Thursday, January 7, 2010

Author Interview: LolaShoes & tarasueme

This week we have two authors that need no introduction:
LolaShoes & tarasueme.

Questions for LolaShoes:

tarasueme: I suck. Sorry these are so late. Forgive me?
LolaShoes: If only there was something you could do to win me back...

tarasueme: Please?
LolaShoes: What's that? More buttsecks in TT? I ACCEPT AND FORGIVE. Now, onto the questions...

tarasueme: So, you work in medical research. I work in medical research. Do you think it’s common for Scientists to be so pervy? What do you think this says about the future of modern medicine?
LolaShoes: Very, very good things. Either that or there will be more discoveries along the lines of Viagra and warming lube and fewer along the lines of Aricept and Neurontin.

tarasueme: You write VampWard. What does VampWard bring to the table (or bedroom) that HumanWard doesn’t?
LolaShoes: Ahhh, well, ezrocksangel wrote a great TLYDF piece on the benefits of VampWard. My own preference for writing VampWard is about several things. One, that's how I see him and why I wanted to write fanfic in the first place. I wasn't "done" with him after the books. He's so much more complex - as a person, lover, husband, brother, son, friend - than could be communicated in a YA novel. Also, just the idea that this man had been alone for so long but clearly capable of so much passion...unf. You know? JUST UNF, tara.
tarasueme: I know, bb. Trust me, I know.
LolaShoes: But in terms of what he can do that HumanWard doesn't (or shouldn't be able to, realisitically):
1. Hello? Immediate recovery of wood? Why not?
2. VibratingVamp Tongue and HymenHammer Fingers [(TM)ilsuocantante/imdominating].
3. Everything tastes and smells good to him - but especially pussy. That's a man that deserves serious love.
4. He can do squicky things like taste virginal blood and it's ridiculously hot when he does it.
5. Vampire spunk = Vanilla McFlurry [(TM)ilsuocantante/imdominating]. Blow jobs are really fun to write.
6. Things like 'love days' can exist and make sense (yes they can, shhh).
7. And, okay, the token non-smut reason: the depth of his love and sensitivity is a bit more believable given his age/mind-reading. Also, his torment feels a little less dysfunctional; very few AH stories can make Edward as tortured as canon without also making him seem a little broken-beyond-repair.

tarasueme: Any plans to write more FF after the LYLS and ALE sequel is finished? Will you do a fourth installment?
LolaShoes: I don't have plans to write more fanfic after the sequel, so there is no plan for a fourth installment. If a story line starts gnawing at me, I may play with it. But I plan to mostly be done writing fanfic after the sequel is done. Not done with the community, just with writing, at least for a little while. Remember, NinjaShoes is due early this Spring and I honestly can't imagine how I'll write and take care of a newborn (especially since it's a girl and I will be forced to change her outfit 10 times a day because everything is so cute).
tarasueme: True facts here, I had a boy first and always, always bemoaned the cute girl clothes. With my second, a daughter, all I found I liked were boy clothes. Go figure.
LolaShoes: I can see that. Everything for girls is pink and/or has ruffles. What happened to simple? It's very hard to find... but I've managed somehow.

tarasueme: Of course, you did write HumanWard in A Little Crazy, your o/s with tby789. Was it hard to switch to all human? What difficulties, if any, did you face?
LolaShoes: That story just unfolded so naturally. I'm not sure if it's because that Edward is also a little different/quirky, etc - but the Edward mannerisms that feel familiar to me seemed to fit him as well. With that character, we played a bit more into the world-savvy/relationship-naive Edward and that felt right. So, no, it wasn't hard at all.

tarasueme: I’m a sparse writer, my chapters tend to be on the short side. How do you write? Do you sit at a computer and type it all in, write longhand and transfer later? Do you have a chapter length in mind or does the scene just flow as you write?
LolaShoes: I write in long-hand in a notebook or on the computer. I usually have a very clear scene in my head and I do whatever I can to describe it completely, which is why the chapters get so long. I'm a huge pushover with the characters, too, and they usually completely take over. In all honesty, if I had written ahead more with ALE, I would have cut the chapters into shorter chunks. I'm going to try to do that with the sequel because I'm asking a lot of my readers when I post 10-15K word chapters.
tarasueme: *Whimper*
LolaShoes: And the really crazy thing? I personlly tend to avoid fics with really long chapters unless they've been highly recommended to me, so I understand why some people haven't started ALE. It's a monster at over 385K words.
tarasueme: 385K? *falls over* Have you ever got a review telling you your chapters were too short?
LolaShoes: Yes, I have had people tell me that they wanted more, and I did get the "update faster" reviews and PMs even when I was posting every other day. So, it just goes to show you that you'll hear it no matter what.

tarasueme: How did you first discover TWILIGHT?
LolaShoes: I didn't pick it up until December 2008. My best guy friend is heavily into Comic Books, sci fi, and the world of pop culture and knew my love for all things vampire. He had been trying to get me to read Twilight for ages, insisting that I would love it (based on what he'd heard - he hasn't read the books). I was very snobby about it; I had seen the movie posters and had heard stories on NPR about the women who were going with their daughters to see the movie and were just as fanatical as the 13-year olds and that really turned me off.

I went home for a week to help take care of my Dad. I finished reading Jane Eyre for the first time and it just killed me. I needed something light and easy for a rebound. I picked up Twilight and... That's how it always starts, isn't it?

Bottom line: I'm still here, and I'm not so snobby anymore.
tarasueme: Oh, you said, "All things vampire." Any other books you'd recommend other than TWILIGHT?
LolaShoes: In all honesty, I prefer the older stuff to the newer - amusing given what I write, I know. The list is impossible to make, but here are some of my favorites:

Anyone who hasn't read Bram Stoker's Dracula should be banished from the fandom until they do.
  • Dracula's Guest - a lost chapter from the original Bram Stoker work, it's amazing.
  • Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu (1872), the first gothic female vampire story, believed to have inspired Dracula. Has very erotic lesbian overtones and is wonderful. This is a must read.
  • The Skeleton Count, or The Vampire mistress by Elizabeth Caroline Grey. The first, if not a very early, vamp novel written by a woman.
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
  • The Girl with the Hungry Eyes - Fritz Leiber
  • I Am Legend by Richard Matheson (1954) - ignore the movie. Book has neat science fiction/social commentary feel
  • The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice (of course - and before her current work. I must give a shout out to Algie who gave me the laugh of my lifetime when she said Rice's recent work is "Bible fanfiction")
  • Anything by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
  • The Hunger - Whitley Strieber
  • Brown Girl in the Ring - by Nalo Hopkinson
There are many between 1920 and 1950 that I recommend. Edith Wharton, Carl Jacobi. Just go digging, it's amazing stuff. I will admit I am not up on the YA genre of vampire fiction. I am happy to be schooled in this realm. Any takers?
tarasueme: *scribbles down furiously for next library trip* Hold on a minute.

