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HRHLadyEsme has an Open Door Policy

The lemon I chose is one that made me think "damn that was so wrong" and "damn that was awesome" all in the same moment.

Open Door Policy was written as a one-shot entry for a Forbidden Love Affair contest. A story about adultery certainly fits the bill. We ride the fine line in this story between knowing what is right, and wanting what isn't. It pushes the the envelope on what you can and can't do before you've "actually" cheated on your spouse with his brother.

For many reasons, not the least of which were reader pleas for Edward's version of events, TeacupsNMints started a parallel story called Other Side Of The Door, that fills in some blanks in the history of these characters and creates the "whole picture" that we need as readers to really believe and care about them.

Edward was the shy, love-her-from-afar guy in high school. Emmett was the outgoing one who knowingly pursued the object of his brother's desire.
I was standing under the stairwell right outside the cafeteria at Forks High. My cool trench pulled up high---ear buds in but not on. I heard her before I saw her. Bella’s deep laugh followed by her cousins high pitched giggle edged closer. Eyes cast down, I turned in the direction of the sounds. I’d decided I would finally speak to her---even though Emmett told me to wait---to make her come to me. I could not wait another moment. I was going to say hello and ask her how she was doing. And if the conversation managed to carry itself--- I was going to show Bella the picture I’d sketched of her---and hope she liked it. My heart bounced around inside my chest until it was the only sound I could hear.

My palms were sweating and my mouth was dry. I watched as Bella came around the corner, her mahogany hair tumbling about shoulders. She was wearing the white blouse with the colorful stitching that always made her brown eyes seem to sparkle. I took two steps toward her.

That was all I had time for before it happened. Bounding up behind her ---he grabbed her around the middle until her feet tossed up into the air. She giggled sweetly before reaching around and kissing him on the lips. I shook my head and blinked my eyes---hoping I was mistaken.

My eyes traveled up to the face of this intruder----only to find the eyes of my brother Emmett looking directly through me---like I wasn‘t even there. I crumbled the drawing in my palm and tucked it back into the pocket of my trench.
Yep, Emmett was a creep.

Having said that, I will also say that as the story progresses there are other things that come to light that provide some understanding on how and why things happened like they did. Not every creep is entirely a creep. As I said before, you come to care about the characters, about what happened to them and why they made the choices they did. I became invested in the story and absolutely love the two points of view being represented.
Now... without further adieu... the reason we're all here today is not for me to wax poetic about sins of youth and forgiveness... we have a lemon to discuss.

To set the scene: Edward is back in town and staying with Emmett and Bella (now married). Edward still hasn't quite forgiven Emmett for betraying him, but doesn't make a big deal out of it. Bella and Emmett are retired for the evening and Emmett thinks he's rocking Bella's world, while Bella... well... you'll see... and so will Edward...

I sighed a long sigh. Lately, sex had been the furthest thing from my mind. Now Emmett was a considerate lover. He wanted very much to please me. Actually, he wanted too much to please me. It was as if the entire object of the activity was to see how well or with what intensity he could get me off. Not that that is such a terrible thing. But it was the jock in him---his competitive nature---it was like he was always trying to beat his old score or something.

I’m sure he thought he was being caring and considerate. But it put tremendous pressure on me---and it hindered the process---if you know what I mean. If I didn’t have what at least appeared to be an orgasm every time---he’d insist on going the distance until he thought I did. It seemed to have become more about him and his success than it was about me.

I must have dosed off because I didn’t realize Emmett had come in until I felt his hand rubbing circles on the inside of my thigh. Oh boy, here we go.

“Hey babe, are you asleep?”

What the hell does he think I’m doing here with my eyes closed?

“Mmm. Well, that’s good, because I plan to make you very happy.”

I could hear the honest sincerity in his voice, even if it was a little slurred.

I laid there as my husband’s hands moved straight up into my middle. No point in wasting time with all my other body parts. I felt his thumb move in slow circles around my clit. I liked this part. If only he’d stay there longer. He placed gentle kisses on my shoulder and I did like the way his warm breath felt as it made the fine baby hairs at the base of my head tickle my neck. I was actually feeling kind of turned on--- something I’d not felt in a quite a while. Emmett’s other hand cupped my breast and I gasped just a little as he squeezed my nipple between his fingers. His fingers, moving softly and steadily around my source of all arousal, was causing my hips to stir some. This provoked my husband to speed up his pace just a little, still breathing hard on my neck. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and let out a quiet little moan.

