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A Rough Start by ItzMegan73

A Rough Start





Overnight irresponsible Edward goes from bachelor to father of a 5 yr old. Meanwhile responsible, prepared Bella begins her first job as Kindergarten teacher at Forks Elementary. When irresponsible meets the epitome of responsible, sparks will fly!

A Note: We couldn't decide on a rating for this week because there were simply too many little things we could have picked; racecar beds, blankies, apples for Ms. Swan, hotel room wanks, Anthony giggles, coloring pictures, purple missiles, etc...

Like Erica, this is one of about 5 stories that I read as soon as I get the update notice for it. I love it for so many reasons. First, can I tell you how refreshing it is to read about an Edward that actually has to *gasp* work. . . and not as a doctor? It's so nice to see him struggle with normal things. I mean, don't get me wrong...I love the CEOs and the Edwards in scrubs and the independently wealthy ones that can spend all day feeing Bella strawberries in bed. But, there is something so real and relatable about seeing a blue collar Edward. Besides that . . . um, who doesn't love a Daddyward? In the beginning, when Anthony was thrown in Edward's lap, I'm not gonna lie, he did a lot of stupid shit. He messed up; he was a little bit of an idiot. He acted like a guy who had never been around kids before. But that's another of the things I love about this story - we've been able to watch him grow and evolve. And watching him grow into the role of being a daddy is fucking hot as hell.

Another of my favorite things in this fic in Bella, especially the relationship between her and Anthony. Like AJ said, she really does reflect canon Bella beautifully - yet the author gives us enough subtle differences to make Bella her own. She has this sort of quiet, unassuming nature about her, but she will go all Mama Bear on your ass if you fuck with her cub (even though he's technically not hers). I love her drive and her fierce loyalty to her friends and especially to Edward.

Within the story, we get a glimpse at real life. We get to see relationships, as well as people evolve. We get to see loads and loads of UST sprouting up all over the place. And, we even get a little mystery (I have my own suspicions about Edward's mother, but that's all I'll say so I don't ruin it for the peeps that haven't read yet!). This fic has a little bit of everything and as much as I can't wait until Bella and Edward actually seal the deal and move forward with their relationship, I'm actually going to miss all the awkward pussy-footing around each other.

This is a fabulous, believable story and I love the authenticity and rawness of it.

4.5 out of 5 . . .

What's this? The Perv Packs Smut Shack reccing a story with no real smut yet? Yup. You read that correct!!!! But this story has sexual tension and deffo desires there - we just know that when the sex hits - its going to be epic. EPIC!

I am in absolute love with this story. I kid you not. I adore it. This Edward? PHWOAR? He's yummy, delicious & oh so flawed. He is REAL. He struggles with money. He struggles with maintaining relationships of any sort. Save from a couple of good friends - all his relationships are transitionary. Until along comes Anthony. Traumatised, lost, and very very wee, Anthony is the son he never knew he had. Edward with a shitty flat & a hard job finds it so very hard to even physically be there for Anthony - let alone be there emotionally for him. So thank heavens for Anthony's teacher - Miss Swan.

She is a natural with him and inadvertently pushes ALL of Edward's buttons! :) They fight, & fight, as Bella touches on everyone of Edward's insecurities. . But as we all know sparks and tension means there is much more going on under the surface. But these 2 do not make it easier for each other. They connect in a really deep way, but Edward's problems get in the way. These problems range from work, his difficulties with Anthony, his mysterious past, his lack of money, his insecurities - (he & Rosalie don't believe he is good enough, or the right kind of guy for Bella) and an annoying ex girlfriend Vicki who is hell bent on getting her claws back into Edward. Grrrrrr.

Yes Edward at the beginning of this is not a good day. He tries but really fails. Its suggested/hinted that he's had no good parenting of his own to model, and without Bella he has no clue, he's scared and confused. But poor wee Anthony needs his dad. They find their way into a better place - Edward works hard. Not just at work but also as a Dad. We and Bella get to see an improved Edward. .. . This Edward is perfect for Bella. Bella in canon has never been happy with lots of flash cash, feeling insecure about her own intelligence or status. This Edward is a perfect match for Bella - she's homely, down to earth, loves kids, is hard working, and wants to take care of others and have that warmth waiting for her. Edward could perfectly match her.

