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Tides by lambcullen






Bella's inheritance - an old house once owned by Granddad Aro. However, she is surprised to find an unexpected house guest living there. He knows her, but who the hell is he? OOC AH Lemons...Fluff...the usual.


First of all I have to tell you that Lambcullen pwns me. I am so pleased to be able to review Tides and this wonderfully complex story of hers.

When the story begins we see Bella looking forward to taking possession of her late grandfather Aro’s cottage. Due to her mother’s estrangement with Aro Bella hasn’t visited La Push or been in contact with her grandfather since she was a young. Bella is trying to leave behind a failed marriage due to her husband’s infidelity; she is seeking a fresh start and quiet refuge by the ocean.

Her first contact is a sweet golden dog, which seems to befriend Bella. (You’ll love this dog’s name!) When Bella enters the cottage she finds the place a total disaster. There are cigarette butts, garbage, and old newspapers scattered about the living room and the kitchen is just as bad. Bella goes upstairs expecting more of the same and finds it surprisingly clean. What she doesn’t expect is a very handsome very naked man sleeping in the bed sporting morning wood!
I must have made some sort of noise because he snorted and turned over in the bed. He lay on his back scrubbing his face with his hands. I gasped and clutched my hand to my mouth. He was sporting the largest erection I had ever laid eyes on. I felt a flush stain my cheeks as I continued to stare and my temperature rose exponentially. Sweat formed on my brow, but I still could not tear my gaze from it. It was incredible.

“Like what you see?” Came a gravely voice from further up the erection.

Shit, I’d woken him up, and he’d caught me checking out his dick. Could it get any worse?
And then:
“Don’t you have anything to say, Bella?” he asked.

“ know my name? How?” I stuttered.

I watched him lick his lips slowly, before he moved closer and whispered in my ear. “I’ve seen you stripped, wet and screaming my name, Bella. I’m hurt you don’t remember me.”
This all in the first chapter! Lambcullen pulled me right into this story. I wondered who this man was, why he was there, how in the hell could he be so cocky and why the fuck didn’t Bella know him! So begins the tale of Bella and Edward, childhood summer friends, and the bond they have for each other.
“I’m not yours, Edward!” I stated defiantly.

He snorted and pulled the wife beater from his shorts. I watched, transfixed as he patted his chest dry.

“You are. You always have been. You just don’t realize it, BB.”
I love how the author weaves this tale. On the surface you see the lascivious tale of Erectionward who desires and pursues the seemingly reluctant Bella. Bubbling below is the mystery of their past. The author teases us with hints and glimpses of what happened during Bella and Edwards summer vacations and what brought them to this point in their lives. Why is Bella drawn to Edward and why has he been waiting all these years for her to return to him?
"My whole body blazed from the instant his mouth touched mine. I never dreamed you could lose yourself so completely in a kiss, but I could kiss Edward for the rest of my life and never get enough. I could taste the rain as he moved his lips seductively over mine. Its purity mingled with Edward’s sin. It was intoxicating."
Yes, we have Edward and Bella in the rain, and it was intoxicating!

We get a glimpse of the locals: Emmett, a likeable character, is the contractor working on the repairs on the cottage. Jasper works for him. Rosalie is married to Emmett and they have one child with another on the way. Rosalie’s character is sweet and direct. She is quickly becoming a friend and confidant to Bella.
“OK, this is completely embarrassing. I’ve never had the kind of reaction that I have to you. It feels overwhelming sometimes, but not necessarily in a bad way. I don’t know how else to describe it. Rose said it’s natural. I have no idea, and nothing to base it on.”
Tides are created because the earth and the moon are attracted to each other, like magnets; so are Bella and Edward created. The magnetic pull these two feel for each other is undeniable. Edward is blatant and forward in his need for Bella. Bella feels the pull, but is confused by it. She has never felt this type of an attraction for any man before, not even her former husband. Edward is arrogant, witty and is definitely all man. I see Bella as a feisty and sensual woman but not as comfortable in her skin as Edward is. There is a vulnerability to both of them.
I was the one to tentatively explore his mouth with my tongue. I slid it against his, feeling the rumble of appreciation as it rolled up from his chest, through his mouth and into mine. The noise coursed directly to my nipples, making them taut, demanding to be touched. I was being carried away on a wave of arousal, not really paying attention to what he’d said. The words played on my periphery, though. He’d waited for me. He’d stayed at the house, waiting for me to return.
Lambcullen brings Bella and Edward together and pulls them apart. Edward is constant in his devotion. Bella, still resistant, is starting to gravitate towards his pull. As we move through to the current chapter Lambie keeps building the UST. These prior chapters feel like foreplay and it is building to crescendo.
“I wasn’t talking about the food.” I pulled back slightly, until she was gazing into my eyes. “You. You’re fucking delicious, and I can’t wait to taste every fucking inch of you.”
The way Lambie teases and titillates us! This is the condition we are left in at the end of Chapter 11. We are either being set up for a round of blazing hot sex or the worst cockblock imaginable. I sure hope it’s the former! (Pretty please Lambie?!) I wonder what is still in store for us. We know they both feel the magnetic pull, but once they consummate will it be enough? I can’t wait to see how Edward treads his way through the seduction of Bella and how she will respond. Will Edward come on too strong? Will Bella run or throw him out of the cottage? Lambie loves to surprise!

