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AmethystJackson "Hate's An Aphrodisiac" for O/S Weds



Edward and Bella have to work together to get back Alice's wedding dress after a mix up takes place and realize just how strong of a passion hate truly is. It's a thin line between love and hate, and for these two, that line is called lust. M for LEMONS.

One word for you: Wallfuck. Or does that count as two?

I was scrambling to find a story on Tuesday for my One-Shot Wednesday recommendation, and lo and behold, LyricalKris pointed me to this story that had been posted the very same day.

It’s a whopper of a story at 20k, but that’s how I like them. It’s another enemies-to-lovers story, which I’m usually not big on. Too often, the author provides some very flimsy reasoning for why Edward and Bella apparently cannot stand one another, and the reader is left eye-rolling at their bickering. Not so with this story.

It begins with a four-year-old Edward being torn away from a day of playing outdoors with his friends by the untimely birth of one Isabella Swan:
Edward Masen would remember that day well, it was the first time his mother yelled at him because of Isabella Swan, but it certainly wouldn't be the last. As for the girl who had barely entered the world a few hours before, she would never remember what had happened in that hospital room, but she would also never be able to get rid of the feeling of anger that brewed in her gut every time she saw those bronze locks and piercing green eyes.
Their relationship only goes downhill from there in a series of mishaps and unfortunate encounters between the two, until we reach the present day, when Alice and Jasper are preparing for the wedding of the century.

A snafu at the dress shop leads Edward, the best man, and Bella, the maid of honor, into a series of escapades to retrieve Alice’s dress – Alice’s dress, which was accidentally swapped with Rosalie Hale’s, the only woman capable of outdoing Alice as a Bridezilla.

The comedy is often farcical, but it contributes to the growing sexual tension between the pair. It all comes to a head amidst the accidental destruction of Rosalie’s wedding cake:
Bella narrowed her eyes to slits. She couldn't deny anymore that she wanted to fuck him... but she was pretty sure it was that really angry type of sex she wanted. There was such a thing as hate sex, wasn't there? The kind where people throw each other against walls? The kind that could only be described as ravishment?

Jesus, she was getting hot just thinking about it, and that was disturbing. She did not want to be turned on by Edward Masen.

She looked into his eyes, about to demand that he get away from her again, but what she saw gave her pause. His eyes and the sure set of his smile were arrogant, but behind the arrogance his eyes were smoldering. It made her mouth run dry and her pulse speed. He wanted her; she was sure of it.

Knowledge gave her power. Her glare turned into a grin and she raised her head. Before he could comprehend what she was doing, she pressed her tongue flat against the skin of his cheek, licking a stray bit of icing away. She heard his sharp intake of breath and smiled victoriously.
Unfortunately, they’re interrupted, and the bickering resumes – until they find themselves accidentally locked in the bride-to-be’s basement the next day. In typical romantic comedy fashion, the two fight, and the fight escalates into a kiss:
Before he could think to stop himself, and before she could protest or say anything further, Edward had Bella pinned against the wall, kissing her roughly, his tongue thrust deep into her mouth. Bella wanted to be angry, she wanted to push him away, but her body betrayed her. Her hands reached up of their own free will, grabbing fistfuls of his hair, holding him to her roughly, and returning his kisses in kind - sucking and nipping at his lips. All the frustration of the past few days, all the pent up sexual tension, reached its peak, and they were helpless to stop what was happening between them; not that they wanted to.
Thankfully, they don’t stop…and the results are delicious.
It was all Edward could do not to come right then, but he managed to stave it off and continued to fuck her against the wall until his arms were weak and he could no longer hold her up. Pulling out, he set her on the floor and told her to get on her hands and knees.
I love a demanding Edward, don’t you?

And the sexing goes on…and on and on…without becoming redundant.

The three co-authors clearly put a great deal of energy into this story, and it deserves more than the seven reviews it had when I read it. If you’re ever in need of a light-hearted pick-me-up and some yummy smut, this would be the story for you.


Kris said...

Oh my. I didn't know this is why you were looking for a smutty o/s lol.

The amazing part of this is that you chose a quote for each of us. Cella wrote the first, I wrote the second and Melly wrote the last one. LOL. How perfect is that?

Thank you for your kind words. :) I was tired this morning and now I'm on the phone with Cella and Melly and we're giggling with glee.

lol - kind of glad that contest didn't work out now. :D

Cella said...

OMG! I am threewaying Kris and Melly right now and we are all like freaking out big time! Thanks darling! :D

Loved the rec and we are so happy you enjoyed it!

melissa said...

You ladies did great! I am so happy for you guys :)

CMGeek said...

I loved it!! It was so entertaining and the basement sex... yum. Wonderfully put together!

Dizzygrl28 said...

What started as a really bad day has now turned to gold. I'm so flippin' happy right now! Thank you so much for the rec. I had a blast collabing with these two wonderful women and am humbled our little story was thought good enough to rec.

Eagles17 said...

Thank you so much for this rec! It sounds like an amazing story! From those passages alone, I can tell the writers seem very gifted, and I'm in the mood for an emotional whirlwind. Will start reading ASAP (unfortunately, in the middle of exams at the moment). I can't wait! =)

philadelphic/ Lolaphilologist said...

I love oneshot wednesdays.