Monday, January 18, 2010

ciaobella27 learns her Alphabet.

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I read a lot of fic.I mean, A LOT of fic.So when I was asked to write about my favorite lemon, I didn’t need to think about it or sort through the sea of alerts I have on FFn.I knew right away that I’d write about Alphabet Weekends.

The premise is simple.Edward and Bella are life-long best friends and roommates who have both been going through a dry spell. When Edward suggests that they cure said dry spell by becoming friends-with-benefits, Bella comes up with the idea of turning their arrangement into a game:

“I suggest twenty six weekends.” Edward stared at Bella confused urging her to continue explaining.

“Okay, twenty six sex filled weekends,” she informed much to Edward’s delight. His eyes widened and a smile spread across his face.

“Why twenty six?” he wondered, aloud.

“Ah, my dear horny best friend, there are twenty six letters in the alphabet. Each weekend will be dedicated to another letter, in which the person, we’ll switch off weekends, will decide that weekend’s activity.”

Twenty-six lemons? Really? Can I get “hell yeah”?

While the premise of Alphabet Weekends promises you twenty-six letters of lemony goodness, that’s not what makes Alphabet Weekends the amazing story that it is.I found myself looking forward to the chapters that took place during the week when Bella and Edward weren’t playing the game.It is during those chapters that you are able to see the evolution of their relationship.As the game progresses, the lines are blurred and the story really gets interesting.

This leads me to my favorite lemon.In a story like Alphabet Weekends, narrowing it down is *cough* hard.Should I pick “C is for Control” where Edward takes Bella against every major appliance in the apartment or “L is for Librarian” where Librarian Edward punishes Bella for returning a book past-due?Did I mention “V is for Vampire” and “O is for Orgasm”?Like I said, not an easy choice.

My favorite lemon, though, isn’t actually associated with a letter.Other than the rule of no hanky-panky during the week, the other rule of the game is no kissing.Similar to Vivian in Pretty Woman, Edward believes it’s too personal.But in this scene, Bella and Edward decide to “fuck the rules”:

“Can I kiss you? No…fuck it. I’m gonna kiss you,” he proclaimed as he began to move his hips up a bit quicker, and Bella began to mimic it in her riding position.

“Yes,” she groaned as she latched her hand into the hair at the nape of his neck and used it to bring her face closer to his.

With their lips barely touching, Edward whispered Bella’s name and Bella replied back with his own.

As the game slowly chips away at their assertion that they are just friends, we begin to see their true feelings peek through.This isn’t part of their weekend game.This isn’t a contest to see who can think of the hottest scenario.The game has become more, but they’re still too stubborn to admit it.This game based upon a quick release begins to look like anything but:

It was a slow kiss, their lips barely moving against the other’s as they relished in the feel of the softness. As they pulled away, Bella continued to move down Edward slowly, and he continued to push up at the same speed.

They just stared at each other, keeping their foreheads pressed together as they sped up their motions, their breathing erratic but still matching.

“Close,” Bella whispered, her lips just a breath away from Edward’s. He nodded in concurrence as he sped up his movements to match Bella’s frantic motions.

I really like this Edward and Bella.I want to see how their relationship progresses.I want them together.And I want to read twenty-six lemons.In all seriousness, I’m rooting for them to give in and realize that they don’t just love each other, but that they’re in love with each other.

Having them naked a lot is just a bonus.

So read Alphabet Weekends by the lovely The Glory Days and have something nearby to fan yourself with.You’ll need it!

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