Monday, January 4, 2010

tby789 has a soft spot for Bonneward

Confession time. Everybody in the circle? Okay, I know this is going to surprise some of you, but I like a jackass Edward. I know, everybody put on your surprised face. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve fallen hard for the good guys, but there is something about a bastard I just can’t resist.

I love an Edward who takes, whose presence is strong and undeniable, a man that knows what he wants and uses every single one of his masculine charms to get it.

AU fics have always been some of my favorites, so when I found Bonne Foi by Amethyst Jackson, I seriously thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

In the first chapter of Bonne Foi, I found all of my secret ff kryptonite: a brooding, dark, cocky, sexy, selfish protagonist who cares for little more than satisfying his own needs, and a damsel in distress. Don’t judge.

Amethyst Jackson sets our stage perfectly: a dark night, an empty street, and an unsuspecting young girl who has no idea of the monster that’s following her.

This vampire feeds on humans and is in search of prey.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you,” I said, handing her the fallen volumes, which I glanced over quickly. All Jane Austen. Either a helpless romantic or an English major, or both. I smiled to myself. The bookish types were good. A little tangy sometimes, but usually sweet.

“That’s all right,” she said, blushing. The blood rushing to her face combined with the breath she expelled hit me like a wrecking ball. At least, what a wrecking ball felt like to a human. She was so, so sweet…like freesias. The venom ran freely in my mouth, and I knew my black eyes frightened her. Her heart pattered quickly and she smelled of fear.

“I’m just jumpy,” she went on, looking at her feet. “You know, with that serial killer running around still.”

“Right,” I said. Little did she know. “You really shouldn’t be walking alone like this. It’s dangerous.”

Being the predator that Edward is, he sizes up our Bella quickly; she is tired, alone, overworked, and in need of a break. He identifies her weaknesses and exploits them for his own benefit, suggesting after a few minutes of charming his would-be meal that they go somewhere- to a little place he visits when he needs to relax. To be more specific, a place he can feed and nobody will hear her screams. Naïve Bella agrees, like a lamb being led to slaughter, and leaves with him.

Something I love, sometimes more than the actual lemon itself, is the way a good author can set the stage. Amethyst Jackson has done this masterfully.

I pulled over to the side of the road, and I saw her tense, looking at the dark ahead and the trees to either side.

“Is this it?” she asked. More fear.

“No, it’s just through the trees there.” I pulled out my best trick, looking at her through my eyelashes. “You trust me, don’t you?”

She nodded. I smiled and stepped out of the car, meeting her on the passenger side. Our conversation had distracted me, but the impatience was returning now, urging the venom to flow.

Edward has realized that Bella’s mind is silent to him, and that she seems highly intelligent, a person he could possibly find himself happily conversing with. He muses that she could be an interesting puzzle; it’s too bad he’s going to kill her.

Yet, even as he readies himself to feed, stranger hungers begin to make themselves known. Edward is no virgin (squeal!), and he considers what it would be like to play with his meal first.

I stared at her, wondering why I wasn’t feeding yet. She was here, alone, far from witnesses. Her wrist lay exposed, the pulse thudding almost imperceptibly in her veins – dark under her translucent skin. I could drink slowly from her there, letting the rich liquid slide over my tongue…

But instead of attacking, I folded myself down next to her. Something about this girl made her so very intriguing. My interest, my curiosity – such human responses, I thought with disdain – overpowered my thirst for the moment. But not forever. There was no harm in enjoying her until I was absolutely ready.

He listens to her talk, watching her intently. She is pretty enough, he supposes, and yet, there is something about her that draws him in.

My eyes roamed over her eyelashes falling against her cheeks, her plump, bow-shaped mouth… I found myself reaching out to trace those lips, curious as to how they would feel.

He rationalizes kissing her, relishing the heat and softness of her lips as his mouth floods with venom. Edward is ready to strike when she surprises him. Rather than shrink away in fear, she becomes emboldened, deepening the kiss and gripping him tightly. He wonders then, if he can fulfill another desire first, can he do it without killing her? Does he even care?

Take her! some long-dormant instinct screamed. Her blood will be there after…it’s been so long – take her!

Lucky for us…and Bella, Bonneward is always rationalizing, and finally gives in.

I bit back a gasp as her hands slid down my back, feeling her way down. I growled in surprised enjoyment and pressed into her, my cock nestled against her sex. She gasped aloud.

“Do you want this?” I asked. I wasn’t sure why – did it matter what she wanted? But I didn’t want to be like the men I used to kill, men who would hunt young girls and use them without even offering the mercy of death. She had to want it.

“Yes,” she breathed, striking me with those eyes again. They held me in their grip as I eased myself into her – carefully; I wanted this to work so badly. Already, her heat enveloped me, excruciatingly tight, so silky… I moaned into her shoulder and pushed all the way in.

I totally cockblocked you. GO READ!

tby789 (hazaposse) is my very first fic-wife, we've just celebrated our one year anniversary in November, we're registered at LL Bean, Pottery Barn, Tantus and Starbucks, if you'd like to send gifts. She is the the 1/4 of the Twigasm Podcast more commonly referred to as the sweet one or the Devil incarnate. I love her to pieces. ~xo ninapolitan


vixen1836 said...

EXCELLENT, TBY! This was great. I love this story, but if I didn't, I would definitely be intrigued after reading this. Thanks for taking the time to write something so awesome and thorough. Bonne Foi is a must read!

barbarito said...

I am really looking forward to reading this!