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Turn Me On: Favorite One-Shots

We want to know what turns you on, ladies! Which fics are rocking your world and are must reads for us Pervs? We want you to tell us what you like, what turns you on about this fic. Let’s talk about it over a glass of wine and get everyone reading it.

This week, we bring you a special highlight of some great one-shots that totally turn us on. Pull up a chair and wave hello to our guests for this week, lexiecullen17, hippietrixi, and twitina!

Title: The Professional
Author: MsKathy
Word Count: 10,361
Summary: Bella discovers a giggle-worthy secret about her painter, but what he shows her about life changes her forever. Sometimes, you find love in the most unexpected places and people. 

Guest Recc’er lexiecullen17 - If there’ s one thing being in this fandom has taught me, it’ s how to appreciate porn. And what better way to appreciate porn than with a Pornward? Yes, that’ s right, ladies—a porn star Edward. And let me tell you, he is delicious.

MsKathy’s delicious one-shot, The Professional, explores the idea of finding love in all the strangest places, odd coincidences, and boosting one’s self esteem. Bella, a woman in
her mid-thirties, is desperate to save her marriage, so much so that she hires a decorator,
Esme, to redo her entire living room into an executive office for her husband, Aro. As
soon as the renovations commence, the hired painter, Edward, immediately captures
Bella’ s attention. When the job is done and Edward is gone, Bella realizes that no
amount of remodeling or sacrificing or barrage of toys is going to save her marriage and
asks for a divorce.

Skip forward a few weeks, Bella is on her own, redecorating her new apartment with
Esme once again. As they unpack, Esme stumbles upon a cheesey DVD that came free
with Bella’s toys, and as they watch, it becomes clear that they’re already incredibly
familiar with the leading actor. Oh, and Esme has just happened to invite him to Bella’s
housewarming dinner party the following week.

What follows is a slow realization of one woman coming to terms with herself and
her sexuality, exploring the possibility of being with the porn star she’s watched and
pleasured herself to, giving him a chance to make her feel desired for the first time in a
very long time.
That night, I ran a hot bath and thought a lot. I tried not to think about Edward,
naked and hard, either in porn or out of. I just wanted to think about Edward the
person. What the hell, I finally decided. It couldn't hurt to go out with him, right?
It wasn't like a date meant I had to have sex with him. I could go out and keep my
panties on.

Now, if Pornward alone isn’t enough to get you running to read this one shot, consider
this: MsKathy knows her smut. Like all of her works (shush, and let me fangirl!) it’ s the perfect balance of tension and release, tenderness and raw sexuality, and maintaining the characters’ integrity.

My hands moved up to his hair, weaving through the strands. Our lips continued
to softly press and pull against each other, and I got lost in our kiss. By the time I
mentally checked back in on what the rest of my body was doing, I realized I had
hitched my leg up over his hip and pulled our lower bodies together. In short, I
was grinding against him like a wanton whore.

I decided I was kind of okay with that, actually.

What we were doing felt amazing, and it was as if my body had finally woken up
after a long winter hibernation. I'd only ever been with Aro since we married

when I was so young, and nothing we'd ever done – ever – had felt like this. I
wanted to claw at Edward's shoulders and climb on top of him.

In conclusion, go read this…now. Spread the word. I share the love of Pornward and am
confident that you all will, too.

Title: A Winter in Chicago
Author: Fantasy Mother
Word Count: 10,840
Summary: Edward has grown to adulthood as the only child of a farming family. Hoping to earn extra money, he travels to the city each day, ultimately finding more than he bargained for within one of the mansions of affluent Chicago. AU, B&E, explicit lemons.

Guest Recc’er hippietrixi - This is a sweet little one-shot which I'm really glad that I found. To say the least I was really surprised with the ending. It was nice to be caught of guard and not read something so predictable. Also I knew that it was right up my alley when I discovered that it was a historical one-shot, which I love in a fic.

A Winter in Chicago is very well written and has the pacing of a longer fic. It was not rushed and gradually built from beginning to end. I also really enjoyed that it was told in Edward's point of view. This little one-shot is very poignant in the beginning but will surprise you in the end. The lemon is very sensuous and real. I can't say enough how much I enjoyed reading this one-shot. It is exactly what I look for when I read and will not leave you disappointed in the end.

Thank you Fantasy Mother for writing this one-shot!

