Monday, January 11, 2010

HWhimsey casts a spell on AnnieJ with 'The Lost Boys'

One word: British. Edward is British. A British tortured musician who has been haunted by Bella his entire life, even though he's never seen or known her. He's a little bit crazy, or so he thinks. She's his muse, his everything, and he's never even laid eyes on her. Until one night he sees her in a pub in London while he's performing. He makes a rash decision and vows to find her again, convincing and tricking his band mates in the process.Unbeknownst to Edward, Bella has fallen in love with him during her short time in London, just by watching him perform from a distance. She returns to San Francisco, still rattled with her feelings for him.

I adore this story and watching how they find each other. Add in a heart breaking love story between two ghosts who are unable to be together in the afterlife, unless Edward and Bella can find a way to reunite them. This story will keep you on the edge of your seat and suck you in with it's beautiful writing, focusing on these soul mates who are fighting against all odds to be together. I've been re-reading, trying to pick the lemon I want to focus on, and I decided I had to go with their first time because it was so unlike what I expected. So raw and emotional. The UST leading up to it is indescribable. I think that's what makes the magnetic force between them so strong.

Gently, and exquisite softness, he swept away my robe. I wore only a thin long camisole beneath. His eyes seemed to drink the sight of it on my body that lay naked and silvery white against the sheets.

“Home,” he whispered, his voice as fragile and hopeful as the word. “My home,” he went on, trailing feathery kisses down one side of my neck.

I knew instantly what he was speaking of, what he needed above everything else in the world. I was the only thing he could hold onto. And I would never let him go. I felt overwhelmed with emotions, and I could only reach out and pull him to me. All the fear and horror of the past day dissolved as we clung to each other, holding on with our bare souls.

“Home,” I breathed back into the icy skin of his neck, hot tears falling from my eyes.

These characters are so riddled with fear and uncertainty. Time is not on their side. The desperation is so palpable. All you want is for them to be together. Let me just summarize this. I won't do it justice by trying to explain it.
That is when I saw, his chest bruised savagely in the ghostly light. I sat forward at his injuries, my mouth open in alarm. His finger pressed my lips in silence, pushing me gently back into the bed. With a sigh he delicately trailed his finger down to trace the lines of my jaw. “I want to remember,” he told me. “I want to remember this when I’m old, I want to remember what you looked like, how I had you, had you to myself, in this bed, your eyes, your mouth. I don’t want to let this go.”


He pulled me to him, his body all hard lines and taut muscles engulfed every inch of me. Closing my eyes, I heard the storm lashing against the windows and felt the power of Edward’s long sleek body naked against me. The pressure of his cock, hard and wanting. The strength of him, protecting me, hungering for me.

Nuzzled underneath his chin, my head smothered in the crook of his neck, I breathed him in, the smell of rain and man; I reached out to touch his face and kissed him. I felt the roughness of the stubble under my fingertips. He turned to face me, so that our naked bodies were drawn together, live wires shuddering in passion, aching to touch, aching to taste, aching to ignite.

Rapturous, our bodies laced together, my wetness a breath from his cock, becoming hotter with each teasing stroke, each slow grind. With a rough grunt in the back of his throat, he shoved harder against me, making my eyes fall back in ecstasy. We kissed wildly as though we had just discovered what it had all meant. Twisting and turning in each other’s arms we would have cried in joy had we not been so consumed by the wonder of it all.

Taking my tiny wrists in his hand Edward held them over my head, his eyes scorching mine, intent to play me. Still holding me prisoner, his other hand trailed down my quivering arms, his thumb exploring the hollow of neck, smoothed down my sides, his fingers massaging the beads of sweat glistening along my ribs.

He lowered his mouth to taste me, his breath warm and fast, as he ran his tongue languishingly around each breast, taking each nipple one by one into his mouth in hunger, twirling his tongue and grazing his teeth over me in exquisite agony till I arched my back again. He sucked deeply, making me nearly come from the raw need of his mouth. Then without warning, he bit down, his smile teasing my skin, as I screamed in aching bliss.

He pulled hard on my wrists and painstakingly raised his lips to my neck. Wolf-like, his teeth clenched down, forcing me to submit; my hips bucked hard against his, demanding to be fucked by him, consumed by him, to have his cock thrust inside me. His mouth sought out my lips, kissing me ruthlessly, his tongue tangling and twisting against mine, demanding I surrender.

I did, completely.


I cried out his name only to be silenced by his mouth. He was so hard, so great, my body quaked as he invaded me; I felt so tight about him, even as wet as I was, as though with one thrust I would come, screaming.

Insane in lust, I twisted my head against the pillows quaking in maddening desire. Holding me captive beneath him, Edward hissed, grinding deeply as though his cock could tease my clit into coming with each thrust, each attack, each brutal plunge. His lips trembled near my ear, his breath warm and damp, “Always.” His body drove each blessed word slowly and wickedly into my cunt, stretching me as no man had ever done, in excruciating mindnumbing ecstasy. “You . . .Are . . .Mine . . . Always.”


I held my breath and arched my back, trying desperately to hang on, but when his cock plunged so deeply I felt it in my very womb, I cried out loudly, buckling beneath him.

I screamed his name over and over, as I came as I had never come before. As if my very soul were writhing with lifetimes of souls, all gloriously, rapturously, together, our nails dug into his, our bodies, clung to his, taut in euphoric release.

He dragged me ever more fiercely to him, and I clung to his burning skin, the sharp stubble of his chin rasping the flesh of my cheek. He buried his face into my neck and cried, cuming hot and savagely into me, his body contorting in raging desire. Filling me, filling me till he spilled from me, drenching my legs in fire.

In that last moment, that last perilous moment, he cried out one word, falling heavy onto me as though holding me to this earth, claiming my soul for his and his alone, tears streaking his face. As though ready to battle death itself for our love.


If you haven't, you really must read this story and experience this chapter in context. I remember the day I read this update and was utterly speechless. Throughout the story, Edward was constantly battling with himself, promising that when they were together, it would be perfect and gentle and right for Bella. So when it finally happened and it was so animalistic, I was stunned. It was like an uncontrollable force bringing them together, finally. The story is almost complete and the lemons throughout are just as mind blowing. It's not just the lemons, though. It's the entire concept of the story and how much you really care for these characters. Hwimsey is and will always be one of my favorite authors. She truly has a way with words and her imagination is incomparable.

AnnieJ, reader extraordinaire, epic sweetheart and all around hot bitch. She gives wonderful hugs and next time she's on the East Coast, we're getting together for drinks (and fuckery) ~xo ninapolitan


Bouncy72 said...

This story owns me...I'm so bummed it's coming to a close...Only the epilogue to go :(
It has some of the funniest moments, scariest moments & fucking hottest moments out there. Thanks for the rec ladies

Sarah Goodrow said...

Oh, AnnieJ!!! Thank you so much for that wonderful Lemonshot! I'm very glad you enjoyed the story -- actually, that chapter was based off of a novel I wrote that I left in a drawer. Maybe someday I will dig it up. Thank you again -- you're the best.