I said this before but this Edward is hot. His trip away from home for training = HOT! His race back to Anthony & Bella make him even hotter. He's gritty, not suave, not perfect, ripped, hard-working, honest and true, oh and hot! :)

I am all a buzz to the different theories particularly relating to his past and his mother. I just hope they don't get in the way of Bella & Edward & Anthony becoming the family they deserve (& I SO FUCKING HOPE) to be. I pounce on any new update. I can't wait for each update! :)

I rate it 5 sawmills out of 5. So when the sex hits proper? 10 out of 5. :)

So, there's not much to add after all my co-horts have had their say, but I'm gonna anyway. Just a warning, be prepared for some heavy duty fangirling to follow. It's no secret that I love this story and ItzMegan's other ongoing The Cannabean Betrothal. That story and this are on a very short list of drop everything and read fics. As a matter of fact, I read TCB update before coming to write my ARS review. Don't worry though, I won't get the two mixed up, they are so different from each other that it's not possible.

Hmm...where to start? Lets talk about Bella first. This Bella is a saint, with a wicked temper if brought to that point and the patience of a fucking angel. Seriously, I don't think I could be as patient as Bella has been with Edward. It's her compassion and simple all around goodness that allows her to be there for both Anthony and Edward without taking over and handling the situation herself. She loves children and in particular Anthony, because of the circumstances that brought him into her classroom and life. She's instantly in love with Anthony, and curious and concerned about Edward and his ability to parent. As she learns more about Anthony and Edward she is drawn to them, not out of pity, but out of genuine feelings and the need to help and be there for them. She feels the sizzle or an attraction to Edward, putting it on the back burner as he gets his shit together. I can't wait till they can fully explore this thing between them.

Now Edward. What I like most about this Edward is that he's the everyman. He's not beyond gorgeous, or super-duper smart or fabulous. Not saying that he's a dummy or anything, just that he's just a dude, an average everyday joe. He works at a lumber mill, struggling to make ends meet, hanging out with his friends drinking beer and watching sports. It's alluded that he didn't have the best childhood ever (so can't wait to get the nitty gritty on this). He finds out that he has a son and that said son is now his responsibility. To say it's an upheaval to his life is putting it mildly. Edward simply knows NOTHING about kids and what to do. He stumbles and struggles with Anthony, but I think he's getting the hang of what it is to be a father. Thank Fuck! Edward and Anthony still have a long road ahead of them, but I can't wait to read about their journey to get their. Edward is drawn to Bella, just like Anthony is. He's attracted to her, but pushes it aside to focus on his son, but it's always there in the back of his mind.

Awww, the third person in this configuration, Anthony. I usually hate little kids in ff. I think they end up being cockblocks and caricatures of what kids are perceived as. But Anthony seems real. I don't know if ItzMegan has kids, but she writes Anthony naturally. He acts and behaves like a real 5-6 year old little boy would. Trust, I know, I have a 5yo boy. Anthony for all that he's been through seems to be handling things okay. He has a natural attachment to Ms. Swan and it's obvious that he cares for her more than he does Edward. But that could be Edward's fault for not knowing how to relate to a a kid. I hope he and Edward have a heart to heart soon, le sigh.

Notice I haven't said a word about smut or sex or physical relations. Well, that's because there aren't any yet. There's been a few kisses. Oh Boy, the first kiss was a humdinger! There's also been a brief wank on Eddie's part. hehe. Even without smut yet, ARS is full of UST. It's always there under the surface of all of Edward and Bella's interactions, humming with it. Let's just say when these two finally do the deed it's going to be explosive to say the least. Oh Boy, I can't wait!

