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Slash Brigade: Hard by SingleStrand

This Slash Brigade Pick is...

Title: Hard
Author: SingleStrand
Chapters: o/s
Words: 9,819
Reviews: 25
Summary: Lonely in a new town, Edward is searching for something. He finds what he least expected in a coffee shop– Jasper and Riley. Care for a side of sex with your macchiato? AH slash. Winner of Judges' Choice for the Dirty Talking Jasper contest. E/J/R 3some

Chele - I freaked out when I read this because it was absolutely everything I had hoped would come out of the Dirty Talking Jasper contest. Strong, clear characterizations, compelling plot, and oh, so fuckhot erotic content. That this was a threesome? Bonus!

The balance between Jasper’s intensity, which keeps Edward in a constant state of heightened sexual awareness, and Riley’s apparent sweet shyness, which relaxes and comforts Edward, is perfect. The tone this dichotomy of personality sets is just enough to keep Edward constantly guessing, and painfully aroused. I love the way that Jasper seems to orchestrate this seduction, dropping increasingly blatant hints to Edward of his sexual interest, but it was brilliant that Riley was the one to initiate their first social engagement outside of their daily coffee shop interactions. Unf. Edward didn’t stand a chance.

The Slash Brigade decided after much flailing weeks ago that we simply HAD to rec this story to anyone who would hold still for the humping, but waited eagerly for the anonymous reveal to see who had crafted such a great story. I was THRILLED to see that this was the first published fic for SingleStrand, because I’m convinced that it means she has so much more to share with the fandom in the future.

I sincerely hope that there is some more of this threesome in that future.

Emmy - Hi folks. I am crashing the Team Slash Party again this month. Cause A) I am a greedy bitch and B) This story is too damn delish to not do so! ;)

Threesome’s? Yummy silenty shy sexy Riley? Adorkable but sexy Edward? Yup I am in - and that doesn’t even include the fact that there is a dirrrrrty talking Jasper in the mix!!!!! So yeah this is a slash heaven one-shot of a fic!

So let’s get back to adorkably sexy Edward - you all know he’s always my fave! This wee snippet sums up one of the reasons why I love him in this and think his narration is squeey-gorgeous.

7:43 a.m. Tuesday.
Mother fucker. How the hell did I oversleep this long?

I jump out of bed, throw on some clothes and run to the door.

No time for coffee, which means no chance at seeing Jasper and Riley.

As I walk into class, I realize I'm in my lavender Lacoste. Great. My favorite shirt and they won't even see me in it. This day blows.

See isn’t he just precious??? How could you not love him... So we are treated in Hard to Edward’s inner musings on the two scrummy blokes who work at his coffee bar, he fantasises and dreams and ogles from afar. Garnering a wealth of material on the sexy twosome which he comforts himself and his cock with most nights.... (I do love good wanking scenes!! :D ) Jasper starts getting erm naughtier with his conversations with Edward, whilst Riley quietly smirks by.... (yum).

Till the invite comes for one evening.....

Holy hell! Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot-to-trot. Here is just a warmer, from when they are still out in public..

"Oh, Edward. I don't just want to kiss you. I've wanted to fuck you since the first time you walked into the coffee shop. You've got a gorgeous face, a perfect ass, and a package that, I must say, seems to always be happy to see me." As Jasper talks, his eyes leisurely skim my body, up and down and back up. I feel like I'm on display. I kind of like it. Just as he leans forward to kiss me, however, I am reminded of Riley. Poor guy is probably waiting unassumingly at the table for his boyfriend and their newfound friend to return, while we're in here steaming up the bathroom with our lust.

I pull myself together just long enough to whisper. "What about Riley?"

"Riley? Edward, don't you worry about Riley. He's wanted to suck your dick for so long, he's in pain. Haven't you noticed the kid can barely look at you?"

"I guess, I mean I thought he was shy. Aren't you guys together? Like together together?" All I can think about is Riley blowing me. Come to think of it, the boy's mouth was madeto be fucked.

"Of course we're together. That goes without saying. But we're not always exclusive, and we've been searching for just the right third to add to our fun." Jasper is leaning in again, and I find my resolve fading quickly.

"So, he would be okay with th-this?" I'm trying to wrap my head around an open relationship like theirs, but it's really hard to do, especially when my dick is straining to get out of my pants.

As Jasper starts to trail feather-light kisses over my neck and around my earlobe, he whispers, "He'll be so okay with this that he'll wish he was in here too."

