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I Don't Believe in Vampires by lazykate

I Don't Believe in Vampires





During a chance return to Forks, Bella Swan runs into her high school crush only to discover that things were never as they appeared. What has Edward been waiting for all this time? Originally a O/S for Things That Go Bump in the Night, now continued!


I started reading LazyKate's "I Don't Believe in Vampires" when my beta could not stop talking about it and I have now become an official ’roo stalker.

In IDBiV, LazyKate explores what it would have been like if Edward had waited until after high school to pursue Bella. This gave time for Bella to deal with her fair share of drama and grow into a strong young woman. The added maturity not only makes their relationship deeper, it also makes the lemons extra juicy. Think four years of pent up sexual frustration, a Bella who is not afraid to get what she wants and an Edward who is more than willing to give.

LazyKate does not disappoint, spoiling us with lemons that could grace the pages of Penthouse and make panties spontaneously burst into flames. With a unique storyline, well defined secondary characters, and plenty of digs against the disappointments that we all felt from the original saga, LazyKate has given us a new and refreshing alternative universe.

If you are looking for a Bella with a back bone, Rosalie that isn't a bitch, typical speed popping Alice, and an Edward that could charm the panties off a nun, look no further. LazyKate combines the maturity of adulthood, the pure eroticism of intense sexual desire, and a few wicked story twists to give us a true gem in the fanfiction world.

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This fic came into us -recc'd by a pervling - through the Naughty Librarian feature - use the thingymajigwhatsit on the side to send us your suggestion.... Anyways.. I don't Believe in Vampires came in & I got stuck in. As I have a hard-on for AU fics at the mo... IDBIV starts off quite slow. Its deffo a slow burner of a fic and you have to believe that Edward & Bella's relationship goes from zero to 100mph after they re-connect years after High School at a Cullen party. Edward in IDBIV took a LONG time to get over his blood lust for Bella... Once they meet again, can they find a way to take what they both feel further?

Bella, ( whilst crushing on Edward from afar) without having an eternal teen vamp in her life was allowed to just carry on.. But surprise - her life without a hot, sexy, devoted, possessive vamp was pretty shite! (who'd have thought it!:D) I like this idea. What would have happened to Bella without ever knowing the Cullen's? Not much actually which is why I like what Lazy Kate does. Bella is lonely and bereft, stuck in a rut as her driving force and her passion in her life does not exist... I am not saying that a woman needs love, or love of a man(Vamp) to be happy. But I do believe that love should encourage us to fulfill our potential, achieve our dreams and believe in ourselves. Love can be a motivating, protective factor in our lives and that is what I think Lazy Kate shows...

Where I really like this story though is when LazyKate does something a wee bit different than the standard - girl meets vamp & they have lots of lovely hot, balcony door breaking, mad masturbating, hot sexing (wait what was I saying?) story... Yes they have LOTS of yummy possessive, intense, MAKING-UP FOR LOST TIME SEXING! But Lazy Kate starts to develop different friendships and dynamics with the Cullens and Bella. There is a scene with Jake and the Cullen Women that I love. I think LazyKate uses the female Cullen's particularly well. She has also created a wolf pack that are much more openly aggressive, hostile and bloody untrustworthy - which I like too! :) The last few chapters in particular, the story really moves forward and I was all BLOODY HELL all over the shop - just ask Nina.. I emailed her in a tizz-waz! :)

Ok back to the sexing. BALCONY DOOR VOYEURWARD and Bed & Breakfast sexing are scenes in particular to look out for & titillate yourself with. More than once! ;) Be patient with the plot in this story, enjoy the hot sexing which starts early on in the tale (YAY!), and let the story develop naturally whilst LazyKate paints a different reality of AU...

4 broken balcony doors out of 5 from Emmy! <3

I really like the AU part or twist of this AU story. I've read a ton of variations on how Edward and Bella get together, but never one like this. Edward, instead of pursuing Bella after a short period of time after the van accident (which doesn't happen here), waits and bides his time. Making sure he can handle her scent and that she is ready to accept the instensity of their feelings for each other. Both are a little bit more mature in this fic, making them able to deal with and process the bond they instantly share. There is none of the hesitation and awkwardness from the books. Actually, they spend their first 12 hours together in bed! WooHoo!

lazykate takes elements from canon and the books and melds or integrates them into the story in a very cool way. It's almost as if you are reading the books, but not. It's the slight twists and changes that make the story appealing and intriguing. One twist or change that I do enjoy is that Edward can hear Bella's thought, but only under certain circumstances.

The secondary characters are very similar to the books. Except Jake doesn't lust after Bella (Thank God), they have a very brother/sister relationship. Alice is her usual self; pushy, but endearing at the same time. Rosalie is still a bit of bitch, but loyal. Esme & Carlisle simply happy that Bella has brought Edward so much happiness.