The next thing I knew his thumb is suddenly deep inside of me going the distance, or trying to. I wanted to shout “Too fast, slow back down”---but I wouldn’t ever want to hurt his feelings---so I just went with it. I continued moaning, apparently rather convincingly. That was all Emmett needed. I could already feel his rock hard erection thumping into my belly. He tore off his pants, positioned his body on top of mine, and slipped himself into me.

“Come on baby” he said “I want to feel you tighten around me cuz it feels so good.”

I was in trouble. I could fake the noise, but I couldn’t fake that.

All of a sudden, I noticed from over Emmett’s shoulder that he’d left the bedroom door open and standing right in the doorway, leaning against the frame was Edward Cullen.

And I stared into his eyes over my husband’s shoulder as I had the first real orgasm of my life.

Of course I left some of that out... it was good... but not as good as the second time it happens... the time after Bella gets a little history lesson, the time after she leaves the door open on purpose...

At the moment I made a sound----his thumb entered me hard and continued to jab in and out of me like a jackhammer.. SO much for slow and gentle.

Remembering the door, I moved my eyes there---and I was not disappointed. Edward was there in white thin cotton sleep pants and no shirt. He was already biting his lip---eyes fixed on mine. Immediately my thighs trembled slightly and I let out a quiet shiver.

Emmett moaned “Oh yea.”

Edward’s beautiful mouth gave just the slightest hint of a smile as he continued to chew on his lip. I smiled back at him and it was the most liberating feeling. Yes, it was wrong. It was horribly wrong. But what Emmett had done to Edward all those years ago was wrong, too. And dammit I had no idea how repressed I’d been all this time.

I looked into Edward’s eyes---and there I was alive. I was free. I was even naughty. And I friggin loved it! My eyes widened as I watched one of Edward’s hands move from the doorway down to his center, rubbing his hands against the thin white fabric to create his own pleasure. My thighs quaked for the second time.

“Oh Bella, I can’t wait.” Emmett said as he moved his way on top of me and slid inside.

Just as he made entry, my breath caught----because standing in my doorway, Edward reached into his white cotton pants and held his breathtaking shaft in his hand---for me to see. His strokes were gentle and slow---in the exact rhythm that I was moving my hips against Emmett’s ferociously irregular thrusts.

I thought I’d lose it right there---I whimpered---but I had to wait for him. I wanted to share an orgasm with Edward. I just hoped Emmett could hold out that long.

I watched as Edward’s brow furrowed in concentration, never once leaving my gaze. I sped up my movements and watched as his rhythm stayed with mine. I saw his chest heaving more rapidly. I watched as he bit his lip harder, appearing to restrain a moan. I moaned out for him, loudly, continually. I watched as he responded to my sounds and just as Edward’s grip on the doorframe tightened and his legs stiffened, I felt my own body tighten against my husband as the most overwhelming orgasmic rush forced its way through me. I took a few moments for me to catch my breath and regain control of my thoughts and body.

“Bella, that was so damn good” Emmett claimed as his head collapsed onto my chest.

When I looked back to the door, Edward was gone. Sadly, I smiled in that direction anyway as I ran my fingers through my husband dark curls.

Edward was right. He was a good EFing brother-in-law. And from now on the door would always be open for Edward Cullen at our house. However, I knew deep down, that there was no way it could ever just stop there.

There is so much more "story" to this story, not to mention Edward's thoughts from those nights. It's not always a happy, fluffy story, which is what I usually read, but it does reach in and grab ahold of your heart. AND...

TeacupsNMints has created one of my all-time favorite Jasper characters in all of fanfiction. Team Whitlost FTW!

Check out both versions of this awesome story... start with Open Door Policy and Other Side Of The Door will follow chapter by chapter. You'll be glad you did.


Beth Sabatino said...

I remember this one from the contest! You are exactly right that it was that mix of "this is wrong" to "damn, this is hot". So happy you picked it!