Ummmm unnnnnnnnnffffffffff. From here on in is the real naughty stuff - which DOES not disappoint. Seriously this is an abso scrummy treat of a one-shot. If you like your slash with a bit more ooomph, this is the one-shot for you. Perfect.

Jeanne - One of the things I love about contests is that they challenge writers to stretch, and to come up with something new and different. Hard is a wonderful example how a talented writer can take the simple idea of a Dirty Talking Jasper and create beautifully complex story.

The story begins with Edward mired in his loneliness (so very canon). He is a stranger in a strange land, struggling to find a way to meet people. Leave it to an outgoing, flirty as fuck barista Jasper and his fellow coffee shop employee, the shy Riley. This story is straightforward, and laced with thick UST. Each interaction that Edward has with the boys is so heavy with sexual tension that I my jaw muscles were cramping from grinding me teeth. SingleStrand’s weaves a spell with this story, drawing us in with the smooth, sexy promise of fun flirtiness, and then gives us the fuck of a lifetime. The culmination of this story is so intense, intimate and fucking sexy.

Seriously, I have gone back and reread this story several times. It never fails to leave me breathless and squirmy. While the dynamic of this threesome might challenge some readers and their grasp of physics, it is worth opening your mind (and unzipping your pants) to give this fabulous story a chance.

Jen - There’s so much to love in SingleStrand’s oneshot, Hard. Edward, our narrator, is an adorable, polo-shirt-wearing college student. Jasper and Riley are the incredibly good looking employees at Edward’s favorite coffee shop. Even before the dirty-talking starts, you want Edward to get with them as much as Edward lusts after them.

Edward’s usually alone, living in a new town for school, and spends a lot of time in his own head. His inner narrative covers everything from which color of his beloved polos looks best against his skin to the place that wanking takes in his daily routine to the hotness of the baristas at his local coffee shop.

The shirts, the wanking and the baristas are all related. Edward doesn’t really talk to Jasper and Riley when he buys his coffee, but thinks he’ll consider it life well lived to simply ogle them for the next four years. He gets hard every time he’s in their proximity, even though he’s taking care of himself a few times each day.

SingleStranduses Jasper and Riley sparingly. Riley doesn’t say much in the first half of the o/s, and Edward figures he’s shy. Jasper is more talkative, but Edward finds himself less than eloquent in return, much to his dismay. Edward’s a confident guy, and comfortable in his sexuality, but the combined hotness of Jasper and Riley leaves him tongue-tied.

Jasper is everything a dirty-talking-Jasper should be. Even when he says something that should be innocent, Edward finds it still sounds like sex. When he starts flirting with Edward the poor boy stands no chance. Seems he’s noticed the problem Edward has in his pants, and he and Riley are interested in helping him out.

"I don't need anything about you to be manly but your cock, and from what I've noticed, you don't seem to have any problems in that area."

Unf! Edward nearly busts a nut right then.

The boys get to know each other a bit over a game of pool and Jasper lets Edward know that they are interested in having him join them as a third. Edward can’t believe it but his dick is certainly game. From this point forward, the dirty-talking increases and deliciously smutty sexy-times ensue. It’s a wonderful, fun, sexy one-shot, and I think it’s made even better by the fact that it is SingleStrand’s first story.

Teal - I'll be honest; I’m not a big Riley person . . . BUT this story was just so UNFy. The contrast between the Riley and Jasper yet the way Edward is still attracted to both of them made the story fun and exciting to read and drool over, and both of their flirtations toward him, Riley’s more subtle and Jasper’s quite obvious, well . . .RAWR.

Frankly, the idea for a Dirty Talking Jasper contest was pure brilliance in my eyes (and my pervy heart), and while there were a number of stories I really loooooved, Hard definitely embodied the theme. Jasper was dirty, raunchy, nasty, and just plain sexy as fuck, and this one definitely deserved the attention it received.

Even if threesome stories aren’t your thing, this one if worth trying. Trust, your eyeballs will melt =)


SingleStrand said...

Thank you all so much. I really appreciate your kind words and rec. Hard was the first thing I've really ever written creatively, and the entire process has been extremely validating to me.
Chapter 2 is with my beta and you'll be seeing more of both Hard and of me in the near future!
Thanks again so much.

SingleStrand said...

Me again...also, I love the banner you all made. It's adorable!
To be fair, the amazing UNF4Rob just yesterday finished the one I asked her to make after the contest ended. you can find a link to it on my profile.
Many thanks!