tarasueme: I’m still pissed I live on the East Coast and wasn’t able to attend CC2009 and won’t be able to meet everyone for CC2010. Can you discuss some of the plans for CC2010?
LolaShoes: I'm still pissed you weren't there, too. Just kidding. Sort of. In 2010 we hope to have another fangroup (not technically a "panel" in ComicCon parlance) but of course won't know the details or the schedule for quite some time (ComicCon does not release the program until 2 weeks before the show). This year ninapolitan is moderating the event and she and I are working together to get a great group of authors lined up. I think we all liked the idea of rotating the moderator if it's something we are able to continue yearly.

In addition, this year it seems that a huge number of fanfic people are coming, and that alone is draw enough for me. I seriously cannot wait to meet everyone and see everyone from last year. I am trying to ignore the fact that I will have just birthed a child and will not be rocking the hot shoes but I do plan on getting sloppy drunk one night, so watch out.

If you plan on coming to ComicCon please check out this spreadsheet that ilsuocantante/wearingwords made for the event. Also, we'll be starting a thread on Twilighted - probably some time in April - with details about events, social stuff, etc, so make sure to check in there.
tarasueme: See? Now I've even more pissed I can't go. Let's change the subject.
LolaShoes: ::sad face::

tarasueme: You, Nina, and Christina did a phenomenal job with The Twilight Fandom Gives Back. I know I stared at my monitor in complete shock that first day and throughout the week as the money raised continue to grow. When did you first realize your original goal of $10K was going to be blown away? Was there ever a time, before the auctions started, that you thought, “You know, perhaps $10K was a low estimate?”
LolaShoes: I know, right? I thought $10K would be an amazing thing to be able to donate - and it would have been. Anything would have been satisfying. But yes, the fact that we almost reached $10K before the fundraiser even started was... insane. Part-way through the week I think we started doing the mental calculation and were "pretty sure" we'd break $30K - even that number was blown out of the water. This fandom amazes me - the generosity of authors, readers, and bloggers such as KStew411... together we raised more than $87K... I still can't really wrap my head around it.
tarasueme: I can't wrap my head around it, either. The Fandom is awesome. And thank you to you, Nina, and Christina for helping us prove it to everyone.

Questions for LolaShoes from around the Fandom:

From gkkstitch:
I’ve been curious about this. . . how did you come up with the titles for LYLS and ALE?
LolaShoes: I didn't actually agonize over them very much. Let Your Light Shine seemed to fit because canon Edward spends three giant books terrified that he will hurt Bella only to be proven right when they do finally get it on. That just seems so cruel to the protagonist. I liked some parts of BD but not others. I wanted Happy Sexytimes Edward. Of course the day after I posted the first chapter I hear the Live song that has that line, it's not named after the song.

A Life Extraordinary was from a line that very early on I had Aro saying to Edward about giving Bella immortality. I wasn't exactly sure how he would say it or when in the story it would happen - I was still outlining ALE, but it stuck. Then of course everyone thinks it's from the movie A Life Less Ordinary with Cameron Diaz and Ewan MacGregor's not. I guess I'm just less creative than I thought I was.

Since LYLS was written after BD was out, why did you change Bella's power? Or did you come up with the "fulfilling needs" power before you read BD?
LolaShoes: I'd finished BD by the time I started writing LYLS/ALE. The "shield" as her power worked fine, in my opinion, although I was never completely sold on the explanation about why Edward couldn't ever hear her thoughts but Alice and Jasper could see/influence her without any issue. One would think, particularly after New Moon, that her innate shield would be more likely to protect her from Jasper than anyone. In any case, I just wanted to think of another explanation for how everyone could/couldn't affect her and have some fun with it.

From: deb24601:
I have two questions. First, does Lola have any quirky pre/post chapter writing tradition? What does she do to gear up to write or wind down when it's done?
LolaShoes: I used to put together playlists for every chapter, sip a glass of wine, and it was this kind of fun transition-to-writing-time thing. But really, making the playlists took so long, I just can't do it anymore. Plus the wine with pregnancy... not so much. I've roped Algie, Feisty, and LolaP into making the playlists for the sequel because I need new/specific music to go with each chapter and they are music goddesses.

Second, how does she feel about fans writing fan fiction about her fan fiction? Whoa that sounds like a Dr Seuss tongue twister. For example, if someone (looks at ceiling) wrote a one shot with a very short reference to a scene in her story as the starting point. How would she feel about that kind of situation?
LolaShoes: I love it! True facts: if you write AU, you are putting yourself in a position to create a new perspective on canon. In that sense, isn't it a compliment when others think of your fic when they set about writing their own? I know people have used the idea of 'love days' in various fics. Love days aren't in canon (though some people have argued with me that they are sure they remember it there) but I like that it's become "fanon" as Algie calls it. So, my point is that I am totally honored if people start from a scene in one of my stories. Just a little shout out is always appreciated. A few people haven't given credit and that's the only time that it doesn't feel good. Having said that, I never asked Stephenie Meyer if she'd be okay with Edward recording anal sex with Bella on a cell phone, so I can't get too angry about it, I can only put up the usual disclaimer and hope it's okay.

From ejsantry:
You do a lot of organizing of TwiFic type events (moderating TwiFic Author panel at CC2009, Co-founder of The Fandom Gives Back). Have you always been the planning/oranizing type?
LolaShoes: In a sense. I'm not always the organizer, but I like to be involved. Having said that, the scale of ComicCon and FGB are pretty unique. Comic Con was an insane experience because the opportunity was very spontaneously offered - I had to get it together really fast and I didn't really know anyone yet, so it felt very whirlwind. Even so, the panel we ended up with was ahhhhmazing. There's a lot I would do differently, but we live and learn.

FGB was amazing and not something I can really comment on now with any articulation because I still can't believe what came out of it. I almost feel unworthy, if that makes any sense; the generosity makes me really emotional whenever I think about it. I'll be honest - I was really more of a support person in that effort - the initial inception of doing something like that was all of ours, but the driving force behind it was definitely those two and I swear to god if the three of us were weather patterns in that effort, Nina would be a tsunami, Christina would be a tropical heat wave, and I would be...fog? Intermittent showers? I don't even know what I'm trying to say. I kind of just brought them coffee and wore cute skirts to the office to keep them motivated, if you know what I mean.