Like Nina, I think about this story often. I have so many questions; what's up with Esme? Emmett & Rose? Will Vicki make another appearance? Will Anthony ever call Edward Dad? Simply, I love this story and recommend it to anyone who will listen. ItzMegan has crafted a beautiful tale, with full characterizations and a simple but lush narrative which has given it a permanent spot on my Top 5. Le sigh.

5 out of 5 from moi.

A Rough Start is a realistic look at a new young (24) dad struggling to find his way. Edward isn't a new dad in that his significant other has just had a baby – he's inherited a kindergartener, Anthony. An ex-girlfriend from some time ago was killed and now Edward is insta-daddy.

I can't lie, the first chapters were hard for me to read. I just wanted to smack Edward and remind him that it's just a kid, not some giant mystery, but I think that added to the “realness” of this story. Any young, single guy who hasn't had much experience with kids (and as we later find out, probably didn't have the most ideal childhood himself), would probably be entirely clueless about what to do with a little boy.

Bella is Anthony's teacher, and her friendship with Edward grows slowly. In the most recent chapters, there are some steamy hot kisses, and of course, Edward's hotel wank moment. I'm honestly looking forward to seeing where the characters go from here, because I can't tell where the author will take this.

I've got so many unanswered questions that I'm curious about at this point – what will happen with Rose and Emmett, what's the deal with Edward's mom, and what will happen with Bella?

4 out of 5.

I'm late to the ItzMegan love fest. Why? Because, I'm an ass and didn't listen to Hopey when she said to read "The Tutor" when she started it way back when. Then when she said "Why aren't you reading ARS?" I figured okay. I'll give it a whirl.

Damn you Hopey (and Megan by default ;)

I don't 'think' about fics outside of reading them, or at least not often. Thoughts of ARS hit me at random times throughout the day and it drives me insane (in a good way). This story, these characters are so far embedded beneath my skin I can't shake them. My nephew has a racecar bed that I want to take out back and burn so it doesn't remind me of ARS. My husband's favorite pasta dish (NOT KIDDING) is fucking manicotti. Get the fuck out of my head/life Megan! haha. I'm kidding. I can't explain it either other than I crave updates. And there's no smut... I'm waiting for the apocalypse.

Bluecollarward never appealed to me. Yes, I can appreciate a hard workin' man, covered in grease and sweat, callouses and muscles, a wife beater and... what? Oh yeah, that's right I was stating what an asshole I am for not reading more hard workin'ward fics. JFC.

Anyhoo, I don't 'do' angst well, so I attribute the lack of reading sad, struggling fics to that. Yet, this mother fucker? Yeah, I can't stop reading it. We've got theories, we send mass emails when she updates. We weigh pros and cons to said theories and try to deduce what the fuck Megan is going to write. It's maddening in the best way possible.

So what's the deal. He's hot, struggling, a bit awkward, loyal, strong-willed and oh yeah. He's a new dad. Oh my Jesus the scene with them curled on the couch. If you didn't at least *think* awwwww, you're a shit!

Add in Bella. A Bella that I don't want to slap in the head with something heavy and blunt, it really is the apocalypse. Cue the swarms. They're little ranty dialogue is adorable and feisty and hot all at once. It's not just though what they say it's their longing gazes and awkward pauses that lend them to speak volumes without saying a word and that's a brilliantly well done job by Megan to convey it.

I had a theory about their first kiss. I was wrong. I was certain it'd be under mistletoe with Bella pushing him into the wall and having her way with him while he fumbled unknowing (for once) what to do. Since I was wrong I'm going out on a limb and say that I'd love for her to take charge. He's obviously wanting to do things differently with her since he's displaying so much atypical reluctance. So, I think ole' Bella is going to have to seduce him. And if this isn't your plan... will you write it for me anyway ahahaha. I'm not above begging :)

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the hotel wankin'. Seriously. Unf. I may have read it more than once (four times) but whatever. She writes wanking beautifully (hot).

$185 out of 5 ... from me.

I too am new to the itzmegan73 fanclub. I kept hearing amazing things about ARS, how people dropped everything to read, and would wonder about it. Never having adequate time to read though, I put it so many fics. I was so glad to find out it was our weekly rec so I could dive in. And dive I did.

