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The Daily Grind by letmesign

The Daily Grind





Coffee-addict Bella pines for her regular customer, but finds herself unable to throw a whole sentence together around him. Attempted comedy, sarcasm, TV/Movie references, some sweetness. Short story. M for eventual resolving of UST i.e. lemons/sexytimez.


I about piddled my cute little pants when mskathy asked me to write this here little guest review. For the record, letmesign is my best friend and my roommate, she makes me gigglesnort every day, whether with her writing in The Daily Grind, or just her and I hanging out. I never imagined being asked to write for the Perv Pack, yet here I sit, with letmesign sitting in the same room watching Charlie and Chocolate Factory, completely clueless, but knowing I’m doing something upon mskathy’s request.

The Daily Grind started as a simple one shot in which a girl (Bella) who works at a coffee shop, ogles a regular costumer (Edward) who comes in every day at the same time. She gets all goo-goo when he’s around and makes awkward pop culture references and gets really nervous. She of course thinks that he has no idea she exists, naturally that is not the case.

On this particular day, Alice (Bella’s roommate and best friend) leaves Bella to close up shop on her own, to advance the story along, Edward, not paying attention to the time, stays longer than close. They end up having their first real conversation, playing 13 questions because she is convinced that 13 gets a bad rap. She gets to the last question:
”Why do you come in here every day?” I asked quietly, reaching out absentmindedly to play with the coffee cup that was still sitting on his table.

“To see you.”
Taken by surprise, she spills his coffee everywhere, and runs away with embarrassment. He finds her crying, and lets just say its gets steamy from there, and I don’t mean the coffee.

The neat thing about this story is that letmesign creates a more natural progression of a relationship. They are respectful of each other, and don’t want to go into anything with just a quick fuck.

The story continues chapter by chapter, of them getting to know each other, witty banter, silly references, and UST that gets resolved in an epically spectacular rendezvous up against an entertainment center.

And did I mention it contains the best Rosalie ever, a cute dog, snot, and an inconvenient bout of the hiccups (this resonates well with me, considering I suffer from chronic hiccups and she knows it.)

There is no real angst, its fluffy, funny, and more realistic than most fics I have read. Bella’s character is a resemblance of how letmesign is in real life. Adorable, funny, sarcastic, and painfully clever.

I recommend not eating or drinking while reading this, as you will most likely either choke, or spew anything in your mouth. It is laugh out loud wonderful.

LOOOVE, AndYouLoveHer/Maria

I love this little slice of goodness something fierce. We originally had planned this for a Wussperv rec, but the rest of the girls in the pack wanted a chance to rec it round table, and I couldn't agree more that this deserves that spotlight.

The Bella in this fic is lovable and believable...she's just a normal girl, with normal feelings and normal thought processes. It's a breath of fresh air to hear about someone that's truly down to earth - not one extreme or another.

The unique characterizations in this fic are wonderful. I especially loved her complete flip of Rosalie's character. It's amazing how something so small can really create a niche for a fic and I love what she's done with them so far.

While we haven't gotten any sex yet (but I'm hoping by the time this posts, we will have!) but the UST...oh holy hell is it hot. And even the RSTWP (resolved sexual tension without penetration) is fucking hot as hell, too.

ETA: Read the chapter update and all I have to say is: ^#@*(*)(@*@^$%^&%#^@&*. Thank God it's not unresolved anymore. It was perfect (read: not perfect at all) and perfectly believable.

I love the progression of the plot, as well as the characters, and am anxious to see where else she takes this little tale.

A bonus? I've been informed that the lowest WP rating this fic will see will be 95%. *fist pump*

I give this 4.5 out of 5 raspberry white hot chocolates.

This story I was SO delighted to find when I was doing random fic dives - hoping to find something fluffy and safe for a randy wussperv like myself... I immediately took it back to my wusspervs. But I'd already been singing its praises and everybody wanted to read it!

This story is just an absolute joy to read. I just adore the face that we have a very different Bella - and although that is most noticeable in the first few chapters when both Ed & Bella are faffing about, not coming clean about their feelings, it does make for some very interesting scenes later on, as things HEAT up! the characterisations are top-notch and don't lose their defining qualities as the story progresses. This Bella is likeable and loveable! She's not afraid of her body and what she has used it for.