You favor canon in your writing. What are your favorite canon fics?
LolaShoes: I read AU and AH, but very little strict canon. Not because there isn't great canon fic out there but because, most often, they see the canon characters and their motivations slightly or even very differently than I do and it's hard to write and read those at the same time as I'm writing my own. After having written LYLS and ALE, I see Edward and Bella as very specific people and most canon fic hasn't brought them to the same place so it messes with my head a little when I'm writing.

But my favorite AU stories are: La Canzone de Bella Cigna by philadelphic, Bonne Foi by amythestjackson, Innocence is Dripping Red by echoinsilence, and Creature of Habit by ezrocksangel.

From twizzmom:
Have you considered writing a boy luv Slash multi-chapter fic? Or have you considered, or have plans to include it in current or future stories?
LolaShoes: No, I have no plans to write slash. I love reading it, but I'm not sure my voice is needed in that genre.

Have you considered having both E & B have love day at the same time? And how do you think that would work out?
LolaShoes: Actually, chapter 30-31 ALE depict a shared love day. I think whenever it happens again, it will be even more destructive. Not sure if I'll put that in the sequel...sometimes communicating the intensity of their love through writing is very difficult, and even the Love Squared chapter only somewhat captures how I envision it.

From TwiSherry:
When and how did she come up with Bella's gift and was there any specific reason she gave her that power? Did she not like the other power or was this one more appealing to her for story purposes?
LolaShoes: I knew when I had Edward change her that I would need to write in her gift. I will admit I toyed with the idea of her not having a gift at all, but SM set up so many things that indicated she would have one that I couldn't ignore it. I went through all of the things we knew about how human Bella was "different" and tried to put a new spin on it. I spent a lot of time thinking and agonizing over because it had the potential to be really lame. I didn't know the exact shape of it when I started ALE, other than the basics, but it revealed itself as the story unfolded. It's hard to write it sometimes because, as I said above, almost anything is possible if the readers believe a character "needs" something enough. But ultimately, Bella has always been one of the strongest characters so it makes sense that her gift would be kind of all-reaching but hard to define at first.

Quickfires from TwiSherry:

TwiSherry: What is your favorite alternative for the word "fuck"?
LolaShoes: "RATS!" Just kidding. There is no good alternative.

TwiSherry: What is your favorite sexual position to read about in FF?
LolaShoes: Almost any, provided I can visualize it and it's descriptive. I like reading loving and hot missionary.

TwiSherry: What is the one thing you wish you had never read in FF?
LolaShoes: Edward losing control and raping Bella. Some one-shot I read very early in my ficsploration. It was awful.

TwiSherry: Is there something in FF that makes you cringe whenever you read it?
LolaShoes: The way many people write anal. Tongues "battling for dominance". "Bundle of nerves". "Core" - and yes, I especially cringe when I read it in LYLS.

TwiSherry: Is there a pairing that you would absolutely no fucking way, read?
LolaShoes: No, although Esme and Edward really squicks me. I'll read it if it's not the main pairing but it's icky.

TwiSherry: What is your biggest pet peeve in real life?
LolaShoes: I am ridiculously neurotic. I have too many to name.

TwiSherry: What is something about yourself that would surprise those who know you in the fandom?
LolaShoes: I have no idea. Ask someone in the fandom who's met me. I think I'm actually pretty much the same online or in person but probably more awkward.
(hopey interjecting here for a second. Lola is Tall, like Amazonian tall. That's one thing. But she's right, she is the same person IRL that she is online. A total sweetheart)

TwiSherry: What is your favorite non-twilight book?
LolaShoes: This is tough. Other than Dracula, I guess I'd say anything by Wally Lamb or Nick Hornby.

TwiSherry: What did you do with all of your free time before Twilight?
LolaShoes: I read, slept, watched some TV. I rarely watch TV anymore.

TwiSherry: If you could change one thing besides the fade to black and/or Renesmee, what would you change in the Twilight series?
LolaShoes: I probably would have Bella be a stronger female role model (more assertive at the end of New Moon, more communicative in Eclipse, and a better wife/partner in Breaking Dawn).

TwiSherry: What part of the male body are you most drawn to visually?
LolaShoes: Forearms and hands. Unf.

From magan bagan:
In My Yes, My No what was your favorite scene/moment/conversation to write (that you were most proud of)?
LolaShoes: I think the scene in Chapter 4 where Edward is confessing his feelings to Bella is my favorite, but as soon as I type that, I think maybe the scene where My Yes Bella finally loses her shit in Chapter 9? I do like that people expected "My No" to be more angsty and found that really the subversive angst - where Bella doesn't let herself get angry or upset - is the harder storyline.

From Squalloogal:
Is it possible for Bella to use her power to make a vamp pregnant? Like herself or Rose?
LolaShoes: Hands down, I get this question more than any other. In some ways, I've painted myself into a corner with Bella's gift because she can do anything if you think about it. But, no, I'm not going to work that into the storyline because my focus will be their relationship as newlyweds, and I think they'd want time just them for a long time. In any case, I certainly understand why people ask that and if someone else wants to write that future-take, be my guest.

From Rachelcullen77:
Was it hard to write both sides in MYMN?
LolaShoes: Yes. I wrote Chapters 1,2,4 and 6 then went back to write 3 and it was really hard to get into that mindset. I had a much harder time with the Yes storyline because I wanted them to turn to reconnection immediately but without the security that should come with physical intimacy. The problem is that it had to be believable - I honestly don't think either my version of Edward or Canon Edward would move forward with physcial intimacy if he didn't feel entirely connected to Bella, so I had to make sure that I was convinced that he was so desperate to give her anything, and that he believed she was right that physical connection was what they needed even in the absence of emotional stability. It was also really hard to write Chapter 7 because the lemon was heartbreaking for me. I read it now and am not sure if it comes across, but I hope it does.

From EllaB_twilight:
So many authors are moving toward AH stories...why do you prefer to stay within canon and AU?
LolaShoes: I actually see a lot of AH authors coming into AU, and AU authors trying out AH. I think a lot of us use this as a way to learn, so that is about exploring/stretching one's style.

