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Turn Me On: Volturi Dairy by FetishFanfic


We want to know what turns you on, ladies! Which fics are rocking your world and are must reads for us Pervs? We want you to tell us what you like, what turns you on about this fic. Let’s talk about it over a glass of wine and get everyone reading it.

Title: Volturi Dairy
Author: FetishFanfic
Summary: Bella is living out a secret fetish fantasy...the life of a hu-cow, a human living and behaving like a cow. Her cowpoke and long time handler has other ideas. This is a FETISH FIC and definitely rated M. You have been warned!

Special message from Jeanne:

While I have not read all of Volturi Dairy, I wanted to join the girls in this rec. I feel it's important that I lend my voice to the group and applaud Fetish_FanFic for writing a beautiful story about sexual expression. While the summary of this story may make people uncomfortable, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the hu-cow fetish. Yes, I didn't read this story because it's not my fetish (but neither is fluff Ed/Bella fic), that doesn't mean the fic is bad or wrong, just not for me. If being a lover of non-canon and alternative lifestyles has taught me anything is that we should be our own judge of what's hot to us, and ignore the judgement of others. In the end reading fic is about YOUR own personal enjoyment.
Just because I'm not into the hu-cow fetish doesn't mean I'm not a huge fangirl for Fetish_FanFic for writing Volturi Dairy. Truly, I think she's pretty fucking awesome and the parts of the story that I have read are compassionate and flawless. My fellow Pervs will attest to the beauty and intense erotic content of this unique story. I would like to encourage you to read the reviews below, open your mind and read the first chapter of Volturi Dairy. Don't pre-judge this story, and more importantly, don't judge yourself if you find that you're turned on by the naughty antics of hu-cow Bella and her cowpoke.

Whatever turns you on isn't wrong or bad. Writing about what turns us on isn't bad either, in fact writing and sharing our own personal desires can allow others (who are too shy to do the same) an opportunity to know they are not alone in their own secret desire. Honestly, how do you really know you don't like something until you try it? Come on, you know you want it. ;)

Liz - A few months ago, Anntastic23 sent around an email to several friends regarding a fic that she had to share. I’m glad she did. Volturi Dairy is centered around an unconventional fetish-based Dom/sub relationship that many of you might find outside your comfort zone. FetishFanfic manages to draw the reader into the mind of her characters and makes this very out-of-the-ordinary kink feel loving, sexy and beautiful.

I have to admit, it took me a few minutes to get past the giggle factor of what I was reading. Once I set aside my knee-jerk reactions, I was rewarded with a carefully written love story between two people who have stepped beyond their fears and society’s expectations and embraced their sexuality, and holy hotness do they embrace it!
I am nearly unconscious as the vibrations shift to low, letting me come down but not all the way. I vaguely hear the crowd clap at the completion of his lecture and then eventually wander off, leaving the arena.

Once we are left alone and the door shuts for the final time letting out the last person, he tugs the leash and gets me off the stand only to stand up on two feet and lean over on the padded surface. I am barely aware of anything until suddenly I feel my tail lifted and thrown up over my back and my pussy filled by a big bull cock that I know better than my own name.
Imma let that sink in for just a minute, while you catch your breath. Yeah...

I love reading about characters discovering and embracing their sexuality, especially when it involves things that are new to me. Even if people engage in things we don’t understand, or make choices we don’t agree with, we should all respect their right to explore and express themselves as consenting adults with other consenting adults. Whether that's women behaving as cows, porn performers, MMF poly triads, transgender F to M gays, genderqueer subs, cisgender hetero relationships, or any other of thousands of permutations of how bodies and hearts can come together. I'm all for fics that open eyes and minds, push boundaries, and ask us to think. Edward says it beautifully:

Not that sex isn't fun. I enjoy it in all its forms but it feels like being delivered a half eaten pizza. I open the box to find pieces missing. When I partake of it anyway it leaves me still hungry for more, for the pieces that someone took from me.

But it isn't just about the sex. It is a whole part of who I am that I feel like I have to keep hidden. How can I be in a growing relationship with a woman when I have to hide, ashamed of who I am and what I want?