Now the smut, it's not graphic at all. Except for a few words here or there to indicate movement, it's all about sensation, emotion and the intensity of the experience without being flowery. There is a lot of smut too. These two are insatiable for each other and it's never enough, ever. I particularly like the shower and Bella teasing Edward on the balcony scenes.

4 out 5 Balcony doors from moi.

I really liked the first chapter of this. Since the story began as a one shot, there is a ton of information and backstory. Of course, the chapter wraps with a lovely lemony. Chapter two has a morning of implied lemony love, with just enough details to be squirm-worthy, but not every single lemon written out.

There's a lot of information and story packed in the first few chapters, along with the juicy lemons. Edward and Bella bond almost immediately, just like in the books.

I really liked the lemon at the end of chapter five, when Bella decides to tease Edward. What's not to love about hearing Edward deliver lines like this:

“You want me to show you what I would have done to you, my love?”

UNG. Yes, and please.

Most of the story follows a very Twilight-centric timeline/theme. Rosalie is angry that Edward wants to turn Bella, Jacob tries to interfere, etc. There are tense and well-written interactions with both of those two people in back-to-back chapters, which I thought were perfect. Rose and Bella interacting was great – Bella stood up for herself, and you can see in the second chapter, when Bella has trouble with Jake, how Rose is behind her 110%. Her actions backed up her words that her frustration/anger wasn't personal against Bella.

I love the little twists on canon with Jake, in chapters 10 & 11, which I don't want to spoil. The ending of chapter 11 was beautiful and perfect.

The final few chapters that are posted (by no means the end of the story), are thrilling and fabulous. I can't wait to read more and find out what happens next; I love the way canon details are woven in, but slightly tweaked.

Mmm, and the lemons! I can't wait for more of those, too :)

4.5/5 balcony doors

It took a bit for me to get sucked into this story. I really liked her writing, that wasn't it at all. It was one of those 'too good to be true' moments for me. I was terrified that something would split them up *coughthosefuckingmeddlingwolvescough*

Yes, I'm a wuss.

Anyway, after somewhere around Chapter 4, I was hooked. Literally hooked. Emmy and I started going back and forth with theories and predictions it was ridiculous how far off we were. The cliffhanger chapter! JFC I was shaking my fist at the screen and almost called Emmers at 4 am Scotland time! THANK FUCK she has since updated and ended our misery!

I've been hankering for good AU stories lately and this certainly fits the bill! I like strong Bella characterizations, especially when she's paired with Edward who doesn't stifle her but embraces her snarky side. I'm also a huge fan of Vampward that likes to bone pre-marriage. Hehehe. I'm easy.

I don't care very much for most 'fic' weddings, they're loud and over the top and unlike anything that most Bella's canon or otherwise would want. That being said, I liked this interpretation a lot and the honeymoon.

Sweet Jesus. The scene in the car leading to the B&B. Unf. It wasn't even the 'smut' itself, it was the dialogue. Lord. Then of course the smut was great too hahaha.

So you're probably wondering about the balcony door rating? Yeah. Uh, read it.

4.5/5 balcony doors from me.

I really liked how this story started out. Originially a one shot, Bella is back in Forks for a Halloween/Retirement party hosted by the Cullens. She's anxious and nervous to see her crush, Edward, for the first time in months. She's grown up quite a bit from the Bella we know in the books due to some more serious situations. When she does finally see Edward, old feelings come back with a vengeance. Not only do you know how Bella feels though, but you hear through Edward's own thoughts, how much he wanted her. The way he just kisses her is, unf, and when they go back to his bedroom....unggg.

I don't read very many AU, I don't know exactly why, but it's good to find one that really draws in my attention and keeps me reading. Also, to read about a vampire Edward who isn't afraid himself is very refreshing. And sexy. I mean, who didn't want Bella and Edward to bump uglies in the book? But besides that is the bond, even deeper than in the canon series, these two share. While Edward couldn't read her mind in HS, he could catch emotions and whatnot. And with them together, their ability to exchange their feelings without words gets stronger.

I liked how while there is confrontation with Jake and the other wolves, there's no love triangle. Thank God. There is a bit of drama and an almost rumble. Rosalie there, ready to attack the mutts in defense of Bella is great, even though, like canon Rose, she doesn't want Bella to change to a vampire.

Basically, what it seems like I'm trying to say is that while IDBiV follows very similar canon story lines, they are different. lazykate takes traits that we are all so familiar with and tweaks them a bit. And in the case of Bella, gives her more of a backbone...which IMO makes things better. Plus, like I mentioned before. There's the sex. Which are very good. I really wish we could've seen this side of Edward in the real books. Really. So hot!

I can't wait to see where lazykate takes the rest of this story.

4/5 balcony doors from me