But to answer your question personally, I understand why people write AH, and it's what I read most. But as a writer it's not what drew me to the characters. I've only written one AH story (A Little Crazy with tby789) and it just flowed for us, but I don't usually see AH stories with Edward and Bella from my writing POV. In part, I think that is because the characters as I see them are pretty concrete and it's very hard for me to envision the Edward (Blissward) I write as a human male. I just don't think any human man under 75 would have his sensitivity or insight (though only a 17 year old male would have his libido), and taking that sensitivity away from him makes him no longer Edward. That's not a dig on men, that's more a statement about Edward as an unrealistic male character.

I also think that the AU/canon is wide-open in terms of what SM gave us. I'm not a huge fan of SM's writing style, but she did an amazing job creating this world and there is so much "implied canon" left to explore.

From DazzlexxMe:
What is your favorite chapter of ALE?
LolaShoes: I will be honest - I'm probably my harshest critic so can find fault with almost any chapter. I love chapters 24, 33 and 34. There are many more chapters that I have a hard time reading because I either don't think they're well-written or don't think they are all that compelling, but I do love those three.

From AccentOnLife:
I’d love to know what inspired the dual track of Lola’s MYMN. As a writer myself, I thought that idea was absolutely brilliant!
LolaShoes: Thank you! My sister wanted me to re-write the end of NM, and instead of just writing it her way (My No), I also wanted to write Bella reacting as I had at first - happy to see Edward and wanting them to be okay even knowing that things weren't just okay. In order to do that, I had to find a good reason for her to take him back immediately (My Yes), one that I thought really resonated with myself as I remember feeling at 18. In canon, she takes him back presumably because she immediately understands why he left and forgives him. That felt a little too neat and wise, given the previous anvils labeled with "Bella-does-not-think-she-deserves-Edward" that had been slammed over our heads. So, I wrote one Bella who wants to forgive him because she loves him but is truly broken and wants to think that will heal with time, and another Bella that isn't sure they ever wanted the same thing and needs to find a way to forgive him despite his betrayal.

I wanted to see how each of these reactions could end up at the same place & whether I could convince myself that MYMNward could become Blissward. I have to admit, I had more fun writing MYMN than I thought I would. It was originally just a little side-project between ALE and the sequel, but it really took over.

Standard Perv Pack Questions:

Do you have any tattoos?
LolaShoes: Nope. Piercings, but no tatts.

What is your favorite sexual position?
LolaShoes: Doggy for spanks, missionary for smooches.

What is your favorite FF ever?
LolaShoes: The Submissive, and no, I'm not just saying that. I have literally read it more times than I can count. It's actually a bit obsessive. Funny thing - the first time I read it I was ridiculously hung over. I mean, like, wanting to die hung over (yes, this was pre-pregnancy). I took my best friend out for her 40th birthday and we spent $700 on dinner for three of us. Most of that was wine. Ridiculously expensive, delicious wine. Our other friend ended up hooking up with our tatted, ex-surfer waiter, I think I ate about 1/4 of the amazing food on my plate (the waiters were literally feeding us bites of food - it was like a public orgy, I'm not even kidding), and I drank like a fish. Favorite thing ever: the next day, Bestie's brother saw her and said, "So this is what 40 looks like? Rugged." Don't know why but that makes me laugh every time I think of it. Anyway, I spent the entire next day moaning in bed (not in the fun way) and reading the Submissive. Even with the whole wanting-to-die thing and the fact that I basically had to press my face to my iPhone screen to make out the words, I could not stop reading. It still affects me every time I read it. There is so much canon embedded in that story, it's mindblowing.
tarasueme: I love you, Lo. You had me at, "I was ridiculously hung over."

What is the hardest part about writing FF?
LolaShoes: Finding a balance between Fic Life and Real Life. I wish someone could tell me what it is about this world that just sucks you in, but for awhile I would literally put the kid to bed at 8 and write until 2am, drag hubs to bed and attack him, and then fall asleep around 3. It was insane. I wrote LYLS in 19 days and at first was posting ALE almost every day. Once I got pregnant (probably even if I hadn't gotten knocked up) I just couldn't keep up the pace. But I think because started out with that kind of routine, I constantly feel like I'm not "doing" enough and the funny thing is that this is a hobby and we don't get paid for it, so I really don't know where that guilt comes from because it's not productive at all. The PMs telling me that I'm not updating fast enough play perfectly into my neurosis because I already feel that way.
tarasueme: Wait a minute, you wrote LYLS in 19 DAYS?
LolaShoes: I know, right? Oh to have that energy and drive again. ::sigh:: But didn't you update TS daily??
tarasueme: I updated the first 20 odd chapters every Monday through Friday. Still that took longer than 19 days.

Do people in RL know you write fanfiction?
LolaShoes: A few do, and to be honest, I kind of envy the people who have kept it a complete secret. I have a career, supervise a team of young scientists, am a mom, wife, and am 35 years old....and yet I write fanfic based on a YA novel. Everyone reading this understands that scenario and many of you are just like me. But my friends who watch PBS and read The New Yorker while I'm spending my free time writing Twilight fanfic are the ones who probably relate a little less to this as my "release". My obsession with vampires was "cool" when it was about classic novels. Twilight? Not so much. Even friends and family who've read and loved Twilight probably don't understand why this is such a big part of my free time, and it's hard to explain that it's more than just the stories, it's the community, too.

If I looked under your bed right now, what would I find?
LolaShoes: Our crazy cat that lives under there and rarely comes out during the day. A box of photographs and old letters. Probably a few socks I've been looking for. If you're wondering where the toys are, they're in the drawer next to the bed ::wink::

If you use toys, what is your favorite?
LolaShoes: I like the dolphin vibe for it's simplicity, bullet vibes for their size. Plugs are a must in any toybox. I'd say those three get regular use in the Shoe's household. I really like the simple toys, things that just enhance what we do, but I don't need the gigantic four foot long vibrating vacuum-cleaner-looking things. Really, just give me some vibrations and my Mr. Shoes naked and I'm all set.

Do you currently have more than one sex partner?
LolaShoes: Yes, Mr. Shoes and Rob. I'm a lucky woman.

Questions for tarasueme:

LolaShoes: Given our styles, I'm half expecting my questions to be longer than your answers. So, let's start out basic: what made you pick up Twilight in the first place?
tarasueme: In April 2008, A family member told me I should read it. I looked at her a bit funny, because while I read a lot, at that time, I didn't read Young Adult and I didn't read vampires. But I knew she wasn't a big reader, so if she said it was good, I believed her. I ordered it off Amazon that weekend and well, you know the rest. I must say, reading TWILIGHT opened up an entire new world of YA fiction for me. Since finishing, I've found other excellent YA novels: Harry Potter, THE HUNGER GAMES/CATCHING FIRE, PERFECT CHEMISTRY by Simone Elkeles, and my son and I are currently reading THE LIGHTNING THIEF series together.

