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The Perv's picks from the past year.

So you've seen the stats, on lets see what The Perv's favorite rec's from the last year are. And there maybe a naughty picture or two.

We're a year old. *sniffle* I can't believe it... It's been an amazing ride this last year with these pervy bitches. We've had ups and downs, gone through a shitton of trials and errors. We've made new friends within the fandom (and found out who our real friends are) and through it all, we've supported and encouraged one another. We've shared accomplishments and even failures. We've shared RL problems and milestones. Through everything I'm so thankful to know that if I ever needed any of you, you would be there in a heartbeat. I'm so happy to be a part of this with all of you. <3>Bonne Foi was my favorite rec of the past year. Amethyst never fails to captivate me with her words. The storyline in itself is intriguing and unique. I rarely like AU fics, but this one has me smitten. She's given us a plot and has managed to do so without skimping on the lemons. It's not very often that a fic can balance both, but she does and she does so beautifully.

BF has continued to be one of my "drop everything and run to read" fics, and I doubt that will change before she ends the story.

If you haven't read this AU tale, run and do so now...I promise you won't be disappointed.

And to the rest of my pack's to another year. :)

Jeezo! I cannot believe its been a year! A whole year. What a year! I still remember the excitement amongst us when we first started this blog. What I love about this bunch - other than the fact that I know they're there for me with sage words, porn, humour and love (not sage porn - what the bejesus would that look like? :O ?) - is the excitement we still get over our recommendations. When they update we ping emails back and forth - or tweets now too. There are some recc's coming up that we feel really strongly about!!! :) :) That to me is important. If we started not caring what we were reccing and reading there would be no point to us doing the blog. So let me tell you dear pervlings - we take our recc's seriously. We want to recc stories you will love and adore. Whether you be wussperv or team anything goes - we want to provide stories that thrill, titillate, move, stir and shake you.

Also please do know dear pervlings - that we love to hear from you. We love to know what you think - whether it be about our recc's - one-shot's, team recc's or full reccs. Or what you think about our men - Bri's American Man Meat or my foreign totty - mainly Brit's with a slice of European and beyond - or the Lingerie I post, and everything else we add for your pleasure. Do let us know how we please you. ;) Because pleasing you repeatedly is our aim! We only put our stamp on stuff that gives us pleasure - so we hope that our pleasure is your pleasure!

In case you didn't realise - I love my pack girls something chronic. They seriously are the best.

So my favourite story that we have recc'd this past year? Whew. Thats a toughie call! One of my fave's is a story that has unfortunately been removed. AdorableCullen's Behind Enemy Lines. This story had one of the hottest Edward's in existence - and a story line that drew me in & had me absorbed completely from start to finish. Many a chapter of BEL caused me to cry.. Just an amazing piece of writing. So my actual favourite is by the same author. The Mirrors. It is an absolute genius piece of writing. It affected me on so many levels. This Bella and Edward needed each other so much - without quite realising it. The story was magical, without being cheesy or clich├ęd. Their love was beautiful, tender and sensuous. I guarantee you will not read - now or in the future a twilight ff like it. This story I would spend very good money on, its a delight to read. I cannot recc it enough. Its sweet but sexy and oh so much more. It moved me so much. Please read it - and review it if you haven't already. :)

O.K. Here are some of my fave foreign totties from my postings over the last year: ENJOY them!

Slurp! ;)

Happy Birthday my dear fellow pervs & glorious pervlings! Much love. Emmy. x x x

Wow, it doesn't feel like a year has gone by already. So much has happened that it's hard to sum up in a couple of paragraphs.

Okay, True Story, I went on vacay last year around the holidays, visiting family and WDW. Well, I didn't have a smartphone or access to the interwebz all that much so I didn't check my email. I thought I'd come home to a backlog of chapter alerts, but nothing major. I came home to, I kid you not, like 778 emails about starting a blog. 778 emails on top of all the other emails. My first thought was "What The Ever-Loving Fuck" and my second thought was "we're nuts". Nuts we may be, but here we are. And I don't regret one fucking minute of it.

Now onto my favorite's from the past year. Like most of my cohorts Behind Enemy Lines would be my #1 pick, but unfortunately it's no longer available. The "Vanguard" moment is still on the most emotional and intense scenes I have ever read in any kind of fiction.

So, my other favorite's. It was hard picking just one or two as the case my be, but the two fics below stuck with me more than any of the rest.

Kathy is probably going to kill me for this, but my abso-fucking-lutely fav is The Trip Home which happens to be our 1st rec. The smut aside (trust, i'll get back to it), TTH is a genuine love story that happens to be between 3 people. The characters are real, their emotions natural and the journey beautiful. I want to be BFF's with this threesome. And the smut, Whoa Boy. No one and I do mean NO ONE does smut like Kathy does. Not a day goes by that I don't think about this story. sigh.

My second pic and one of my all time fav's is Hot Landing Zone. It's short, but poignant. A story about two people that fall in love, not because of circumstance but because the other was exactly what they needed. The narrative is lovely, and the UST between Edward and Bella is scorching.

Thanks for the wicked awesome ride my fellow Perv's! I can't wait to see what the next year brings. And thanks to y'all for making it all fucking worth it.!

I'm stealing Nina's idea and selecting my favorites of both AH and AU. I just want to say first, that this is torture for me. I want to pick every story. I find something to love about everything, so this hurts.

My favorite AU is, like Nina, La Canzone. It just draws you in and is such a beautifully written story. This isn't to say that the other AUs didn't do the same. They did. See? Killing me.

Moving on.

My favorite AH is probably Same Time Next Year. The emotion of this story simply spoke to me. It was so easy for me to relate to, so real, and the emotions were so palpable. I sobbed buckets, buck-ets, but love it.