Edward is DELISH in TDG. Plus he's bloody adorable with it too. I love how in this story they both get all hot and bothered and really work up to the sexing. Yes there are times when we all fall into bed with people. But there are also times when our insecurities and FUCKING COCK BLOCKING circumstances get in the way. It was refreshing to read a happy story where Bella & Edward don't immediately get it on with porn star moves! Don't get me wrong. The lemony build up is epic and sexy! But the tension for the reader is whether they will get to the point of letting go. Will they giv in to their feelings and push aside their fears and any mitigating circumstances to finally connect their carnal souls completely? Rarrr!

OK - so the lemon skinny for you - is that this fic is fucking HOT! We all love foreplay right? Well this invigorating and sexy story is choc-a-block with foreplay... Which equals lots of tingly yum. Bella and CoffeeWard have a blinding chemistry. It OWNS me! At times, the lemony action is sweet, and at other times its frantic. Its very good to read! :)

This story is more than foreplay though. Its all about the build up of a relationship. The fears and circumstances that can stop us giving ourselves completely - physically AND emotionally! Its very very well written, and pretty much angst free. It is seriously a n absolute delight to read. Entertaining, absorbing, sexy and just lovely!

4.75 cinnamon skinny lattes (OR IT WOULD BE IF STARBUCKS UK BLOODY FUCKING BROUGHT THEM BACK FOR SALE!!!!!!!!) out of 5 from me :D

I remember when letmesign first asked me to read her story. It was about a Coffeeward, she promised, and I am (obviously?) a well-known lover of Coffeewards. I've loved this story from the very first chapter.

The Daily Grind does not disappoint. It is funny, witty, smart, and cute. There are sweet dates, awkwardness, dry humping, and more. All of the delicious, tender moments between the two of them, and especially the snark and banter?

Lines like this kill me with giggles:
“Yes, actually I was rather shocked by the flavor. The other men I’ve been with had spunk that tasted like whipped cream.”
There is only one chapter of this fabulous story left. We've enjoyed snippets of lemony goodness throughout, and I'm eager to see how we leave these adorable kids. One thing I'm already certain of is that I will miss them and probably need a box of tissues when I read the last chapter, I can't wait to see what letmesign brings us next.

The Daily Grind easily earned 5 out of 5 French presses from me.

The Daily Grind is one of those stories that just makes you giddy with all the romance. Now, please don't misconstrue that sentiment as the story being brainless fluff. That would be a huge disservice to Amy and her abilities as a writer.

She weaved a great story out of a singular one-shot that alone, was done well enough to stand on it's own. I love when authors can pull that off. It's really not done as often as you think, so for that I give her a lot of credit.

Onto the story.

My ridiculous reviews of this story should give you an indication of how much I love it. Nonsensical drivel and rambling equals "Nina's not coherent enough to form a quality review." Hey, at least I review right?

The story between Edward and Bella isn't conventional, it's not perfect and that's what makes it believable and addicting. The realistic dialogue surrounding their meetings, the bucket fulls of UST that keeps you on the edge of your seat each chapter.

There are dramatic bits, nothing that causing extreme amounts of angst but again - it's believable. I have to say that she has given Carlisle one of the best jobs - and the kitchen scene between them is worth an AU out-take/dream sequence/C/B smut just to send to Nina. Hehehe.

The grandparents are some of the best I've read since the epic goddess known as Granny Platt. As I said in my review, she's also written one of the sweetest, most romantic and possibly my favorite "I love you" scenes ever.

As Bri said, she's recently delivered us all a delish lemon flavored treat to go along with the coffee. JFC again with it being realistic and not far fetched.

This story is tragically under appreciated and for the life of me I have no idea why. I'm sick that there is only a single chapter left except maybe any out-takes we can guilt her into writing. (coughouttakeofthekitchenwithcarlisle)

5 out of 5 Venti Quad Iced Caramel Macchiattos

I can't tell you the number of times I have clapped, squealed, or otherwise gotten silly when reading this fic. My hubby just laughs and shakes his head, and then I promptly tell him what set me off this time. He knows quite a bit about LaLa, Edward, Metz and the rest of the crew.

This Bella is absolutely one of my all-time favorites. She's just so down-to-earth and normal. She's your best friend or your sister, or even you. Then how could you not love an Edward who is shy too and just hung around the coffee shop so that he could see her? Le sigh.

The story is chock full of humor, fluff, romance, snark and sweetness. It's really a perfect blend. It's not a story that you have to dread getting an update for, you know it will be good.

And can I just say that her creation of the secondary characters is second to none. I absolutely, utterly adore what she did with Rose. Not to mention his Grandpa and Grandma. OMFG.