LolaShoes: One thing you've mentioned is that you wrote The Submissive as a way to stretch yourself as a writer and to see if you could write smut (answer: uh, yeah, you can). But why a D/s story? It seems like a pretty advanced place to start, given the complexity of the relationship.
tarasueme: My stories are always based on things I want to read. When I started The Submissive, there was very little D/s TWILIGHT fanfic. Edward always seemed like a natural Dominant to me, and once I had the idea in my head, the story just played out for me. I saw them in his office, I heard him in his bedroom that first night. Were there times I thought to myself, "Uh, tara, you're in for it now?" Absolutely, yes. Still think that to myself, truth be told.

LolaShoes: What is your favorite chapter you've written? Which chapter was the hardest? (Everyone would guess Chapter 10 TD, but is that true?)
tarasueme: You know, I don't think I could pick a favorite, it'd be like trying to decide which child I like better. I like most of them, but for different reasons. The hardest was actually TS Chapter 10, I still remember sitting in front of my computer thinking, "I just can't do this."
LolaShoes: Which is a very Domward reaction, but not a Bella reaction. She bucked up and got through it. Do you feel like you relate to him better in some ways, or was it simply that the "first punishment" that was hard for all three of you?
tarasueme: Excellent observation! Yes, I related much better to Domward in that scene. Huh. But, yes, I think the first punishment was harder for all three of us. What I've done so far in TT? Not so much.

LolaShoes: You covered a lot of previously uncovered ground from TS with TD, but one night I am beyond curious about is the Saturday night between Chapters 11 and 12. It's still so early for them but I'm fascinated with how that night went after the hot tub, after Bella napped, after he cooked her a sweet dinner, and before the accident. Do you love me? Will you write it? (hee)
tarasueme: Both characters were completely silent on that night, weren't they? I'm not even sure what happened, but now that you bring it up, I'm horribly curious myself.

LolaShoes: You had to know this question was coming from me...I started reading your stories a little late into the game and was thrilled to see your fic exploring anal sex in a rational way. It had been one of my biggest pet peeves when reading other stories. You know the ones: the guy just slides on in and everything is great and everyone is moaning in pleasure immediately. I especially love the scenes where the girl comes from that alone. What was your reason for really taking the time to build up to that the way you did? Did you feel that it was something that necessarily would be included in a relationship like theirs? Or do you think it says something larger about intimacy and trust that you wanted to touch upon?
tarasueme: I think it was a little of both. I started preparing my readers, if you will, very early in The Submissive. I knew a lot of readers had doubts about it. I think I got PMs and reviews the first time it was hinted at. I knew I had to take it slow for the readers, but on the other hand, the preparation was also a part of Edward's character. He wouldn't have gone about it any other way.

LolaShoes: When The Training is done, do you see yourself writing anything else Twilight-related?
tarasueme: I really want to collaborate with MsKathy and there's this other story idea that's been pinging at me for some time. . .
LolaShoes: Oh, do tell, you naughty little tease.
tarasueme: Hee hee. Let's just say, it's totally unlike anything I've written before.

LolaShoes: I started The Submissive when you were at Chapter 35 or so, but it's my understanding that you updated almost daily with that fic. With The Dominant, it was usually weekly or, in a good week (for us), twice a week. Same with TT. With TS, did you feel like the story was bursting to come out? Did you feel like it took over your life for a bit and you ended up stepping back with TD and TT?
tarasueme: TS was easier to write for a number of reasons, I did feel the story so strongly, it was bursting to come out. And BPOV is so much easier to write. Now, even though I'm writing BPOV some, it's still taking longer simply because I work so hard to make it right.

LolaShoes: What's one of the hottest things you've read in fanfiction?
tarasueme: I'm going to be honest here, Lo. I've really surprised by how much I've enjoyed slash.

LolaShoes: One thing that I see in various forms in the Ficdom is the idea that smutty stories lack substance. This particular piece of "feedback" is always disturbing because I think a real story can be told through sexual intimacy, it just needs to be done carefully. I feel that you do that beautifully (sorry, Chris Farley moment but I swear the question is coming). Even given the subject matter, I find that there is so much canon embedded in TS/TD, it's unbelievably rich. And the character development...gah, I could go on and on. I'm curious, though: have you ever heard that your stories are "too smutty"?
tarasueme: I've heard just about everything about my stories. I have, on occasion, been told my stories have too much sex. I have, on occasion, agreed.

LolaShoes: The popularity of your stories has made you a big figure in Twilight fanfiction. You also write original fiction, did that long before you wrote fanfiction, in fact. How do you view your relationship to the fandom, and do you think writing Twilight fanfiction has helped you develop as a writer?
tarasueme: Loaded question, I could go on and on about what I've learned, but I think the biggest for me has been a growing confidence in my voice.
LolaShoes: Hm... in what sense is the question loaded? I honestly love to think about how this particular story has helped you stretch other types of stories you've written.
tarasueme: I'm a sparse writer, as I think everyone can see and I've always viewed that as fault, something to overcome. My first original fiction was around 80,000 words. One agent I submitted to, sent it back and said, "I like this, but send it to me again when you've added 10,000 words." I never sent it back. To this day I'm at a loss as to what to add. I sent the manuscript to my betas and asked, "What can I do? Where can I add?" No one had any ideas. You know, maybe this is why reviews telling me my chapters are too short annoy me the way they do - where? Where could I have added more?

And if my current original fiction doesn't work out, I'm thinking about trying my hand at romance.

