Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hopey loves the way the "Piano Man" strokes the keys.

Piano Man

Shy researcher Bella Swan is coerced by her best friend Jacob Black to spend a night in a gay bar checking out the new piano player, Edward Cullen. Can Bella find the way to Edward's heart by bringing him a tasty apple pie?

I have to be completely honest here, I'm a huge kimpy0464 fangirl. There is nothing of hers that I have read that haven't abso-fucking-lutely loved. And Piano Man is no exception. I'm a goober for pet names and Gay Jake, and what do ya know...this little ditty has both.

Bella acts as Jake's faux-date so he can check out the hot guy at the Gay bar. When they get there Bella's "gaydar" isn't going off, but her girly bits sure are, as seen below.
My reaction to him is swift and sudden. While I appreciate a pretty face as much as anyone, my instantaneous attraction for him is completely unusual and unexpected. I’ve never, ever, not once in my entire life, had feelings like this for another person. He literally makes my insides feel like Jell-O. Just staring at him makes my heart beat faster. I’m seriously confused, and a little undone, by my visceral reaction to this man’s beauty. The sensible part of my brain tries so hard to convince the rest of me that this is all hyperbole and nonsense, but the other part of my brain gives it a swift bitchslap to shut it up. Had I not known myself better, I would have been convinced that I had just turned into a 15 year-old boy. I am that affected by this man.
Jake and her bet each other $100 on the mysterious Piano Man's sexual orientation. After several rounds of Jolly Rancher Martini's (btw, yum) and listening to the Piano Man tickle the ivories Bella uses her liquid courage to go talk to the man. He is even better up close and personal.

I blush furiously. No man has ever paid such incredible compliments to me, and I don’t know what to even think. It’s unreal. This man, who is the epitome of male beauty, is calling me Venus? It just doesn’t make sense!

“But Botticelli’s Venus was nude—how can you tell what my curves look like?”

Did I really just say that? Really? Just where did my verbal filter escape to?

“Does that mean you’re willing to show me?”

Edward cons Bella into singing on stage and the rest of her night is spent belting out Christmas carols of all things. They agree to meet at the bar the next night with Bella bringing him dinner that they'll share in his dressing room...alone. hehe.

After Bella shows up the next day, they banter, flirt and eat. All is going perfectly smooth until a little mishap with some ice cream and then oh boy. no srsly OH. BOY.

“Oh baby, I’m just getting started. Hold on to your hat, it’s going to be a rough ride.”

I do the only thing I am still capable of doing: I whimper.

While his hands lavish attention on my pussy, his tongue and lips tease my nipples. The intensity of stimulation in both areas causes me to lose focus; instead of thinking about what is happening to me, my mind switches over to pure, unadulterated feeling. I’m lost in the sensation. I have no idea of who I am or where I am—there is only sublime pleasure everywhere. I’m floating along a cloud of ecstasy. Suddenly, what can only be described as a shockwave tears through my body, with my clit at the epicenter. I’m experiencing such deep and intense contractions that I’m shocked. If this is an orgasm, what the hell have I been diddling around with up until now? Edward Cullen is clearly a god from on high who can coax out the most delicious orgasms available. Talk about magic fingers! When I finally rejoin my body back on earth, I’m panting and a blush covers my face and my chest. Edward looks at me with a mix of wonder and pride.

“I take it that met with your approval, Venus?”

I’m still trying to catch my breath. “Yes!”

And that's just a little snippet of this steamy smut. You'll just have to read the rest to find out what happens next.

What I really love about this story is the snarky Bella, witty banter, smoldering UST, pop-culture references and natural flow and pacing of the story. And of course the smut is fuckhot!

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EllaB/EllaB_twilight said...

Ungh...I must read this now! Thanks for the rec...I'll have to read a few of her other fics too. Those teasers you gave show off her great talent!

NaughtySparkle said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for rec'ing this FANTASTIC story. I too must agree that I am a fan of every single word Kim writes. Her lemons are juicy and her words are beautiful.