I feel Tides is Lambcullen’s best work to date. I came across her story Wreckage early on and haven’t looked back. I have relished all of her stories. I enjoy the way Lambie builds her complex plots and how she moves it towards conclusion. She creates world with people that challenge our senses and emotions. These characters get into your heart as well as your head and you wonder what they are about and why they act the way they do. Her stories are about life and love and are filled with humor, angst and blazing hot sex.

If you haven’t started to read Tides I encourage you to get your lovely asses over there and start reading! This really is a damn good story!


So, I'm totally a Lambie virgin. I'd heard loads of good things about Landscapes, but just never had the chance to read it. Then I kept hearing peeps go on and on about Erectionward via Twitter. Well, obvs, my ears perked up. I am a h00r after all.

I have to say, I really, really love the way she tells a story. The things that stuck out the most to me were the way Lambie has used her characters within the story. They are all unique, but yet they seemingly fit. Everything from Grandad Aro to the 14 year old Garrett, they all make sense and had me wondering why I hadn't read anything like it before. I also really loved the personality traits she had each embody. Rose is a wonderful character and I can't say I actually enjoy her character in more than a handful of fics. The personalities that she's filled Edward and Bella with are fabulous as well. Most of what we'd normally consider to be "signature" traits, without overdoing it, plus adding in a few more non-signature ones for good measure.

Besides the great characterizations, she also stuffs this bad boy full of UST. I mean, it's got it coming out of its fucking ears. The way Edward is with Bella - it's definitely dominant, but not in the BDSM sort of way. It's not over the top or hard core, but he certainly knows what he wants and has no qualms taking it or taking charge of the situation. And to that I say yes, please and thank you!

I can't wait to see how the relationship between Bella & Edward evolves throughout time. I'm anxious to see if Bella is able to find herself with Edward hovering so near always, or if she will need some space from him to set herself straight. Will Edward always be there no matter what her choice in that is?

Bottom line is I can't wait for more from this story.

This gets 4.5 out of 5 erections from me.

You know when you see someone walking sometimes and they just grab your attention..? When the bounce, pep and sway they project captivates you, and you watch them until they are out of sight? That you realise you have spent an awful long time looking and/or thinking about the lines of their hips, the intensity they convey, the curves of their arse and how their strong steps makes everything about them look good? Their strengths and soft's all revealed, whispered and concealed before another step starts the process off again? No just me? okay, cokey then.. My point is. Sometimes, something comes across your path and it doesn't just arrest you for a moment but instead draws you in further. This is how I can describe the effect that Tides had on me when I first read it. I raced through the chapters. Tides, although I cannot eloquently on adequately describe it, has this sparkle or snap, crackle and pop to it. It has an energy, a momentum, a force all of its own.