LolaShoes: I know I've asked you this in private but I think it's an interesting style question so bear with me:

I will admit to being fascinated with your writing style in part because it contrasts so starkly with my own (read: Blabber Yammer Lo). You have a way of being succinct and very simple (i.e. you rarely use anything other than "he/she/I said" or "he/she/I asked" for dialogue) and this ultimately works perfectly both for Bella's and Edward's personalities. Do you write freely/more verbose and cut out details to keep it simple or do you write in this style from the get-go?
tarasueme: I write that way from the get-go. I think it's a product of my original fiction. Most of the time when you pick up a published book, the dialogue tags are "he/she/I said" Of course, most original fiction is also between 70,000 and 110,000 words, so you're limited. But yes word choice is important, as is cutting out unnecessary words. Why use, "Edward said with a sigh" when you can say, "he sighed?" See how I just cut three totally unnecessary words? Do it enough, it becomes second habit. Besides, most of the time, you're either sighing or saying, you're not doing both.
::Lola goes back to find 100K unnecessary words in ALE::

LolaShoes: The other result of your writing style is that it is at once satisfying and appetizing; that is, I never feel like I'm ready for the chapter to be done. Only in maybe two chapters have I felt at the end as though "I can relax and feel sated for awhile." As a fellow author, I know what the "update soon" reviews feel like and yet I find myself resisting pinging you on gchat and begging you to tell me what's next. How do you feel to have so much pressure to update? Does it ever actually slow you down and/or block you?
tarasueme: I feel a lot of pressure to update and I always feel really, really bad when I can't. Yes, the pressure does get to me sometimes and hinders my writing. I always feel the need to make my newest chapter the biggest and the best and the most exciting, and well, that's a lot for a chapter to live up to.

Questions for tarasueme from around the Fandom:

From FloridaChickie:
When looking at the checklists for B&E, is there any hard limit you wish they didn't have so you could write about it?
tarasueme: No, I get nervous about writing everything, so I'm glad they have a few things marked I don't have to worry about.
LolaShoes: Conversely, is there anything you have as a "like a lot" or "willing to try" that make you anxious when you consider writing it?
tarasueme: Damn near everything, Lo. Damn near everything.

What has been the most difficult thing to convey to your readers?
tarasueme: BDSM is not abuse or rape. It's completely consensual.

What is the most common question you get asked that you would like to set the record straight on, right here, right now?
tarasueme: Yes, people actually do this in real life. And no, I'm not tby789.

You have said you have no hands-on experience in the BDSM scene. Do you ever wish you could go 'undercover' to a play party and see/experience it for yourself?
tarasueme: Oh, I'd love to go undercover and experience it myself. Yes and please.
LolaShoes: Unf. Tell me about it.

From hazeleyes29:
I have always wondered whether Tara always intended for the safeword in TS to be a naughty "fake" safeword or whether, as she learned more about the subject matter she realized it was an unsafe-safeword and wove that into the storyline.
tarasueme: I knew from the start of the story that the safeword was a relationship ender and that Bella would use it over emotional issues. To be honest, I had Chapter 30 and 31 of TS written before Chapter 10. The picture of Bella walking out on Edward was one I always had in my head. As was the picture of him, sitting at the table alone, listening to the front door close.
::Lola clutches her heart as it chokes::

I have basically the same question about the aftercare for Chapter 10. Did she realize after writing it that it was bad of Edward not to do it and then she fixed it in TD? Or was it part of the plan all along.
tarasueme: See for me, one of the absolute joys of writing is letting your characters take over and letting them do things you can't imagine happening. Take for instance Chapter 11 of TS. It wasn't until a reader pointed it out that I noticed Bella didn't talk at all. When I first heard that, I couldn't believe it - she had been so loud in my head. But go back. She doesn't talk at all. Had I gone into the chapter thinking, "Bella's not going to talk" I probably couldn't have pulled it off. Because I let my character lead, it came out beautifully. So, yes, Edward knew what he was doing was wrong in regards to the aftercare, he did come to her door that night, remember? I just didn't know the why until I got into his head.

From gkkstitch:
Since you've said that you do not live a BDSM lifestyle, how do you research the scenes?
tarasueme: Books and websites help, but a lot of it comes from my head. And I owe a lot to MsKathy who is always willing to answer any, "is this possible" and "does this make sense" question. She's also quick to tell me when I'm doing something unsafe.

Loved the novelty of the author interviewing the characters. Where did the idea come from and will you continue it sometimes in The Training?
tarasueme: At the end of TD 8, Edward's playing piano and he decides to call the composition, "Bella's Song." When I wrote that down, I actually had a little argument with Edward in my head. I thought it was too early in the story for him to call her Bella. He disagreed. I wondered if the readers would like to hear my argument, so I posted it on Twilighted. It was a hit and I started the interviews. I hope to interview them again at some point.

When Bella described her image of Peter before meeting him for the first time in "The Training", she basically described the stereotype (probably the one we all have from various porn). But when she described the look of utter devotion on Peter's face, that was a completely new insight. Where did that notion come from?
tarasueme: I think it came from me hopping in Peter's head for a minute and feeling what he felt when he looked at Charlotte. It also came from being in Edward's head so often and knowing what he felt when he looked at Bella.

Are there really such things as BDSM parties where doms and subs discuss their lifestyles, preferences, checklists, new toys?
tarasueme: Yes, but I'll point to my disclaimer and refrain from giving details.

Is "aftercare" a real thing?
tarasueme: Yes, but aftercare can be as much or as little as the Dom and sub need/want. Again, I'll point to my disclaimer as I'm not the one to be giving out information on this topic.

The most unusual aspect of the BDSM relationship that has become your trademark is the issue of trust -- not TRUTH, but trust... Trust from a sub that their Dom will always keep their well-being foremost in their mind is the easier angle to accept. How does trust play out for the Dom in your opinion? I'm sure it's a lot deeper and more meaningful than simply trusting their sub isn't faking orgasm.
tarasueme: The way I see it, if the sub trusts the Dom to push limits, the Dom has to have trust that the sub will safeword if needed. There wasn't much of that in TS or TD, Edward knew he couldn't push Bella's limits. But in TT, now that the trust is there and the communication is improving. . . well, wait and see.

From ejsantry:
Now that you are on the third installment of your series, do you feel more pressure when you are writing, or do you still get the same joy from it that you did when you were writing The Submissive?
tarasueme: I feel a hell of a lot more pressure. Each chapter I put up, I think to myself, "this will be the one they figure out I can't write." The pressure to make it better and better is huge and overwhelming at times. But yes, I still get the same joy. It's always a rush to hear what others think. What they pick up on. Conversely, what they didn't like.

If you could have one room in Domward's home as a part of your own, which would you choose, and why?
tarasueme: I want his library. Badly.

From Twifection:
Will E & B explore cane play? No, not candy canes!
tarasueme: *evil grin* I've thought about it.

How long will TT be?
tarasueme: Well, my original outline was 30 chapters, but the first weekend was also only supposed to last three chapters and you see how well that turned out. Original fiction should be between 70,000 and 110,000 words, so with that in mind, I'll say TT will probably be too damn long.

Is Tara going to do love, marriage & baby carriages (either with TT or with another story)?
tarasueme: I have no babies in the outline at present and yes, I do have a wedding coming - Emmett and Rose's.

