Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Team Slash wants to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven"

Now it's time for Team Slash to have a go and give you a reach around. We love the man-love and enjoy a little girl on girl on the side.

Seven Minutes in Heaven


High school senior Edward just found out that his long-standing crush on classmate Jasper is mutual, but he is mortified that their first kiss may occur inside a closet. Little does he know what that one kiss will ignite. AU, AH, OOC. E/J Slash. Rated M.

I'm a sucker for a good coming of age story and this one happens to be between two dudes, even better! Edward has been pining for Jasper, thinking all along that his unrequited crush was unattainable. How wrong he was. After a heartfelt confession and a little bit of heavenly friction, in a playground of all places, these two start the journey to discovering themselves and love.

This is a sweet and sometimes angsty love story. Things aren't always perfect, but they are real. The trials and tribulations that Edward and mostly Jasper go through are genuine as are their ways of dealing and coping with them. The smut is hot and fun, while still remaining romantic and intense. I particularly like the Halloween chapter. These boys are open with each other when it comes to sex and wanting to try new things.

I'd say this a good pick for any slash fan or for someone wanting to dip their toes into slash.

I gotta admit, when I saw the title, I was looking forward to some seven heaven action. Though nothing happened in the closet (which, btw, Alice making two gay men go INTO a closet to make out is hilarious), there are plenty of sexy times in this story.

I enjoy the premise that Edward, aware of his sexuality from an early age, is pining away for Jasper despite thinking he is straight. Even after having suspicions of Jasper's true sexual orientation, Edward is hesitant. Plus, finding out that Jasper has had a crush on Edward for awhile, Edward wishes that their first kiss could be a result of a different scenario; with them confessing feelings to each other in privacy.

Still, there was a kiss. A very sexy first kiss. A very sexy first kiss and more while they are on a playground.

While I wish the beginnings of their tentative relationship could've been explored more in depth, I realize this was initially a o/s. Luckily tuesdaymidnight continued the o/s so that we could delve deeper into the ins and outs (teehee) of their relationship.

There are some hard things for both of them to work through, but no matter what I could always feel how deeply in love they were. After surviving Christmas with the Hales, I'm excited to see what happens next.

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