Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Acireamos gets "Found Amongst the Shadows"

Found Amongst the Shadows



Best Selling Author Edward Masen has more than a few secrets when it comes to his books, What happens when sweet Bella Swan finds more than a few coincidences inside the pages by her favorite author? Rated M for language and lemons.

So, I have always been pretty picky about my darkwards. There is a fine line between good darkward and complete psycho, and staying on the good side of that can be hard to do I think. This story does that. It's an AU/Vamp darkward that explores the idea of Edward having a longer history than we are used to reading. He exploits this history for his own financial benefit under pseudonym, undetected for years until one young woman discovers his secret.

This isn't the normal rushed pace one-shot, it is quite a bit longer than the average one shot and it covers a longer time period. This Edward takes his time, getting close before he finally makes his move. Bella is a studious and smart girl that has recognized the similarities in several books. Edward is tipped off about her and plans on taking care of his problem. They meet at a coffee shop where Bella is studying and her first impression is really well written.
Now that he was standing I could see all of him. His hair was short and slightly chaotic, the dark bronze strands looked silky even from here and my fingers itched to correct the loose piece that were probably tickling his ear. He wore a tight charcoal grey t shirt, and I could see the outline of his muscular chest and shoulders through the thin cotton. He was holding a leather jacket in his left hand, it looked incredibly soft, and probably very expensive. The dark wash denim jeans were slightly snug, but looked perfect on his body. I dropped my gaze lower and felt my cheeks catch fire. Oh. My. God. He’s…Hard!

I felt my eyes widen and was literally unable to tear my gaze away from the prominent bulge in his pants.
Their back and forth is witty, letting them get a little more familiar before they get to the good stuff! When Edward just can't wait any longer, he tries a new/old way of getting into Bella's good graces/pants, haha!
While I was staring at the darker patch of cotton between her thighs I was rudely interrupted by a pillow hitting me in the face. “Edward you better start explaining how the fuck you got into my apartment…into my room! And why the hell were you touching my feet?” She said frantically, her voice getting gradually louder. I didn’t want her to start full out yelling and draw attention from her neighbors so I attempted to diffuse the situation.

“I needed to see you Bella…” I tried my best to sound innocent and sincere, but really how innocent is it to be caught ogling her in her sleep in her panties with her foot in your hand?

She drew her knees into her chest and covered herself to her chin with her blanket. “You needed to…How did you even get in here?” Her voice was quieter, but still held a hint of anger or frustration.

“The window.” I grinned sheepishly.
Funny and smart and super hot, this is one really good one shot! I could write a lot more about this, but I think you would rather spend the time reading the fic rather than my feeble attempt to summarize it! I need to thank Hmonster for tipping me off about it, it is such a good read!

This week's One-Shot Wednesday is brought to by Honorary Perv for January acireamos, co-author of Love Amongst the Stacks and The Highwayman.


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