Will this be the last Domward & Subella fic that Tara writes? Or will the story continue after TT?
tarasueme: I don't have any plans to continue the story after TT. Right now, my outline takes us to October. Chapter 13 is early June.

Quickfires from TwiSherry:

TwiSherry: What is your favorite alternative for the word "fuck"?
tarasueme: There's an alternative for "fuck"?

twisherry: What is your favorite sexual position to read about in FF?
tarasueme: I love it whenever someone's bent over something.

twisherry: What is the one thing you wish you had never read in FF?
tarasueme: Abuse as BDSM. I feel so responsible for that one.
LolaShoes: Good god, why? You've only ever portrayed Edward as responsible, accountable, and attentive.
tarasueme: Well, he wasn't always responsible and accountable. But yes, I still feel guilty whenever I see a fic labeled as BDSM and Bella's been kidnapped or raped or abused by her "Dom." *shakes head* I just don't get it.

twisherry: Is there something in FF that makes you cringe whenever you read it?
tarasueme: See above.

twisherry: Is there a pairing that you would absolutely no fucking way, read?
tarasueme: Esme and Edward. I cringed just writing that.

twisherry: What is your biggest pet peeve in real life?
tarasueme: Adults who act like bigger children than my children.

twisherry: What is something about yourself that would surprise those who know you in the fandom?
tarasueme: Hahahaha. I'm so not going to answer that one. Everything about Real Life tarasueme would surprise the fandom.

twisherry: What is your favorite non-twilight book?
tarasueme: Really? Hmmm. . . So many. I'll have to go with Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series.

twisherry: What did you do with all of your free time before Twilight?
tarasueme: I read and wrote. Not too different, actually.

twisherry: If you could change one thing besides the fade to black and/or Renesmee, what would you change in the Twilight series?
tarasueme: I'd have more Edward in Breaking Dawn.

twisherry: What part of the male body are you most drawn to visually?
tarasueme: A nice sculpted (hair-free) back. To lick or run my nails down.

From twizzmom:
Have you considered writing a boy luv Slash multi-chapter fic? Or have you considered, or have plans to include it in current or future stories?
tarasueme: Yes. And that's all I'll say about that.

Standard Perv Pack Questions:

Do you have any tattoos?
tarasueme: No.

What is your favorite sexual position?
tarasueme: I'm a missionary girl.

What is the hardest part about writing FF?
tarasueme: Putting the story up before it's finished. With original fiction, you typically get to write the manuscript at least four times before anyone sees it.

Do people in RL know you write fanfiction?
tarasueme: Oh, hell no.

If I looked under your bed right now, what would I find?
tarasueme: Nothing. Maybe a few dust bunnies, but that would be it.

Would you be in a relationship with Domward or do you have another ideal fic character that is more relationship-worthy?
tarasueme: No, I'd never take Domward away from subella, I like her too much.

Questions for Domward and suBella:

LolaShoes: Well, hello, Domward. We met not so long ago and you thought I was a crazy stalker. Now you have to sit down with me and have an actual interview. Granted, tara is here to protect you, but are you worried I might hump your leg?
Domward: tara assured me you weren’t a crazy stalker and that both me and my leg are completely safe.
LolaShoes: Hmm, I don't know about completely safe... but okay, let's carry on.

LolaShoes: This question is for Bella. After watching Charlotte with Peter, would you like to scene for someone else with Edward?
Bella: I’ll admit, the idea has more appeal to me after watching Charlotte and Peter. I don’t think I’m ready to go as far as they did, but I can see it happening at some point in the future.
tara: Hold up, what? I don’t have that in my outline.
Bella: Chill out. I said, some point in the future, not the next chapter.
tara: *grumble, grumble, grumble* Crazy characters always have to go mess everything up.

LolaShoes: Same question for Edward, I just wanted to hear her answer first. ::winks:: Would you like to scene in front of someone with Bella? If so, who?
Domward: You okay, tara? You look at bit -
tara: I’m fine. Go on and answer the question, I’ll be over here taking notes. *pulls out pen and notebook*
Domward: Would I like to play in front of someone? Maybe one day when we’ve been together longer? Absolutely. Remember, not everything in BDSM has to do with penetrative sex.
LolaShoes: Can you elaborate on that a little? What do you envision. ::props hands on chin and holds breath::
Domward: Well, without giving anything away, there are ways to play that don't involve penetration. Remember how Bella and I went out in public while we visited Peter and Charlotte? Or maybe a few years down the road, Bella and I could help another couple starting out - the way Peter and Charlotte helped us.
tara: A few years? Dude, The Training outline runs through October - you've got four months, not years.
Domward: Just because we do it, doesn't mean you have to write about it.
tara: Good, because like I said above, The Training is it. No more.

LolaShoes: Bella, when you watched Peter and Charlotte, it seemed like there were so many things that struck you: the beauty in her submission, the look in his eyes. But also things like the flogger, Peter spanking Charlotte while using a vibrator on her, the pulley and rope system, kissing Peter's feet, crawling to the table instead of walking. Which of those things did you feel you wanted to try and which felt less appealing?
Bella: Edward and I actually talked about the things I saw that I’d like to try as well as those things that didn’t so much look appealing. I think you’ll be seeing some of that in future chapters. And I think the outcomes surprised us both.

LolaShoes: Edward, are you working up to different rituals with Bella in the playroom, such as crawling, kissing your feet, etc? Or when you say that you plan to push her harder, are you referring more to using new implements, asking her to go longer before orgasm, greater self-restraint rather than outward symbols of submission?
Domward: I want to experience new things with Bella, so yes, I think it’s safe to say the readers will see feet kissing and crawling at least once. And yes, I do plan to use different implements and will require more self-restraint. I want Bella to experience it all.

LolaShoes: Edward, why did you use a blindfold in the scene with Peter and Charlotte? What do you think she would have missed if she had been watching?
Domward: Firstly, I knew Bella was nervous about watching someone play. Especially someone she considered a friend. I thought blindfolding her would help ease that nervousness. And I knew that if she wasn’t blindfolded, she might get caught up in the mechanics of sex. Let’s face it, we’re all grownups. We all know how sex happens – the focus, for both Bella and the reader, needed to be what was behind the sex.

LolaShoes: In the first scene in the playroom in TT, Bella moans and you tell her that you are starting to think she doesn't really want this (meaning to get back into the D/s roles). Was that a true feeling in the moment, or something you said because you knew it would communicate your disappointment?
Domward: I said that to communicate my disappointment. I knew she wanted to get back into our roles - we had talked about it at length. I think that small bit of communication from me probably hurt her more than the actual punishment did.

