Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet the Pervs

The members of the pack would like to introduce you to the newest initiate among our ranks, unfortunately, they are busy subjecting her to the initiation rites of the Smut Shack, so this will have to do:

Liz, aka SubtlePen joined the fandom in November of 2008. She started out reading only vamp/canon, but eventually discovered the joys of all-human and slashfic. She'll read damn near any pairing at least once, in virtually any genre, but angst, UST and drama send her to her happy place. Every now and then she gets a hankerin' for some good ole' porn-without-plot smutty goodness, but if you want to hook her for more than a chapter or two, it better have a damn creative plot and excellent dialogue attached. Although she loves gritty, flawed characters when she's reading, she tends to write sappy fluff, and has a weak spot for Jasper/Edward slash. She accepts bribes of the chocolate variety, and has been known to like a good spanking.Photobucket


Subtle Pen said...

*flops on the bed, panting and glowing*

ohhhh ladies - you REALLY know how to make a girl feel welcome!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome, Subtle Pen. Chocolate and spankings. Hmmm. We could be great pals :)

Hope you check out my first story on ff. It does involve Jasper and Edward in a compromising position ...