Friday, March 11, 2011

Give it Up: Perv Pack approved contests


We Pervs are constantly on the lookout for new sources of smut. Contests are a great place to troll for sexy one-shots to feed our appetites. Are you looking for a contest to write a smutty one-shot for? Here are the details on two contests with early February deadlines. Go, get writing and feed the PPSS beast!

Hosts by @SingleStrand and @ouiserb have put together the @Eurofornication contest to get some more smuttilicious fic set in Europe for their friend @TippyL.

They want your best slash or threesome one-shot featuring Edward. It MUST take place somewhere in Europe and entries must contain a lemon.

Just imagine...Long-time couple Edward and Bella meet Brit Riley in London and ‘expand their horizons’? Shy artist Edward backpacks through Ireland and Peter serves him more than just Guiness at a local pub? Or maybe businessman Carlisle can’t wait to be back in Paris where his lover Edward awaits. Be creative!

Contest Dates:
Open for entries from Monday, February 21st, to midnight on Monday, March 21st.
Public voting will take place from Tuesday, March 22nd, to Tuesday, March 29th.

For more information check out the Eurofornication contest FFnet account or tweet @Eurofornication

Note: The Pervs have made a special exception for this very worthy cause. We would love to see some hot and sexy fics make it into this compilation. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.

UNF4Rob, Krystal, Maria and Alex have hosting the Fandom Fights Tsunami.

By donating a minimum of $5 you will have access to a compilation of stories and poems by amazing authors. These stories are going to be from all different kinds of fandoms; not just twilight. So if you want to write for Harry Potter, Hunger Games or write your own original fiction, we need you! All stories will be due by May 1st.

For more information go to the Fandom Fights Tsunami or email them at You can also follow them on twitter at @Fandom4Tsunami.

If you are hosting a smutty fan fiction contest or challenge, and would like to be featured on Give it UP contact us at