Title: Holiday Briefs
Author: spanglemaker9
Word Count: 8,192
Summary: Bella has one purpose in life- to make partner at her law firm by 35. She has no time for silly holidays and certainly no time for love. A handsome stranger at the office Christmas party intends to change that.

Guest Recc’er twitina - Holiday Briefs is a great mix of well-told story and well-written smut.

Bella is a very focused attorney. Her love life has suffered as she’s chased her dreams - through college and into her professional life. Lauren and Jessica, co-workers at her firm, drag her to the company party, with promises of mingling with important people from another firm.

In typical Bella fashion, she’s not thrilled to be there, and is biding her time until she can leave.

Her former college roommates, Alice and Rose, are in contact with her, but we don’t actually see them. I loved the Twitter conversations between the three friends. I can picture Bella’s secretive typing under the table top as she sits with Edward.

The chemistry between Bella and Edward is instant and, of course, they find that they are attracted to each other. She tries to leave, but...

It happened so fast I didn't even have time to respond. One minute I was standing there glaring at him with my arms crossed and the next his lips were on mine, his tongue was in my mouth, his hands were gripping my head and I was about to pass out. Because this felt…he felt….so good. I couldn't breathe, but I didn't care. I would drop dead on the spot, just as long as he never stopped doing this. His tongue swept against mine just as his teeth scraped against my bottom lip and I moaned against his mouth.

The sound of my own voice, sounding desperate with lust almost snapped me out of it. What were we doing? This was the firm's Christmas party! And while we weren't making out on top of the bar, this wasn't much better. Anyone going to the bathroom would walk in on me and the axe man playing tonsil hockey in the vestibule. Oh God, who the hell am I?

Sexy times follow.

I love it when an author can tell a complete story in less than 10,000 words - allowing us to get to know the characters enough that we care what happens with them. spanglemaker9 does a fantastic job of pulling you in, making you love these characters - and writes a pretty good lemon in the process.

Title: Leave
Author: TallulahBelle
Word Count: 6,600
Summary: AH: A couple have angry sex due to an argument about her impending marriage with another man. Afterwards an honest discussion takes place revealing truths about their relationship. Is Bella brave enough to listen and take to heart what she is hearing?

Teal - It seems like forever ago when a friend introduced me to TallulahBelle and told me that I had to read her first one-shot. Goodness gracious, friends, she had me at hello!

"Oh God, Bella…," he sobbed as his thrusts became more urgent on top of me. His beautiful sweat-slicked body slid along my own, tantalizing as much of my body as he could. He used every part of himself… his mouth, his hands, his legs, and his cock- to make me feel pleasure.
His left hand grabbed me under my knee and pushed it forward, allowing him to thrust deeper into me, causing me to grab onto his shoulders as tightly as I could as some sort of anchor, drawing out a loud moan from my throat.

And that’s just the beginning. Literally. Those are the opening lines of the story.

So you get why I was a mess, right?

Even all this time later, and all the great fic TallulahBelle has written, this remains one of my favorites because it is such a taboo, complicated situation, and it really pulls on your emotions. Despite knowing that infidelity is wrong, there’s something tantalizing about an Edward/Bella forbidden fruit type of fic. It is the passion and the history behind these characters that really make it great. All the beautiful, painful desperation will keep your heart clenched and your lip bitten nervously in true Bella Swan fashion.

"I need to leave. I've been away too long and people will start to question my whereabouts," I whispered back, making myself stand up, away from his touch, not daring to look back at his beautiful nude body.

"I don't want you to leave me. You belong with me," he said in an anxious voice.
Guh. It hurts so good.

Despite all the sex and angst, I really love how this fic turns out in the end. It certainly wasn’t what I would have expected, but it was a really sweet resolution for these two. I hope you’ll give it a shot!

Title: Beep Beep
Author: Yellowglue
Word Count: 12,550
Summary: Meaning. A sunny day. Life. Truth... A safe place... And bottomless supply of Swedish Fish. "Yesterday and Today" on vinyl. And pink pot. Because we're all searching for things. E/B entry for the High Times Contest.
Jen - The playful title of Yellowglue’s o/s for the High Times contest only tells part of the story. Beep Beep is indeed playful--complete with pink-haired Bella--but it’s also a sensuous, slow burn.