My favorite PPSS memory was when I was invited to join this group of ladies. We've had our ups and downs together, but I've made some of the best friends in my life and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

I'm pretty sure no one would recognize a post from me without weheartits, so here you go.

SFW and MoreSFW because I heart my PPSS ladies, and NSFWish because I heart them, and you, too. Really NSFW - because I'm a perv.

Thank you readers, for your love and support of us over this last year.

We started the PPSS on a whim. TLYDF had just started a few days prior and talked with them and figured, 'Hey, let's have one dedicated to quality smut." Two days, six hundred emails and a headache later... The PPSS was born.

Why did we do it? We had all read some bad smut and it seemed like a lot of it came out of the woodwork during certain contests that had just been done. I'm not even talking uterus munching Breaking Dawn here. We're talking pink starfish, heavenly love tunnel, and my favorite. Edward's 'thunderstick'. Our goal was simple - to rec good smut.

In regard to my favorite story? I'll state first that my favorite is no longer available, and while the saddens me - I'm also hopeful that someday it'll be available again soon. "Behind Enemy Lines" by adorablecullens would be my number one. Yes, Edward is a bit of a shit and while I normally don't find that attractive, oh Lord does AC write him in a very sexy way. What I loved about it though (besides the entire Vanguard chapter - thinking of it makes me teary) is that Bella held her own being a smart, confident and powerful woman to counter Balticward's attitude. sigh. I miss it but I wish adorablecullens all the best and I honestly hope that you get it published.

Its shitty of me to taunt you with a story that is no longer around. That being said I'll tell you my favorites that are still available. My AH choice is a toughie but I'll go for Deconstructing Dracula by HMonster4 and Hot Landing Zone hjb2006 . Both polar opposites in every possible way but I judge a story by how often I think of it outside of sitting and reading. I find myself remembering bits of both of these so often that I question my sanity (a lot). The thing is, I read a lot. Four sometimes five books a week on top of fic. Sometimes the fic I read transcends into my regular fiction reading and that is what I love about these stories.

My AU choice is La Canzone dell Bella Cigna by Philadelphic hands down. I love it, I love the author and I am slowly finding myself craving AU again and the reason is stories such as La Cazone. Beautifully detailed and rich, what more can you ask for.

Here's to another year my fellow pervs. Wave your perv flag high. Don't be scared - there are more of us than you think :)


Wow, a whole year gone by already? Hard to believe. It amazes me that something that started from some google chats could develop into this and I still find it hard to believe I'm a part of it.

We have read so, so many great stories over the course of this last year. I'm not sure how to narrow it down, but I'll give it a go.

Bonne Foi was one of my favorite AU's. There's just something about this slightly Darkward that pulls you in. And then to see him evolve and change, just GUH.

The Lost Boys has owned me since Gusta pimped it out in its very early stages and said "you gotta read this". She was right and it's probably in my top 20 all time favorites (and considering the number of fics I've read, that's saying something). We'rewaiting now for the epilogue and then it's finished, which makes me quite sad.

It's hard to believe that a bunch of pervy girls becoming friends through the Twilighted boards and then chatting around on gchat could've produced this: a smutty blog of epic proportions. A fun idea turned into something much more important. And now a year later, here we all are. Crazy. Through all the hectic planning and rushing to put posts up, I've realized how much this blog means to everyone in the PP and those that tune in each week to read. It's seriously amazing how many people trust our opinion and read what we've rec'd. It kinda brings a tear to my eye.

Somehow I'm supposed to pick my favorite out of all those we've rec'd this past year. Near fucking impossible. But I will narrow it down to a couple.

The first, no longer available (and one the other girls have mentioned) is AdorableCullen's Behind Enemy Lines. BEL Edward was/is so completely sexy to me and I fell in love with the story right off the bat. The shower wankward scene still makes me all hot n bothered. AC's other story, The Mirrors is another that I was hooked on. Not something I normally would pick to read, the fantasy aspect behind it made everything so much more alluring. Her words painted a very vivid picture in my mind so that I could see this other world behind the mirrors that bonded Edward and Bella together.

Same Time Next Year by socact was another favorite of mine. As I discovered her stories and discussed it with others, mainly Kathy and Steph, STNY kept coming up. I was told it was a great, snot-snob inducing fic. It scared me because I don't normally equate good with snot sobbing. But oh lord it was good. Like Kathy said, the emotions are very real and I felt myself almost empathizing with the characters.

Honestly though, narrowing the list down by just a few seems criminal. So many amazing authors and stories.

My favorite PP moments happen whenever someone has a funny story, dirty picture, or random fact to share. If I'm at work I come home to an email chain with about 15 replies (or more...much more. I'm thinking of the email started when those pics of shirtless Rob on set for NM came out). Reading through and responding just proves how close everyone in the group has become thanks to our common like of sexy Twilight characters.

So, Happy Birthday PPSS. Thank you to all the girls who do everything in order to keep this bad boy running. And thank you to everyone who follows this blog for giving us a reason to keep going. Here's to another year of smut and good times!

What as your favorite rec or Perv Moment from the past year? We'd love to hear from you.


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Happy Blogbirthday!!

I love reading the recs on this site...and really should comment more often, but usually I'm scampering off to read a rec, so I forget to comment first!

philadelphic/ Lolaphilologist said...

You guys! I just came by to get recommendations as usual and here's the love. Thank you again.

All of these are great choices, and some of my favorite stuff. Very happy to see lots of love for AC and her magical stories.

Thousands of kisses to you ladies, and Happy fucking Birthday!

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found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later