous relationship, and he clearly aches for more. He gets … something more, at the end of the chapter. I confess, I'm still nervous, still anxious about how this story might end. The sadness crept back up at the end of chapter 5, with:
Maybe it was just nice to feel like somebody gave a damn about what happened to me.
There's something very subtle coursing through this entire story that I love, which maybe is missed on some people. This Domme? This Mistress? She has perfected the art of getting exactly what she wants, even if it puts her in a typically submissive position (literally or figuratively). In a previous chapter, she is bound above him as they engage in anal sex, but she is in charge; she is still in complete control. In chapter 5, as she's guiding him though phone sex, he confesses that he's thinking about taking her – another typically submissive moment. I personally think this is one of the most clever fictionalizations of a very powerful and confident Domme I've ever read - not just in fanfic. SinAndShame, no pun intended, has mastered this characterization.

I can't fucking wait for an update.

Mindfuck. That's what The Anonymous Series is to me. A big, juicy, steamy, strapped on, mindfuck.

Yes, it's RPF but I like to think of it as RPF lite. He's literally mentioned by name I *think* twice and truthfully you're barely focused on his name anyway, or at least you shouldn't be. The colorful world that S&S paints is outstanding and that is what you are paying attentiong to. She draws you in with each perfectly placed word, every brush of his hand, every freckle visible in line of his sight, each breath he takes while he with her, all of it.

You know how when people say, "Oh you're writing is so detailed it's like a movie." Yeah, this is a movie I'd like to watch (on loop). The best part of her writing is that it's descriptive without being descriptive, if that makes sense.
If I leaned back just a little, I could watch myself slip in and out of
her. I was covered in her essence. I convinced myself I could smell it on
her. The head would disappear as her firm, round ass pressed deep
into my hips with every stroke. We were both moving, but just
That's just an example. It's all written exactly the same way...to mindfuck you.

How the hell do I review this story? Whatever words I come up with will feel inadequate and lacking. I hadn't yet heard of this story until I had the pleasure of meeting (and flirting with) Nic at Twicon. So as soon as I came home I had to check the story out. W-O-W. So very glad I did. It's an absolutely delicious mind-fuck of a story. And I mean that in the best possible way. Just as Rob gets pulled in psychologically with his anonymous Domme, so too, do we. We are right there with him, feeling every thought, every emotion.

The idea of this anonymous D/s relationship is intriguing and we see as he struggles with what he really wants from it before eventually giving in and requesting to be trained. I'd be lying if I said the thought of Rob as a submissive isn't freaking sexy as hell. But damn if Nic doesn't have this incredible way with words. There's this psychological balance beam that you walk, right along with Rob as he gets deeper into this "relationship" with his Domme. It's all counter-balanced with a bit of humor as we get Rob's internal monologue. We get enough of that self-deprecating humor that is so distinctly Rob, that it almost feels as if it's really him. I anxiously await more from this as I am so curious to see where this relationship between them will go, how he will continue forward with his sub training with her. I'll leave with this passage from the story that particularly resonated with me:

We talked about it afterward. She described her orgasms as a step-ladder. Each rung was a different level of pleasure. Sometimes you only needed to use a couple of steps to get what you wanted. Other times, the ladder was barely high enough. She stroked my ego and told me that it wasn’t that she wasn’t enjoying herself, she was showing me the potential in using the whole ladder. I was determined to get her to the top of that fucking ladder.

If you've got a Spank-worthy rec for us, send it to me!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Sin right now. You would not believe the angst and thought and blood sweat and tears she puts into the writing of each chapter. They are like small master pieces in their own right.
It is erotic art.
I always tell her the Domme is a sex ninja who terrifies me in all the right ways.
Love you Hard, bb