Free spirited Bella is away from home for the first time, as a freshman in college. She is eager to see her brother Embry, who attends the same school. They’re not related by blood, but by becoming close when fostered by Renee and Phil. Embry and Bella were both abandoned after birth to drug addicted mothers, and they formed a very close bond. As Bella says ”The holes, the size and shape of absence inside us, left by our parents, match.”

At a back-to-school/birthday party for Embry’s girlfriend Angela, Bella meets Edward. She’s enchanted by him right away.

I smile back, and the guy standing next to him, the lanky guy with dark red-brown bed-head and simple black tee-shirt on, he turns too.
I look at him and I hear Bob Marley.
I feel warmer.
And when he shoots that sharp smile he's had on all night, at me, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.
Looking at a mountain of presents.
Reaching, for the very first one.

Edward is equally taken with Bella.

She's got pink hair.
Light pink, like salt water taffy.
She looks like exactly the girl Bob Marley had in mind when he wrote "Stir it up."
I want to talk to her. I bet she likes cool music.
I wonder what her tongue tastes like. I bet it's fucking soft.
"Little darling... Stir it up..."
She's Embry's little sister.
Is that bad?
Does that mean I shouldn't talk to her?
I want to talk to her.
I wonder if she likes juice or milk with her breakfast.
I wonder what kinds of sounds she makes.
The bulk of Beep Beep is told in BPOV. I love that Yellowglue gives us snippets of EPOV; the short sections are his thoughts about Bella. I just love this sweet stoner artist boy. A great deal of his thoughts show how concerned he is that Bella is his good friend’s little sister.

They get to know each other gradually while hanging around in the group. A lot of the gang’s time is spent procuring pot and smoking up. On one such occasion the group recounts the story of some amazing pink weed they’d smoked the summer before. If their glowing memories have even this non-pot smoker wishing she could try some, Bella of course is completely taken with the idea of it.
He grins, smiling and closing his eyes all dreamboaty and love struck teenager style, just like the rest of them did. His eyelashes are long against his cheeks and he's so drop dead pretty,
and he just secret-touched my leg back,
and I'm over the moon inside, and man,
I want to try some of that grass that makes them all look like they've just won a lifetime supply of pudding pops.
I think the limited use of EPOV really amps up the ust in the o/s, and I was begging Edward in my head to please talk to Embry already.
Her voice is so sexy when she talks.
I want to know what she sounds like when she comes.
I shouldn't be doing this, right?
I shouldn't be partying with my friend's little sister.
I certainly probably shouldn't be thinking about making her come, but God, I fucking want to.
I wonder if she'd say my name, while she was coming, if I touched her just right.

Yellowglue makes the simple touch of an ankle completely sexy, and when Edward finally, finally asks Bella if she wants to make out I nearly jumped for joy. And make out they do. While they are ‘just’ kissing for quite a while, Yellowglue’s descriptions of it are just as hot as any smut. Edward is a completely patient lover, and he’s as excited about earning her trust as he is about kissing and touching her. The first time he really touches her body there’s some dry humping and it is so very sexy.

I love love love the hazy, sexy feel of this o/s. Besides being hot, there’s emotional depth and a beautiful story of a girl coming into her own and healing from past hurts.

Title: Spice of Life
Author: bookbag
Word Count: 8,637
Summary: Running a thriving tavern should make Edward Masen happy. But happiness only arrives in his life along with the ship that carries the precious spices that are the key to his success, and his heart could cause everything he has worked for to fall into ruin.

Chele -Nothing makes for a more angst-ridden love affair than a period piece of slash erotica.
Spice of Life will make you ache and swoon in equal measure with it’s vivid descriptions of a forbidden passion. The story opens with Edward’s internal monologue as he circles around his superficial reasons for the state of his life - a wealthy man, operating a seedy tavern on the wharf - all the while we begin to suspect that there is a deeper, underlying justification for clinging to the underbelly. He speaks of his need for “spice,” but in fact, it is less about the cumin, and more about the man who brings it to him. Jasper.

What I find most striking, is the way that bookbag was able to completely pull me into the time period of the story. The setting, gritty and dangerous, ads an edge of desperation to every touch between our secret lovers. Edward and Jasper dance around each other, maintaining the careful appearance of propriety while in the public view. The UST just climbs and climbs until the moment when they are able to find themselves alone when it explodes.

Despite the inundation of Edward/Jasper slash, this remains one of my absolute favorites. The intensity and realism stand the test of time and consistently leave my heart satisfied.... and my pants.

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