Lambie I think has created this impressive energy through her characterisations. Her blazing characterisations of both Bella & Edward - but particularly Edward infuse Tides with a deep, dark tension heat that is seriously burning up the screen. That same tension messes with Bella's mind, as she struggles to grasp the depth of Edward's feelings for her. He desires her desperately but its more than sexual release he's looking for, but that sexual fire underpins every interaction, even if its not intended its so strong in Edward it burns through and it takes Bella many chapters to begin to cope with the intensity. But like the proverbial moth to the flame, Bella keeps finding herself drawn to Edward's blistering intensity, even when it makes her retreat it pulls her back towards him yet again. But this fic is more than just blistering sexual tension, its also about coming home, finding your feet and your self. About daring to believe in yourself, being confident in knowing your own desires and going after them. This story is a journey for Bella, she has much to awaken, consider and believe. Edward initially believed Bella's homecoming was the end of his journey, his wait, his agony, but I think by the last chapter he has realised his journey with Bella is actually just beginning. He too has learning of his own to do. I love this story, if my internet wasn't buggered I would have waxed lyrical for ages about Lambie's writing, the sexy scenes so far & her brilliant development and incorporation of the supporting cast.

Tides, get an intense crashing wave force of 4.5 taught erections out of 5 from me.

Erectionward pwns me. He simply does. His love, want, lust, devotion and absolute faith in Bella and their future together is beyond intense. Intense is the only word I can think of to describe Edward properly. It's almost overwhelming how intense he is, especially with Bella. Hell, he does overwhelm her but she likes it, even though it fucking terrifies and mystifies her. Don't mistake his intensity for darkness, this isn't a Darkward. Sure he has demons, but don't we all? This Edward is simple focused on one goal; fulfilling a lifelong dream of he and Bella together and in love.

Now that she's back in his life he's going out of his way to woo her in his own special way. He knows he has to take things slow or he'll scare her off. Sometimes the enormity of it slips through and he does scare her, but not in a bad way. It's simply awesome.

And the UST is nice as well, very nice as a matter of fact. It's no secret that I'm a fan of good UST and boy does Tides have it fucking spades. Edward keeps his desires in check for the most part. And I say for the most part because every once in a while he lets it control; the kiss in the rain (fucking awesome), outside with the hose (damn Jasper the cockblocker) and in the bathroom where he presses her against a wall. But they never quite get there and I for one fucking love it. I love the torture of will they finally get there. Lamb can torture me as much as she wants this way.

Honestly though, the UST works for the story. Bella, at this point, isn't at the same place as Edward. He wants them on equal footing before things progress. Sure, he wants her body, but he wants her love and their forever more. He's willing to wait, he's waited his whole life. A few more weeks, months isn't a big deal.

Now I've gone on and on about Eddie, it's time for a little Bella. She's a fighter, though she doesn't realize it. She's coming out of a bad divorce and is trying to 'find' herself. At first she thinks Edward is hindering her or an obstacle on her path to doing just that. As the story progresses she slowly realizing that he's helping her, not holding her back. Bella's journey is just as captivating as Edward's intensity.

Le sigh, I love this story plain and simple. Lamb crafts an amazing tale here and I'm anxious for what she'll cook up for these two next.

4.5 out of 5 hot and hard Erections from moi.

Tides, written by Lambie (as some of us affectionately call her), is a really interesting premise. There's a bit of mystery about why Edward is squatting in Bella's house – a house left to her (and not her seemingly petulant mother) by her grandfather, whom she calls Granddad. The chapters guide us through finding out more about Edward and why he's in the house, what he does for a living, etc.

Each of the characters has a past, although they are revealed at a nice pace. We know more about Bella, I feel, than we know about Edward. I liked the secondary characters here, as well – Emmett and Rose especially. They have some wonderful wisdom to impart about love, passion, and life.

Bella describes this Edward as intense, and I think that's a good word for him. With lines like, “I need to know what things make you want me, because I will do those more. I need you wet and ready for me.” - there really isn't another way to describe him. I suppose you could argue that he's dominant or domineering, but it goes beyond that, I think. He doesn't seem to be dominant because of some need to control her – he's simply sure of their connection and bond as well as himself.

This isn't an Edward that locked himself away in seclusion waiting and preserving his virginity for Bella. Oh no, from the very beginning it is clear that he's comfortable with himself, his needs, his desires, and he can meet his own needs just fine.

Lambie also killed with me lines like this:
“I want it all, and I want you begging for it. I want you waking up next to me still desperate for more.”
He's patient with Bella, backing away twice and stopping things between them. He wants her ready, not just in her pants, but in her heart and her head also. He's smart enough to know that if they hook up too soon, it will destroy what he's waited and worked so hard for.