I’ve read and enjoyed things that I never would have imagined before, because they were presented with the voice of characters I already knew and loved. I’m glad there is a place in this fandom for stories like Volturi Dairy.
Guest Perv: AnnTastic23- One night in mid-February I noticed a large amount of tweets talking about a fic. There were tons of "ews!" and "I just cannots!" which naturally led to a handful of "Link me?" tweets. Of course, I was one of those. So I checked out Volturi Dairy by the lovelyFetishFanfic and as Subtlepen said, this is NOT a conventional fic - nor is it even a conventional fetish (because come ON, at this point flogging, spanking, or having an audience while you engage in those activities is almost passe in this fandom) but I was hooked. HOOKED! And while at first I was "O M G..." I went into it with an open mind and kept reading. And reading. And reading. And I felt like I had SO much to say/ask by the end of it. It was not so much the specific fetish that had my mind racing (though that does make things race & also want to take Fetish out for coffee & quiz her relentlessly), but Edward & Bella's intimate D/s relationship expressed so beautifully that hit me hard.

Throughout the story, as each POV gave us more & more insight to their actions, reactions, and emotions, I felt like I could FINALLY understood the mindset & the inner-workings of a D/s relationship better than I ever did from the popular BDSM fics that I'd previously read & loved. I feel like in most D/s fic it's a given that E is a dom & always has been & it's a side of him that he NEEDS & can't live without because it's part of who he is. Then we're usually told Bella is a natural born sub (usually E graces her with this revelation) and as readers we're expected to just "get it." And yeah, those are often HOT fics. But after the first couple, I wanted MORE. I'm a detail person and I wanted to know EVERYTHING. How does Edward decide a punishment? How much planning goes into scenes? (or in Dairyward's case - their day to day routine), how is Bella not humiliated? How does such a unique fetish (or any fetish, really) fit into one's overall lifestyle (come ON, how do you hide a whole playroom from your kids)? More than anything when reading this genre, I wanted to understand the MENTAL aspect driving Doms & subs to live a certain lifestyle, how the sexual gratification component plays into the some of the more non-sexual activities they engage in, as well as the mindset leading up to the "happy ending" of any playroom scene.
I pause briefly before I put her tail on her, debating whether I should leave it out until her punishment is over. No, I think, she needs all the symbols of what she is to help her remember why what she has done is so wrong.

So I put the tail in, refraining from adding any more pleasure to it than necessary but strictly avoiding the pain that is possible in the insertion. I see her visibly relax once it is in and I realize that she thinks she has escaped punishment. I am tempted to give in at the look of sweet relief on her face but I know that if I do I've weakened my dependability in her eyes. That will do nothing to assist in gaining her trust.

FetishFanfic layers her story with insight into each of her main character's minds so that the reader begins to see the push & pull, give & take, need & fullfillment that goes one between the two. As you read Volturi Dairy I realized I could apply Edward & Bella's needs & desires to live out their specific fetish to ANY fetish or "regular" D/s lifestyle. I have never, ever have I gotten such a clear picture of this desire, mindset, fulfillment, sense of trust, etc as I did with this wonderfully unique Hu-Cow fic. Once you get through the graphic nature of the first chapter, their relationship AND how they live out the hu-cow lifestyle unfurl beautifully for the reader.

I surrender. To him. For always. And I know that I always will. So with a rhythmic rocking motion he slowly seats himself in a place he's never been, he takes me with him, to a place I've never been and yet a place that is home to me more than anywhere on this earth – under Edward and controlled totally by him.

As an aside from the subject of the story itself, Volturi Dairy is extremely well-written. The way FetishFanfic conveys Edward & Bella's emotions and reactions are expressed so beautifully... it was a treat to read (esp considering it's un-beta'd). Her understanding of her subject matter & the skillful way she handles it amazes me. Not only does this fic fully explain the particular fetish, but she manages to take the reader inside their relationship as they fall in love, grow, push boundaries, and create a life together. And isn't that the delight in ANY well-written fic - watching the characters fall in love, tackle challenges, and go forward together?
Guest Perv: vbfb1 - I just wanted to start out by saying I seriously love Volturi Dairy and FetishFanfic. This fic however is not for the faint of heart. The warnings at the beginning of the first chapter pretty much tell you everything you need to know.

