Monday, November 23, 2009

Hmonster4's Lemonshot: There’s a Peter in my Pants

The Twilight 25: Jumping into the Deep End

7 & 9

I find of late that I crave something new, something different. I adore Edward as most of us do, but I’ve been gravitating more and more to the secondary characters. Garrett, Emmett, Peter especially.

The allure of Peter started as kind of a joke for a group of us. LaViePastiche’s Son of a Preacher Man has a very prominent Peter (badump – that’s what she said!) who got folks rallying to something other than the Cullen boys. When ElleCC wrote a slash AU of SoaPM with Jasper and Peter, I started paying closer attention.

And that is how brilliance was formed.

AccioBourbon was hooked on the concept of Peter, which was only furthered by the visual ElleCC kept prominently displayed in her GChat status. Mad at work on her Twilight25 prompts, Accio decided to do the improbable; have Edward break Bella’s heart in the AH world, and have Peter sweep in to pick up the pieces.

Yeah, I know – most people see Edward dump Bella and immediately click that little X button in the top right corner. But have faith in me, there is life beyond Edward. And what a life it is.

In her Twilight25 prompts 7-9 (Retribution, Plea, Crusade) Accio (or Acky is I call her) introduces us to Bella Swan, high school senior,m who is emotionally bereft after Edward goes off to college and quickly dumps her. She’s left to wallow in the woulda coulda shoulda’s of regret as only an eighteen year old can.
Suddenly, I’m not the star of every parent’s dream anymore. I’m not the teenage girl in love who’s “saving her gift” for Mr. Right Boyfriend and waiting for that magical first-time because it will be sooo perfect when we are both ready. (Abstinence Speech, copyright 2009 by Mom.)
She’s alone and hurt and most of all, questioning her own appeal after having been held at arms length by a noble Edward who wanted to wait until they were married. Noble Edward who is now off at college surrounded by tall blondes.; a loyal Edward who cares about her too much to make her wait around.

Her friends take pity on her, forcing her out of her ‘emo funk’ as we would so aptly call it, to attend one of those always consequential high school parties.

Enter our boy, well, a man really, in a black button down and jeans so perfectly frayed and destroyed that they are starting to give in spots that really let your imagination go. Now take it a step further, him handing you a glass of good bourbon, and listening to you talk about what you like. Even better, liking the same thing.

Okay my loves, it’s time to give in to the goodness of the lovely Peter, because he’s gonna make you melt ‘like buttah.’ Completely at home in his skin and a true ‘old soul,’ he proceeds to seduce Bella in a the best way possible, hell one that I would happily take any day.
When I’m left in just my panties, and we are again facing each other on our knees, Peter looks down at my body and sighs, almost inaudibly. It’s oddly empowering, and I will my heart rate to slow while I look at his body too.
Ok – really quick – I would be remiss if I didn’t mention there is a wussperv warning in here, but the HF is short and so logical in the progression that it only furthers the ‘hooyah’ of the magical moment. I am intentionally holding back so many details because you have to enjoy them, but there are two lines in ‘plea’ that will own you:
“Bella,” he continues, “I like you … so much … and I want to be with you, I really do. But you need to understand something, so I’ll just say it: I’m not a revenge fuck. I won’t be that for you. I won’t be that for anyone.”
I’m sorry, but I think a self aware man who can lay it (heehe – that’s what she said) on the line so succinctly ridiculously hot. His segue into the final chapter, consummates in our lovely Peter lemon. Full of confidence and wisdom, Peter navigates the emotional landmines brilliantly.
I know these things about Bella, but there is still much I don’t know -- things that might help me right about fucking now.

Did he ever finger her? Has she ever had oral sex?

Did she ever give him a handjob? A blowjob?

Has she ever had an orgasm?

I’m well on my way to building this up in my head as an impossible task when I remember Bella’s exact words: “I don’t want sex. I want someone to make love to me like I’m the only thing he’s ever wanted.”

The particulars of what she had or hadn’t done with Cullen don’t really matter. What matters is that she feels desired and wanted.

That I can do for her.
I am not going to ruin it for you. I have a million different lines that I could pull out of this that are hot, sweet, silly or sigh worthy. I promise you, at the end of this lovely little 3 prompt arc, you will be sighing, wondering where you get one, and wishing that the closing line was about you.

Edward who? I’ll take Peter and a glass of bourbon any day. Acky, are you listening? This girl needs a lot more Peter in her pants, stat.

Heather is teasing me this fine morning with thoughts of Peter, a peter and bourbon. I don't do non-canon often unless a Peter is involved, so I've made an exception. Now we just need to get Heather to write Peter/Garrett slash while they're sipping bourbon and I'll have a Happy Thanksgiving. xo ~ninapolitan


Madi said...

Oh my, I am sooo proud... and Acky does Peter so well (yes, that is also what she said). I am sure I speak for Elle as well when I say we are very excited to see the Peter appreciation spreading!!!! Great job on these three prompts Accio, as you know I love them something fierce and you are very deserving of this rec ;)

bouncy72 said...

Was (like you said) a bit sceptical of a P/B combination, especially after Edward's apparently broken her heart. But just came back from reading the 3 chapters & they so damn good. Peter is AMAZING! Thanks for the rec, I really enjoyed it!
(lol, btw yr pic does look how Peter is hair & blue eyes, Mmm hot combination. *Grin* hot pic!

mycrookedsmile said...

I told Acky, these three chapters of her Twi 25 were like an exquisitely crafted flourless chocolate cake- not a word was wasted, each word and phrase made the story super rich and delicious.