I hear rumors that the story is winding down and it makes me so sad. Especially after the most recent update where things finally, finally happened. And it was fun and sweet and realistic and had a lovely little surprise as well.

All that said, I rate this 5 our 5. Someone pick a drink for me? I don't do coffees. (Close your mouths hanging open in shock!)

I don't know how I hadn't heard about this earlier. I, like Kathy, love a nice Coffeeward (which is completely due to her, tyvm). When the story starts off with Bella's dream, followed shortly by the destruction of yet another alarm clock, I knew I'd be in for some good times. Her inner commentary is just too priceless. The entire time leading up to Edward's arrival at the coffee shop I was thinking, her verbal diarrhea can't be that bad, can it? And then of course she opens her mouth:
“Well, hidey ho, there, good neighbor,” I spit out like a moronic version of Mr. Wilson.
I literally LOLed and like, blushed in embarrassment for Bella. It's like, when watching a movie and something so mortifying is going on and you shrink back because you feel that bad for a character. I have yet to have that happen to me in a fic. Poor Bella.

Luckily, Edward is just as tongue tied for Bella, which you discover in the second chapter (his POV of their fateful encounter). Their "13 Questions" is so different and original. Anoter LOL moment occured when Edward wanted to find out if Bella was interested/living with someone (other than a female friend). So what does he do to try and sound nonchalant?

"Do you live alone?"

Great, Edward. Very “the call is coming from inside the house.”

The hilarity ensues as the two realize they like each other, they really like each other. And when they share their first kiss, I thought I would melt in my seat. It was so fucking hot.

Their courtship and getting to know you period is amazing. Cute, hilarious, sexy all rolled into one amazing fic. Their first date, with Bella's reaction to the hostess mirroring (but way better) canon Bella's, I about died. When Bella throws a DVD at Edward, misses, then hits a guy in the head, I had to take a few deep breaths to contain myself.

Not to mention Metz and LaLa. And Ro, the most endearing version of Rosalie I have yet to read. Omg and the haircut. THE HAIRCUT. I gotta stop. I'm gonna spoil all the good parts (pretty fucking hard since it's all good).

It all culminates in the latest update. Which I won't say a word about. Ok maybe I will. Worth. The. Wait. Ok, so I said three. But...seriously, this story is just so fun and entertaining.

4 out of 5 white chocolate mochas from me.

Loved this story! Bella is a real girl-funny, witty and a little crazy, but not some extreme caricature and Edward is perfect, smart, caring, hot; they fit each other really well, in more ways than one! The sexual tension between them is scorching, and it certainly gets dragged out a bit. But it builds exponentially and you start to see them really connect while they are dry humping each other! It's more than just a quick screw to them and makes their relationship all the more interesting.

And I love her version of Rose...seriously genius. I don't think I have ever read of a Rose that wasn't totally confident and just by flipping that it changes so much about the dynamics of the couples.

So many good parts to this story, I can't even just pick like one favorite...well, I can but I hate to spoil it for people!

But this one is definitely worth 4.5 out of 5 venti skinny vanilla latte's with an extra shot plus 3 splendas!

I'll admit, this story was a slow-starter for me. Not exactly my cup of tea - or coffee, if you will - but now that I'm all caught up, I'd say that's changed. The story is pretty familiar: girl meets boy, boy meets girl. Some pining. Girl is kinda quirky. Boy finds it endearing. What sets this story apart is the depth of the relationship developing between this incarnation of Edward and Bella. It's rare that we really get to see this romance develop in fanfiction - it's so easy to let the backstory we already have about these two take care of the heavy lifting, but that's not the case with this story. Although Bella's a little further from canon than I would normally enjoy, she's incredibly well-developed, and this story does a fantastic job of exploring the psychology of a blossoming relationship. It doesn't hurt that Edward is completely adorable. I'd love to talk about the incredibly sweet thing he did in chapter 12, but that would probably spoil the whole story...just trust me that it's adorable, okay? And then, there's the UST. This Edward and Bella have decided to wait until the right moment. Now, those of you that know me are aware that I'm not one for waiting on the sexing. I'm an instant-gratification kind of girl. But with these two, it works. And there's enough hotness in the meantime to make it totally worth it. Okay, who am I kidding? I was sold at Edward licking whipped cream off the lid of his coffee cup in the first chapter. Really, what hot-blooded woman wouldn't be?

In the end, I give this story two thumbs up, and three out of four peppermint mochas.