Just so we're clear: if you're under 18 or easily offended by D/s or M/s type relationships or the thought of animal people or milk fetishes squick you out….GO AWAY. Alrighty?

So if you’re still reading this review then either you have read this fic and know how absolutely amazing it is, or you’re dead curious as to what it is about and if you are I suggest you head on over to FFn and get reading you won’t be disappointed.

When we first meet Edward and Bella in this story their time at Volturi Dairy is coming to an end and I don’t want to spoil it but chapter one is kind of a what happens at the end then the next seven chapters tell us how they got there.

Bella and Edward have both chosen to take a sabbatical from life and indulge their fetishes. Bella’s fetish is to be a hu-cow, Edward’s a cowpoke. So what exactly does this mean? Well for Bella it means behaving like a cow twenty-four-seven this includes being milked and only being able to communicate by mooing. For Edward it means being solely responsible for the care and nurture of his heifer.
I hear his chuckle. My response to the vibe and whiney mooing when he takes it away without giving me relief provides him with unending humor. He hangs the vibe back on its hook on the wall of my stall and reaches outside the gate for my feed bowl. I nuzzle him where ever I can as he brings my morning feed and places it in my trough at the back of my stall. This morning I manage to get inside his personal space far enough that I graze his cock with my nose, earning a swift, sharp smack on my rump. I'm pretty sure that he's hard and his hand dolling out my punishment makes me even wetter so I do it again. He just chuckles some more and whispers, "Careful what you wish for, cow."

Now you’re probably thinking from the warnings at the start, that this fic is nothing more than kinky sex and you would be wrong. Although there are a lot of kinky practices and definitely some sex acts primarily this is a love story about too people with unique needs who find what they never thought they could, their other half.

From the very first moment Edward laid eyes on his Beauty he is smitten and does everything in his power to make sure she is well cared for and a high volume milk producer. Beauty is being cared for by Cowpoke Mike and is actually close to calling the whole experience quits when Edward offers to try and up her milk production. It is a decision that alters the course of their experience and their lives.

Mike of course doesn’t understand the care and attention Edward pays towards his heifer and comes close on more than one instance to getting a smack in the kisser from Edward.

"Why?" Mike asks stupidly and I feel my knuckles twitch, itching to make swift and vicious contact with some part of his anatomy. "She's a cow, Eddie. You milk her. You fuck her. What else is there?"

Now I may have said this story is not only about kinky sex but there is a fair swag of left of centre sex acts now for me that is just fine because well I like that kind of thing. I have however seen many a twitter comment/reviews that have been from someone who thought they were going to be squicked out by the content and were pleasantly surprised when they weren’t.

I'd done my research on every aspect of that particular practice. She is too thin for good milk production and her nutrition has obviously not been looked after any better than her cleanliness. The protein contained in a single "dose" of ejaculate was equal to approximately a half dozen eggs.

Plus, I'd been hard as a rock for a week dreaming of my Beauty and I couldn't wait to feel her mouth on me. After all, I think it's pretty clear that I am one kinky son of a gun.

Okay now I could probably go on and on about how great this fic is but I won’t because that would take time away from you reading it. This story is only a short 12 chapters at the moment although I know fetish_fanfic plans on adding a little more to it. Those 12 chapters however have plenty to keep your interest well and truly stimulated.

This story is told primarily from Cowpoke Edwards POV but we do get to hear from his Beauty a few times. I think fetish_fanfic does an amazing job of giving us an insight into what it takes to be a Cowpoke and a Heifer. So if you have managed to get this far and haven’t run for the hills then I think you will definitely love this fic and you will become a VD addict just like me.

