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Team WussPerv: Parenthetical Love by LyricalKris

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Title: Parenthetical Love
Author: LyricalKris
Chapters: 28 (complete)
Words: 144, 934
Reviews: 3852
Summary: Bella wasn't interested in finding a father for her baby-to-be. Edward wasn't interested in being a father at all. The accidents that can make a parent don't always happen between the sheets, but will they make the best of it? (E/B but non-canon pairings including Slash)

Emmy - Hey folkies. Yup your pussy WussPerv’s are back with another fluffy and HEA fic recc for you! Though I think I should include a wee WP disclaimer for you all with this one! 1 - there are some non-canon couples in this story. In fact only Edward and Bella, and Carlisle/Esme are canon couples... 2 - There are real heartflaily moments in this fic!

In fact when I wanted to recc this as a Team Wussperv, the next chapter from LyricalKris was complete and utter HF! Reading this week-by-week and waiting for updates was fecking stressful! I was desperate for a HEA for these two unlikely love-birds. But fear not. Team WussPerv know exactly what that is like, and its why we are now reccing this story to you. Complete.....

If you are concerned that the non-canon couplings will be an issue for you, please don’t worry, I really think that instead of detracting from this lovely story, the non-canon pairings actually add to it (and that is something that I NEVER normally say!). I think in particular I like how Alice and Jasper’s friendship (and it is JUST friendship) is particularly well done. It seems so canon yet isn’t canon, canon....

Anyways, why did I love this fic? Well to start with I have a MAJOR weakness for DaddyWard fics. MAJOR. Want to write me one?? Please do! I cannot GET ENOUGH! But more than that, the premise in this story is very intriguing. Bella and Edward end up as accidentally expecting a baby together. But not accidentally in the usual ff way aka one night stands, or lax contraceptive methods, but instead through a medical mix-up. Bella and Edward don’t even meet. But unfortunately the ahem ‘donation’ that Edward makes, so that his sister Rosalie’s partner Alice can get pregnant with their child, gets mixed up with that from Bella’s gay best friend Jasper.... Rur-roh....

So a couple who have never met are suddenly told that they are going to be parents. Both Bella and Edward’s reactions are extremely convincing and realistic, as they struggle to except the changes to their careful plans. Bella was determined to be a single mother, due to her personal circumstances. And Edward? Well Edward swore that he NEVER EVER NEVER wanted to have children. Edward loves being an Uncle, but kids of his own? Nope. So... Its not the greatest or most beautiful of introductions for Bella and Edward. Add into the mix that Bella and Edward’s sister Rosalie have a complicated and turbulent past, and you can tell that things are not as planned or as hoped.

But LyricalKris starts weaving a beautiful love story, as Edward and Bella begin to spend time together they work out how and if they can work together... Their love is burgeoning, gradual and feels so real and potent. But how does a baby and incidents from their pasts effect this developing yet intense love? Can they reconcile their previous dreams to their current situations and the beautiful hope their love offers?
Well its not an easy road, thats for sure. Particularly when heartbreak hits and friends and families get involved in well-intentioned but misinformed ways....

As many of our WussPerv picks are - this story is at times humourous and fluffy sweet. Reading Bella and Edward’s love unfold, and their tentative courtship is perfection and gives me that WussPerv thrill and delight... (I know you know what I am talking about!). Seeing them come together, reconnecting, building a future together is just lovely to read. And the smutty stuff? Cause I know how you chaps/chapettes are! You want the goods! Well fear not. The UST is grand in this story, as both Bella and Edward fight what is there between them:

When she opened her eyes she was immediately struck by the look on his face. His eyes, normally a light shade of green close to the color reflected in dew drops that gathered on leaves, had gone dark at the center, his pupils dilated. His mouth hung slightly open in a distinctly hungry pout that she sincerely doubted had anything to do with the delicious food he'd brought.

Just like the first time, the atmosphere around them grew heavy and heated. They didn't try to resist. Her head tilted, meeting his lips as he leaned down. Her hands had again gone straight for his hair, running through it and reveling at the way he hummed his approval into her mouth. His hands ran from the small of her back up to her shoulder blades slowly, as if he were memorizing her shape through the pads of his fingers alone.

When Edward was kissing her, Bella found it extraordinarily difficult to form a coherent thought. In the brief moments their lips were free, she would try to convince herself to move away from him - unwrap her hands from behind his neck. But his scent would lead her to bury her nose against his neck, breathing him in as he peppered light kisses against her hairline. Then his hands would traipse up her back and come to rest under chin, guiding her face back up so he could kiss her again.

It was worse than being a teenager. When her senses and sensations were new everything was so much more intense. That, at least, she understood. Whatever was going on between her and Edward she couldn't make sense of at all. But oh lord - she couldn't seem to stop.
See what I mean? yum. And that is not the actual sexy stuff! I am going to leave those gems for you to find.... But its beautiful and intense.

