Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tender is the Night for Emmy

Be Very Still



Interpretation of that empty little white space on page 85 of Breaking Dawn... the wedding night. One-shot, Bella's POV. Rated a sexy but tasteful M, I think.

Whew! I stumbled upon this gem of a one-shot a wee whiley ago. This feature means I am always on the looky-outy for a tasty one-shot for Wednesday's! So I stashed this away until it was my turn again. This fic was a real find. Its not too long, but by golly its delish!

Its a real slow burn of a sex scene. It as Amy J says, fills in the F2B that we were all bummed & burned by on page 85. Which is extra apt - as I just had to re-read that is that torture thanks to Christina (tby789) for our PPSS Author Interview (COMING SOON - Watch this space Bitches!), so I was mega fired up ready for some consummating of marriage vows on Isle Esme. Yes lots of people have done this scene. I have read many, but this telling by Amy J, did something to me.

" “Stay,” he said, as if he was willing my open arms into submission. With excruciating slowness, he ran his palms up my arms, across the delicate skin of the inside of my elbows, dragging cool drops of water along with his hands until they rested on my shoulders. He hesitated for what could’ve been half a second or half an hour; it seemed I had lost all sense of time. All I knew was that I had never been so acutely aware of the process of breathing as I was forced to be in that moment.

Breathe in. His hands slid ever so gently down the front of my shoulders and under my outstretched arms.

Breathe out. Underwater they continued their slow and tormenting path. I knew it wasn’t my imagination that his marble smooth wrists brushed the sides of my breasts as his hands moved down my ribcage.

Breathe in. His hands curved into my waist and finally slid to a halt atop my hips.

He pulled me a fraction of an inch closer, and I imagined my hands were chained in place to keep from reaching out to him. I sensed him lean in and felt his breath light on my cheek. "

Did it do something to you too just then? One of the things I love about Be Very Still, is that it links Edward & Bella's present back to their origins, their meadow, and where their love began. It grounds us and them in the depths and intensity of their love. Everything is special, beautiful, meaningful and momentous. Every detail is precise and effective. Every sense is heightened as if you are partaking in this most significant of firsts for the couple.

Amy J has, unfortunately, not written any other stories as yet. I do hope that you will all go read this story, enjoy it and review it, and this might in turn inspire her to write us some more beautiful delights.

I truly love this one-shot - it is not raucous or rowdy. It is instead tender and beautiful, like the night.