At the beginning of the story, Edward is...not the most pleasant person you could imagine. He's BlueCollarWard: in constant fear of losing his job, struggling to make ends meet, and finds out he has a long lost son he now has to take care of. He is stressed to the max. And unfortunately does not know how to act under such pressure. But even during his less than stellar attitudes and reactions, I always felt like I could sympathize with him. Funny, I think this is the first male character I've done that with. Funnier still because I am very familiar with small children. Yet, reading about Edward's complete cluelessness (is that a word) over what to do with Anthony...made me ache for him. His lashing out was completely misdirected because he didn't know wtf to do. And I could totally understand that.

Bella, sweet, passionate, and surprisingly strong is instantly likable. Her immediate liking to Anthony melts my heart, especially since in the early chapters the little boy needs a strong parental figure in his life. The way she helps Edward, and goes outside her comfort zone to make sure Edward and Anthony are not without certain basic comforts is so amazing (I don't want to spill the beans on that). She still has some of the canon traits Bella is so well known for: shy, a little innocent, somewhat of a loner...but the way itzmegan73 writes it is so well done.

Then there's Anthony. He is *squee* so cute. He's suffered so much and is so alienated in this new place with a man who is supposed to be his Daddy. The way he takes to Bella is adorable. When he begs for more hugs and tells her how he can have M& melted my heart. A cuter fic child I have yet to read. There were times when I just ached for the things this little boy had to go through. And reading about his obvious excitement and joy over being called "son" by Edward? Well, I'll admit I got a bit misty eyed over here.

What I love is how realistic this fic is. Obviously, any kind of relationship with Edward and Bella will be tentative and obscure due to her being Anthony's teacher. It's not as if she's going to hop into bed with him the first minute she realizes how hot he is. The misunderstandings and angst, while frustrating, are needed IMO. And not just their relationship, but Edward's with his son, is just so captivating. To see these three weave their lives together, it's truly beautiful.

I am concerned about Rosalie and Emmett...for reasons I don't want to share in order to keep from spoiling. And Edward's mom? WTF? I'm a little (or a lot) scared over how things with that will be resolved. But these plot points are the extras that keep me sitting on my ass reading at...3:40 am (I'm soooo gonna feel like shit tomorrow). I feel like I cannot say enough great things about this fic.

There hasn't been much between these two. But what we have gotten so far is good. And by good I mean, hotelwankwardyummm. Not just that, but their first kiss, leaving them panting and trying to calm down lest the 5 year old boy get a bit weirded out! I imagine other intimacies will take time too. But I can tell that it's all leading up to something quite delicious and amazing.

4 out of 5 (and just know that once some things come out in the open and these two get a bit naked it'll be a big 5 out of 5)

I’d been meaning to read this story forever, and I’m so glad my HP duties gave me the push I needed to finally get to it. I adore this story.

The funny thing is, there are a lot of things about it that I just…shouldn’t really like. I know the ladies here love Blue Collar Edward, but that’s not usually my thing. I mean, I’m just a baby compared to most of Twifandom at 21, and the plight of the hardworking man just makes me think of my own dad most of the time, so it’s odd that I love this Edward SO much. I give the credit to the author for writing such a relatable character. For me, what usually draws me to an Edward is the incredibly maturity and sophistication of thought, but somehow, this lost and confused Edward still works for me. Perhaps it’s the hidden depth promised by his mysterious childhood, or perhaps it’s his willingness to shoulder the responsibility for everything around him. Either way, I’m hooked.

Then there’s the kid. Those that know me know that I don’t have a maternal bone in my body, or a tendon, or a muscle…you get the picture. Still, even I have to admit, Anthony is adorable. I’d even adopt him, if I could get a guarantee he would never get older.

Did I mention I love a Daddyward? I know, I just said I’m not into kids, but I am so into a Daddyward. There’s something incredibly sexy about a self-sufficient man doing ridiculous things (like making a bed for a broken puppet) for the sake of a little miniature human. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve given up fighting it.

