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Gemmabobella snuggles up with The Monster

The Monster. Need I say more?

Twilightzoner took the canon concept of Edward’s “monster” and personified it in a way I’m fairly certain no one else could have managed. In this All Human twist on the uncompleted Midnight Sun, Edward’s extreme bloodlust for Bella has been replaced with extreme Sexual Lust, and the results are hilariously hot and adorable and sexy. I might also add that you will find the best, funniest, and most creative uses of cannon quotes in this story.

Just like in the original books, Edward’s reaction to Bella that first day in Biology is … violent.

For the first time in my life, I was instantly and fully aroused by the mere glimpse of a woman.

The poor guy is so overwhelmed and confused by his overwhelming lust for this Bella Swan that he decides that he must create the “Bella Swan Resistance Plan.” What does this entail, you might ask? A ridiculous amount of masturbation …

Unfortunately, I could only think of one method of . . . preparing myself to see her again, not to mention avoiding the whole nocturnal emission problem. I was just going to have to be more . . . pro-active in relieving my . . . tension. I could do that. […] If masturbation really did cause blindness, I was going to need a seeing-eye dog by the end of the week. Other than the fact that I was getting rather sore though, I was pleased that I had a viable plan. As usual I was sure I was right – this would work.

Thankfully, for both Edward and the reader, with a great deal of encouragement from his family, Edward is able to befriend Bella and get to know her better.

“Hello. My name is Edward Cullen. I wanted to introduce myself, since we didn’t have a chance to speak last week.” Because I was too busy fucking you in my head . . .
And when the viability of the “Bella Swan Resistance Plan” starts to waver, enter the Monster.

As we continued to converse, the BSR Plan went further down the tubes. Intelligent, funny, articulate, well read – the rational part of my brain started ticking off all the qualities she wasn’t supposed to have. Bella Swan was . . . fascinating. The monster found her even more desirable, inducing me to lower my gaze to her fabulous body.

Another one of my personal, favorite moments, is her take on “the accident.” When Edward sweeps in to save the day, he gets a little more than he bargained for …

Someone yelled at us to stay still. That was when I became aware of the position I was in. My back was wedged up against one of the tires on Bella’s truck. One arm was wrapped around Bella’s delicate waist, my hand resting right above the swell of her hip. My other arm was wrapped higher around her body and my left hand was firmly gripping Bella’s right breast. Lying on my upper left arm, I was unable to move that hand, although I tried to relax my fingers. Oh my God, was that her nipple getting erect under my palm while we lay on the cold pavement? She was lying between my legs with her lovely firm ass wedged against my groin. The school nurse had arrived and was cautioning us in a loud voice not to move. Not this – anything but this.

The situation was beyond my worst nightmare. I was trapped in an intimate embrace with the woman I had been fantasizing about almost non-stop for the last five days. The monster roared in elation – I became fully erect and even if Bella were blind, deaf and dumb as a post she couldn’t have missed the growing bulge pulsing under her backside.

But this pure and sweet Bella decides not to call him out on his obvious … approval of her anatomy. And just like in the books, Edward decides to revamp the “Bella Swan Resistance Plan” and completely ignore her. Obviously, it doesn’t work very well.

In all seriousness, this story is an absolutely adorable and hilarious exploration of countless fantasies Edward has about Bella. For a while you will most likely fear for the health of his … manhood … because of how often he beats off to his fantasies. Edward, even once he’s secured the affections of Bella, constantly battles with his lust for her body, that lust manifesting itself in the Monster. Often, the Monster will be standing by with champagne and a smile, encouraging him to do all sorts of things to Bella, and Edward is forced to battle with the Monster for control.

Thankfully, the Monster wins. Eventually Bella and Edward are able to consummate their love, and that brings me to Chapter 22, the night after their first time together.

By this point, our two lovebirds have crossed all the bases, and Edward’s vernacular has greatly improved. Their first time together, in the previous chapter, is captured with all the appropriate realism and sweetness you’d come to expect of the couple, Edward lasting a mere moments the first time. Much to his, Bella’s, the Monster’s, and the reader’s delight, however, he quickly recovers and proves himself to be the sex god we all knew he was deep down.