Questions for Domward & suBella from around the Fandom:

From raizie:
Bella, you seem to have entered the lifestyle more because of your curiosity about Edward than a drive for submission. Edward has described you as a "natural sub" and knew that, even without him, that urge would remain. Do you think that if you and Edward ever split, you would seek out another Dom?
Bella: I think my submissive nature was within me all along. I hadn't had sex for a very long time before Edward and I got together. I think that was mostly due to not being satisfied with "normal." *takes Edward's hand* And while it did hurt when he said he would give me the names of other Doms, I did come to understand why he did it. Would I have asked him for another Dom? No, but I believe I would have found someone else on my own eventually.

Again for Bella, while we see Edward's natural dominance in his every day life, you do not seem "submissive". This also struck you when you met Charlotte, you expected her to be more timid. Do you think someone meeting you for the first time, knowing only that you are Edward's submissive, would be surprised?
Bella: Probably. After all, the only people in our lives that really know are Rose, Alice, and Jasper. I don't think anyone seeing us out in public, even on a weekend, would know the true nature of our relationship. It's just an idea I had in my brain that Charlotte would appear submissive somehow. To see that she wasn't - well, it opened my eyes a lot. And I think the people I work with would be shocked as hell to discover I was anyone's submissive.

From twizzmom:
We've heard more about SuBella's hard limits than yours. Spill a few.
Domward: I gave tara those checklists months ago. Didn't she post them?
tara: Yes, I posted them. They're on my blog
Domward: Excellent. My hard limits are either things that don't excite me, like body fluids and animal play, or things that are too dangerous in my opinion, like breath play or cutting.
LolaShoes: ::whispers:: Does anyone else get excited when Domward uses the phrase "excite me"?

Domward and suBella answer Perv Pack questions:

Do you have any tattoos?
Domward: No.
Bella: No.

What is your favorite sexual position?
Domward: Mmm. So many to choose from. I like taking Bella from behind, when she’s under me, and I can feel and play with her body. Then there’re the times I take her face-to-face, when I can see her eyes. When we’re as close as two people can possibly be and she puts her arms around me and I can watch her eyes as we come together. But I also love it when she’s on top and riding me, when she takes complete control of our movements. . .
Bella: *flustered* Uh, what was the question?
::loud thud as Lola falls to the floor::

If I looked under your bed right now what would I find?
Domward: There better not be anything. If there is, my housekeeper’s fired.
Bella: Which bed are we talking about?

For those of you that use 'toys', which is your favorite?
Domward: I only get to pick one? Let's see, there's the -
Bella: Riding crop.
Domward: I was going to answer first, love.
Bella: I know, but you were probably going to do what you did with favorite sexual position - list out every damn toy you have, which would take hours, by the way, then extol the virtues of each one. Detailing its use. How I react. How you react. You'd finish up and I'd be a heap of quivering goo. So I took matters into my own hands and answered first. Besides, tara would probably like for you to stick with the toys you've used up through TT Chapter 12.
Domward: Oh, of course. In that case, I'll go with the nipple clamps.

Do you currently have more than 1 sex partner?
Domward: *puts arm around Bella* Just the one.
Bella: Same here.

That's it for this week folks. I'm sad to see these two lovely ladies be done.

Next week's Author Interview is myself, manyafandom and herinfiniteeyes.


MsKathy said...

First, wow, longest interview ever.

Second, thank you both for sharing so much. Even I was surprised by how much I learned about each of you.

Thanks for doing this for the PP! It was a delight to read.

lolaphilologist/ philadelphic said...

Yay, two of my all time favorite authors talking to each other! Nice job, ladies.

Anonymous said...

KristenLynn here, and I"m having trouble with my Google account on this site, so excuse the anon tag...

Wow... more science researchers? I'm beginning to feel like I am in some amazing company. Seriously, though, I am amazed by the number of science chicks that I have met through the fandom, completely surprised by the fact that I am not the only one. I am so glad to know that we geeky types are so appreciated by others! Maybe it's our attention to detail, to being able to describe things succintly that translates so well.

Looking forward to reading more of these great author's works...



Brooke Lockart said...

Great interviews ladies!!!

I was pleasantly surprised about how much I learned about Lo, as we are twitter lovers and I annoy her on the regular thru chat.

Lo, I think you forgot to mention how you're writing the Brooke story after THW, you know, where she finally gets some. Or the other 3,000 ideas that I throw at you daily.

Tara, I probably told you this over twitter, but TS was my first fan fic EVER. After I figured out that Edward wasn't secretly hiding the fact that he was a vamp, I was hooked. I think this story even made me late to my own birthday dinner.

Lots of love ladies, lots of love.

Jessedholm said...

*clapping and squealing with excitement* What a fabulous interview!!
Lola: you discovered twilight after me! I am amazed! I consider myself such a "baby" when it comes to twilight because i didn't pick up the first book until november 08. That was one surprise. The other surprise was how fast you wrote LYLS! Amazing. I want to thank your sister for requesting the rewrite of the end of New Moon. The bound copy if MYMN I bought for FGB has a permanent home on my nightstand. I adore every word. You say you obsessed about the submissive...well in the same way (if not worse) I obsessed about MYMN.

Tara: I adore your writing style...its succinct yet flows perfectly. I adore that. You shouldn't change a thing. I would love to read more of your writing. No one has written D/s in the ficdom as well as you have. I can't thank you enough for the body of work you have put out. JSYK In my life, Tuesdays are all about you. Even my husband reads your fics....TS TD and TT are the only bit of twific I have ever gotten him to read. He actually asks me if you've updated! I can't get him to review though...sorry.

I love you both and can't thank you enough for all the pleasure your writing has brought to my life. I put you both on my imaginary fic writers pedestal of greatness. There aren't many on my pedestal so for me it's so appropriate that you interview each other. Again, fabulous interview. There is no greater pleasure for a reader than to be able to peak into their fav authors brains.

raizie said...

Great interview. I loved learning so much about you both, as well as your stories. Longest interview ever, huh? Well, like with Lola and Tara's fics, I can't seem to get enough. I'm on permanent "love day" mode with both these girls.

By the way, I have a friend who I finally convinced to read the Twi Saga books, and now she's totally depressed that it's over. Heh, heh, heh...I just pointed her to Blondie's DSotM, and when that's done, LYLS - here she comes!

I give it three months before she becomes Domward's bitch!