The most recent two chapters are hands down my favorites, although chapter 9 has a seriously fuckhot moment. The tension has built, the promise of a lemon is there, the characters are rich and fleshed out, ready to play. I can't wait to see what the next chapter brings these two. It feels like Bella has finally begun to listen to her heart (and Rose) and is letting go just a little of the tight grasp she had on her feelings. She's giving in a bit to the whimsical side of love, perhaps, and I can't wait to see her journey.

4 out of 5 erections

I was a LambCullen virgin and I am terribly ashamed to admit that. Hearing about a story that has a character called Erectionward made me run for the computer. Literally. After I pulled a Bella and unceremoniously fell on my ass mid run, I got up and devoured it. Sweet Jesus.

Marijee isn't fucking around when she says Lamb brings the h-o-t in Chapter 1. Jesus Christ, cocky Erectionward is stiflingly hot and steamy. UST is through the roof and not done in a 'want to pull your hair out way' but in a 'want to pull your pants down way' which is obviously perfect for a perv.
I agree with Steph in that she really utlizes the characters in magnificent ways. It's refreshing to not see the stereotypical incarnations of the well loved protaganists. Each one is written with staggering detail and precision and she weaves a magnificent world for them to play in.

The couples' chemistry is off the charts and truly this story is going to probably kill me soon, because I love it so much. What I do really enjoy is that even though Erectionward is a big ball of fuckhot, he's being kind to her and giving her time before they move forward in their relationship. He's truly complex and that adds to the air of mystery that Lamb has created and it's just fucking wonderful.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention her new story as well TILT. It was rec'd to us on the Twigasm podcast and sweet Jesus, they've got a focus group testing out the ahem...positions.
4.5/5 rock hard boners from me

I loved what I've read of Landscapes (though I need to finish it now that it's complete), so I knew that I would most likely love this one as well. And I was not wrong. The summary intrigued me and I was hooked from chapter when she finds her unusual "houseguest".

Can you say UST? I can. Tides has it in spades. Bella and Edward are throwing it out everywhere. The chemistry between them is undeniable, though Bella is understandably skittish. I am completely sucked in by Edward's POV and I am curious to find out even more about him. It seems he's always got something else to tell Bella, once she's ready to hear it.

I love the way Lambie has used the other characters. It's creative and quite refreshing to not see the same old same old. I wish grandad Aro was around so we could get to know him better, cause he seems like he was a really fabulous dude. I adore what she's done with Rose and I think she is absolutely what Bella needs, besides Edward.

I will say that I am anxiously waiting to see how things will progress from where we've left off. I love the bantering and joking between Bella and Edward, especially on his part. His dominance in certain situations is a huge turn on. I definitely can't wait to see how it will play out when these two finally get their act together and take it to the next level.

4.5 out of 5 erections from me

Like Bri, I've never read anything by lambcullen (so not cool enough to call her lambie) despite hearing amazing things. Don't ask me why not bc I have no clue. But now that I have taken the time to read Tides I will for sure be checking on her other stories!

Tides is a story about Bella's need for self discovery due to some...not so pleasant happenings in her life (hey I don't want to give anything away here). She moves into her grandfather's house, only to discover it to be a fucking mess thanks to what Bella assumes is a squatter. Do you know who the squatter is? One guess. Mhm. Edward. Or should I say Erectionward. If I came to a house and found him, no matter the dirty state of the place, I'd be very very happy. And hoping to get dirty in other, sexier ways. And how.

The UST kills me. Seriously. Dead. I am DYING for some resolution here. But only because I'm so damn impatient. Lambcullen does the UST perfectly. just enough little tidbits of deliciousness to keep me going (or get me going rather).

But besides all that is a very confused woman who needs to find herself. And for as confident as she thinks Edward is, I'm sure he is discovering things as well. I can't wait to find out what will happen next (oh god please let it be the sex) and how they will grow together in a relationship that is so new and intense for dear Bella.

4 out of 5 erections (with one huge boner on the way after they do the deed).


dihenydd said...

I would like to just reinforce everything that has been said, Tides is fuckhot UST. With Chapter 12 just posted though I think some folks will be very, very happy.

All of Lambies fics are great reads, yet all very different in their own ways. Her new one TILT looks set to really take off. As Nina says there is a research group, and it needs volunteers...