And then chapter 22 gets really good. I mean really, really, really good.

Bella and I had again ended up lying on our sides, spooning in the night. My right arm encircled her body, holding her closely against me. And the aforementioned . . . member had managed to insert itself between her thighs, aligned against soft, warm, and, it noted pertinently, invitingly wet female flesh, receptive from our previous forays for yet further adventures.

Without volition, my knee pushed against Bella’s, forcing hers to bend and her leg to shift upward. I rolled her forward somewhat, so she was halfway lying on her front. My cock sought entrance.

Half awake, horny, Edward does his best to stimulate his Bella so that she can enjoy the experience, but then he kind of gets lost in the moment. He acknowledges that because of how he awoke, he is in less control of his baser instincts, and he doesn’t hold back.

Bella lifted her hands over her head and again, held onto sections of the headboard for support. My body instinctively interpreted this as a sign of surrender, submission even, given the increased access to her unprotected flesh, and a triumphant snarl escaped me. The abject dominance of the position, and my power over her delicate body, excited me beyond measure. My fingers worked harder to demonstrate their command of the situation, as I thrust relentlessly inside her. It was . . . unfuckingbelievable.

When its all said and done, Edward begins to take stock of what he’s done, and knows the Monster is to blame.

The monster, eyes shifting in all directions, nibbled on the end of its finger and shuffled its feet, trying unsuccessfully to look innocent in the matter.

Thankfully, Bella didn’t seem to mind, and the couple drift happily back to sleep, sated if only for the moment.

It’s the following morning, when they have to check out of the hotel, that is the reason for this Lemonshot. It is the morning that Edward gets to live out his favorite fantasy, his go-to wank material … Bella in the shower.

My cock was already standing at attention, and at the word “shower,” it saluted like General Patton had just entered the room. Wasting no time, the monster sped towards the bathroom. I waited a few minutes after I heard the water come on, all the time giving myself a stern lecture.

While Edward was determined to give Bella a break, she sees things differently. Once she realizes that Edward’s initial hesitance is because of a particular fantasy he had about her in the shower, she is determined to have him act it out. For once, she is one smart cookie. After being given the proverbial “green light,” all bets are off as Edward and the monster agree, for once.

I tried to reign in the monster, but knew it was useless. Raw desire had taken over, and it alone guided my movements. I knew exactly how I wanted this to play out, and determined right then to gratify Bella first so I could be as selfish as I wanted at the critical time. That approach would also afford me the charming opportunity to watch as she dissolved in my arms, another big turn on for Mr. Fucking Sex God.

The monster donned a baseball cap and signaled me to steal home.

Because Edward is such a gentleman, he does ensure that Bella has at least one orgasm before he truly lets go and has his way with her. Even with the light tone and the humor underscoring just about every line of the story, Twilightzoner manages to write an amazingly hot lemon in the shower. Also, his obvious love and adoration for Bella is truly heartwarming and endearing and what ultimately makes this story so memorable and perfect.

The chapter ends optimistically, and with a smirk, as Edward dreams of his future with Bella, her waiting for him in a white dress, and then things get wet …

My cock woke me up - again. I was sweating and sporting a massive hard on uncomfortably confined in my jeans. A . . . shower seemed in order, despite the tenderness of certain body parts. And the irony of having a wank in the shower, while I reminisced about fucking Bella in the shower, which I had been compelled to do because I had fantasized about having her in the shower so many times . . . I mean, well, you know what I mean. It seemed I had created a circular dilemma, one with no possible resolution. It would require a lifetime commitment to properly address the issue, I reflected with glee.

The monster smiled wickedly.

Midnight Desire is classic Twilight Fan Fiction at its best. While most of the humor in the story is derived from Edward’s discomfort, I’m sure even he would agree it was all worth it. This is a story that I love to go back and read pieces of from time to time for a smile. The Monster is truly the unsung hero of the story, and a character that you have no choice but to fall in love with, along with the story. It is the perfect combination of humor, love, lust, and adorable. Enjoy!

Gemmabobella is the author of the wonderfully comedic "Let's get Physical." The deliciously angsty "Lost and Found" and "Amazing Grace"


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