What I think I love most about this story, however, is Bella. I’m in the minority, I know, but I love canon!Bella. To my eyes, she’s a good but normal person who is well-intentioned but makes mistakes, and it’s odd to me that readers are so willing to forgive the male characters of their flaws while condemning Bella. There are too many fics that I simply can’t stomach because the authors prefer to mold Bella into something completely different (too often, a glorified version of themselves). That said, what I love about ItzMegan73 (and she might even disagree with me on this, I don’t know) is that she translates canon!Bella incredibly well. Her Bella is so similar to the original – well-meaning, sometimes hasty in her judgments, generous, resistant to change…. I could go on and on, but I’m probably boring you already. The gist is, I love this Bella with this Edward. They’re just different enough from the original, due to the circumstances of the story, but also similar enough to recognize easily, and their incredible chemistry remains.

The oddest thing about my deep and abiding love for this story is the distinct lack of sex. Save for Edward jerking off in a hotel room (which I’m a big supporter of, by the way), there’s no sex in sight…and I’m strangely okay with that. Me, who can’t get through writing the first chapter of a story without throwing some lovin’ in. I think that speaks volumes.

Basically, I’m hooked on this story. I can’t wait to see the rest unfold, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

5 out of 5...

This is one of my "must read as soon as it updates" fics. The fact that Edward is a blue collar guy, a real man's man, makes this so original. Edward is so often written as this soft handed, intellectual, fluffy guy but this Edward is absolutely not that guy and I love it! Bella is perfect too, slightly socially inept, but very honest, intelligent and caring; a great translation of the series Bella.

And AJ is right, Daddyward is IRRESISTIBLE! Not only is he a man's man, but he's learning how to be a dad to a very sensitive little boy and it's so amazing! He wants to do it on his own and he does learn some thing the hard way. Bella as Anthony's teacher is in a precarious position, she wants to help this sweet little boy and is also attracted to his father, but their relationship doesn't get off to the best start.

The story is very real, and the angst comes across very realistic too. This isn't one of those fluff stories where there is a lot of fake angst added in for drama, all the situations ring true. AND these two have such a connection, GREAT UST, seriously. I can't even imagine how fabulous it will be when they get to that point in their relationship. It hasn't been rushed at all and I can't focus when pondering how Bella will handle having Edward's calloused masculine hands all over her...

sorry. i needed a minute. ok, well, let's just say if one could wear out a fan fic page, that it will deffo happen when these two finally have the sex. honestly.

5 out of 5...


Anonymous said...

I love this story for every reason listed. ItzMegan73 is a fantastically talented author. ARS and TCB are two of my must reads and the two stories are so different and unique. I'm awed by her talent. Glad she's getting some Pack love!

Jenifer said...

Totally agree with everything you guys have said. ARS and TCB are drop everything and read stories for me. To AmethystJackson, I'm right there with you in that minority, I love Canon Bella too, for a lot of the same reasons.

theladykt said...

i've been enjoying this story since the first chapter. great job hun.

Anonymous said...

This story is one of the best out there in fanfiction land. I love Blue Collarward and this Bella. They are just so real. And Anthony? Adorable!!!

Beth Sabatino said...

This story resonated with me, because it feels so real. The people are someone you know, and the emotions are so real. Especially Edward dealing with a child on his own all of a sudden, and not even one he has raised up to this point. I can't imagine.

ItzMegan73 is one of my fav authors in the fandom.

Obs said...

About time you peeps put this one out there----even with no perviness (yet) it's such a good read.

I think when they finally get horizontal, I'll explode.

fricnfrac said...

Argh! Work was hella today, due mainly to the fact that I stayed up until 2am absorbing every word of this story and loving every minute of it!

Then of course, when I did finally make it to bed I was pleasantly plagued with visions of Edward in tattered jeans, a pocket T-shirt, work boots, hard hat and tool belt....*sighs* needless to say, *shiver*.

Freakin fantastic read, I can't wait for more!