This fic isn’t just about having a baby. Although there is lots of lovely stuff about that in here too. Its about honesty and commitment. Its about making the best of things and taking advantage of the blessing and opportunities that life sends your way. Of opening up your heart to possibilities and of opening it up to LOVE.

Jess - I have a soft spot for fics with babies. There’s something intense and vulnerable about children that brings out the best and worst in parents. In Parenthetical Love by LyricalKris, we see this play out time and time again as Edward and Bella struggle to find their way through a very complicated and unexpected situation.

I don’t think it’s giving much up, given the premise of this story, to share a little about what brings Edward and Bella’s worlds colliding into each other. Bella, a single woman who doesn’t really believe in love, decides she wants to be a mother. She’s got love to give, after all, she muses. So, she convinces her best friend, Jasper (gay and paired with Peter), to donate the sperm for this baby. Meanwhile, Edward, single and uninterested in being a parent ever, agrees to donate the sperm for his twin sister, Rose and her partner, Alice, to have a baby.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and as LyricalKris says in the summary, the accidents that can make a parent don't always happen between the sheets. Cue the mix up at the fertility clinic that leaves Edward and Bella paired, and Alice and Jasper paired. Now, before you go getting any ideas, the pairings are what they are - Rose/Alice, Jasper/Peter, Leah/Mike, Esme/Carlisle, and Jacob/Lizzie. There are no switches or false claims about whose baby is whose. This is the story of a family and group of friends getting to know and trust each other as wrongs are righted and hope and faith grow and bloom.

As I was reading, I was deeply touched by the insight LyricalKris brings to this story. All of the characters are well formed, the relationships run deep, and the emotions are extremely real. All throughout this story, I found myself getting lost in the lyrical flow of her words and the beautifully described words and emotions. It was an absolute delight to read.

The UST in this story practically killed me. I mean, by the time Edward and Bella finally kiss I was practically panting. It was like all the tension, the questions surrounding this baby they had created against their will were colliding.
Bella fought to restore order to her suddenly muddled thoughts, but before she could find any sort of coherency in them, he was just there. She'd never truly understood the meaning of the term bubble-space before that moment. When he stepped up behind her, she could perceptively feel the air change in a three
foot circumference around her. Her kitchen was light and open, yet she felt as if she was in a very tiny closet space with him. Maybe it was the heightened sense of smell that pregnancy brought, but she could swear his essence wafted around her - permeating the room with delicious fragrance.

Tension made her body coil painfully tightly. She wasn't sure if she wanted to bolt or turn and bring him up against her. Neither option made sense, but she couldn't think past them either. Confused and titillated - that's what she felt.

Scared and thrilled. She'd skydived once and remembered the feeling of complete and utter terror mixing with exhilaration as she looked at the world, so far below, and tensed for the jump - not at all certain this was a good thing to do.

His shuddering breath matched hers, like their thoughts were in sync.

Then his right hand brushed lightly against her hip.
If that doesn’t get you burning, then the way he reverently brushes his fingers over her baby bump will kill you dead.
She'd had him completely riled up in the space of a single bite. It had been utterly impossible not to kiss her in that moment. He was only lucky that she was apparently on the same wave length because nothing could have stopped him from licking the remnants of honey and chocolate off her lips the way he had.

The need he felt to kiss her or have her in his arms made him dizzy with want. Even then, driving toward her work with Alice chattering beside him, all he could think about was the way her skin felt underneath his fingers.

Touching the silk over solid swell of her baby bump had made him feel almost caveman - all biology and nature with very little thought involved. Kissing her hadn't been enough in that moment. He wanted to pick her up and claim her completely, driving any thought of anyone else out of her mind forever. She was his to have and his to protect.

I mean, can you feel the intensity? I’m not even going to get into the lemons. They are amazingly well written and match the tone and feel of this story in every way.

This story will make your heart clench in all the best ways... even when there’s some painful heart hurty ways. It has to happen, and the aftermath that ensues is painful to read, but relatively short-lived. Wusspervs, it will make the ending all the sweeter. If you haven’t read this yet, please do yourself a favor and get on it.

Jen - *peeks into WussPerv headquarters* Nice digs, guys! I don’t usually come and play with Team WussPerv, but when I heard they were recc’ing Parenthetical Love
by LyricalKris I had to join in. I read everything LyricalKris writes because she always has great insight into the human condition, and these insights come out through her characters. She writes real aka flawed people, and their journeys of self-discovery and growth are as realistic as the characters.

Though much of Parenthetical Love is humorous and sweet, it is, at its heart, a story about two people who have closed themselves off from sharing an ongoing intimate relationship with another person. Edward and Bella are thrown together because of human error; not just any error, but one that leaves them irrevocably bound, no matter how they feel about the other. Edward already has negative preconceived notions about Bella due to workplace circumstances that have led Edward’s twin, Rosalie to despise Bella.

Edward and Bella pull on their big kid pants in order to try to figure out what their relationship will be, as parents of the baby Bella’s carrying. It’s delightful to watch as they let their walls down with each other, just little at a time, each time they get together.

It wasn't that they didn't want to get along. They were both relieved, on a level. It was just confusing. If they had been two people truly meeting each other for the first time with no other complications - without the baby or the situation with Rosalie - they would have come away from that lunch as friends. Maybe even, if they were being honest with themselves, they would have left with a little crush - the kind that made them smile secret little smiles when they thought no one was looking.

When they stop fighting their attraction for one another, they compartmentalize: there’s the physical, and increasingly emotional, relationship they have with one another and then there’s the seldom talked about relationship as parents of the baby. It’s not giving anything away to say that this comes back to bite them in the ass big time.

Their interactions get more and more UST filled. There’s kissing and gentle touches, and neither of them is able to keep their mind off the other for very long. The way LyricalKris writes their kisses leaves me absolutely swoony. Alice can tell that something is blooming between them, and she teases Edward after they had lunch with Bella:

"I'm going to get a ride back with Rose. Now ask me why."
"Why?" Edward asked, feeling like he was about to walk into a trap.
"Because the sexual tension in this car was so g'damn thick, I'm going to explode if I don't do something about it soon."
Edward faced forward so he didn't have to look at her. "I don't know what you're talking about."
"Don't give me that bullshit, Edward. If you weren't staring at her like she was something to eat, she was staring you at as if she'd rather be licking the barbecue sauce off of your cock instead of that fry. Normally, you bite the damn thing, you don't pleasure it. I'm pretty sure, if I wasn't in the vehicle, you'd have been ripping each others clothes off," Alice ranted.
"Alice!" Edward protested, a little scandalized.
For someone who’s ambivalent at best about becoming a father, Edward sure reveres Bella’s pregnant body. His adoration of Bella’s pregnant form brings something so wonderful to the lemons. I think every woman who’s ever been pregnant wants to feel desired in the way that LyricalKris writes Edward’s desire for Bella.
She was positive that he was about to fall right back to sleep like last time, when his hand began to run along the curve of her belly. His touches were light, teasing, designed to heighten her senses. He only used the very tip of his fingers, always on the edge of tickling and rubbing, but never quite falling off either side.
With his other hand, he wordlessly swept her hair away from her shoulders and neck, fitting his body against hers as he began to nip at her skin with his teeth and lips. Sleepiness was quickly being replaced by a growing ache for him. Bella was torn... part of her wanting to stay still and just experience the way his light motions barely brushed nerve endings along her body that she wasn't even aware she had. She gave little mewls of pleasure at his ministrations, the sounds she made all needed to continue. But at the same time, she was quickly becoming desperate for more.
Finally, unable to take his teasing any longer, she put one hand over his on the apex of her belly. She moved his hand up her body, guiding his palm to her breast.
She could feel him smile against her back, where his questing mouth had taken him.
"Do you like this?" he whispered in her ear, his voice a throaty whisper as he cupped her breast, rubbing his thumb in circles over her nipple.
"God, yes," she murmured, arching slightly, pushing her breasts against his hand as her back came more firmly up against his chest.
"I love the way you feel in my hands," he rumbled, his lips still pressed against the shell of her ear as he tugged her nipple lightly. "You know those noises you make for me drive me crazy when I touch you."


Alice is just one of the ‘supporting cast’ of this fic whom you will love. I adore Jasper, Peter, Emmett, Tanya, Esme, and Carlisle. Even Rosalie, who, imo, deserves her reputation as a bitch, eventually has me enjoying her. Two special little parts of the fic are Edward’s twin nieces, Katrina and Irina; they’re just adorable and will make you smile.

Parenthetical Love has something for everyone- angst, humor, fluff, canon and non-canon. Edward and Bella go through some very tough times together before the fic is done--this time due to their own faults--and each of them must go through some serious self-reflection and evaluation before they can come back together again. You’ll be angry at Bella, you’ll be angry at Edward, but you’ll be very glad to have read this story.

Liz - LyricalKris gave us a great fic in Parenthetical Love. It’s a great story for those WussPervs that like a touch of angst with their fluff. I especially enjoyed the mix of canon and non-canon pairings, and slash couples blending seamlessly into an otherwise ‘straight’ story. I love that the slash couples are just part of the family, accepted as they are without fanfare or novelty, and they contribute significantly to the plot without that contribution being dependant on their sexual orientation. I especially love this in combination with the underlying theme of finding extraordinary love in unexpected places, under most definitely unexpected circumstances.