Chele - Volturi Dairy is a beautifully written story about emotional and sexual exploration and love. It is also a glimpse into a vivid fantasy world that pushes the taboo limits of even the most jaded of edgy fanfic readers. FetishFanfic creates a reality where Edward and Bella are able to explore an unorthodox lifestyle, and tells the story so effectively that we can see a love which exists without words. Even open-minded readers who have never considered animal play, will find this story erotic and lovely.

I’m a bit of a kinky girl. I love to watch. Reading this story is like being invited into a new world where any fantasy is possible. Watching as these characters together as they find the ultimate level of satisfaction and completeness of a deep need is the best kind of voyeurism.

The thing about being a voyeur, is that one is quite happy watching things they may not actually want to participate in. I had never considered being a hu-cow, but I loved reading about it, and absolutely couldn’t stop devouring this story after the first paragraph. Though I’ll admit, the satiation and wholeness, FetishFanfic infuses into Bella’s point of view makes this scenario more than just palatable. She makes it tempting. That fact is a testament to her writing.

This story is told bravely and without apology, and rightly so. Even if you have no interest in this lifestyle, there is something to be learned here. FetishFanfic earns my high regards for her bold and honest handling of a subject that is certain to garner judgement. Volturi Dairy is a sensual, sexy exploration of fantasy. If you’ve got a bit of a kink, come sit next to me, and we can watch together.

Jen - I started reading this story because I was curious about what I’d heard about it on Twitter. I couldn’t stop reading because it’s just that good.

I know not everyone will be able to get past the story’s particular type of kink. If you can put aside any notions you may have about the fetish this story explores, you will see that it’s a really beautiful love story at its most basic level.

I’d never read any fic or other porn that included animal play. At first the notion of a hu-cow surprised me, but when I read Bella’s reasons for wanting to live this way I could understand her motivation. On her application to join the Volturi Dairy Bella states that she’s always the caretaker, and that her own needs never get fulfilled. She continued by saying, ”How do you tell someone that you want to be taken care of so utterly, so completely that words and decisions are not even required from you?”

As their relationship develops, the fetish is not what will take your attention; the strength of their bond will. Edward has to build trust so that Bella can comfortably submit to him. I’d say it isn’t just Bella who has to trust; Edward trusts in her just as she trusts in him. Because Bella is a hu-cow, they cannot converse as another couple would. Edward shows his complete adoration and reverence for her in how he cares for her. Even without speaking, Bella’s love for him is clear as well. Their first time making love is an absolutely gorgeous scene, probably one of the loveliest first-times I’ve read.
I just noticed that FetishFanfic has recently added another chapter to Volturi Dairy, so if you’ll pardon me I’m going to go catch up with my favorite cowpoke and hu-cow.

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Anonymous said...

To the amazing PPSS girls,
You are all so lovely!

Thank you a zillion times over for all the beautiful words you said about my story. I am humbled by such marvelous praise and deeply grateful that you all took the time to read with an open mind.

Please, anyone reading this comment, I'd love to talk to you! Ask me anything, anything at all! I'm happy answer. Even if all you want to say is "WTF?!?" Lol! I'm on twitter pretty much 24/7: @fetish_fanfic. Please send me a note or tweet and let me know what you think.

Thank you again PPSS ladies. You're too kind!

Fetish Fanfic

Anonymous said...

I have to say that this post made me dive in and give the story a shot, and I'm happy (and somewhat surprised) to say that I found it to be a beautifully written and characterized story. I feel like I have a better understanding of a fetish that confused the hell out of me for years, and by the end of Ch 13 I felt overjoyed for those two people as they'd found their "other half". Thanks for recommending it, and encouraging those of us who wouldn't normally read a story like this to give it a go.

winterstale24 said...

I'm so glad this story hopped across your radar, ladies. It's so well done and F_F deserves so much praise for her well-written and fascinating story. :)

Anonymous said...

OK I'll say it WTF! I don't know what kind of pull you girls have over me but man oh man you got me reading this and I'm so surprised I keep clicking the next button for a new chapter. I don't know what that says about me but it is really well written.

Anonymous said...

So I'm the writer of the 4th comment here and now I really wish I had waited until the last chapter before posting because I found my limit there with what I can only call rape. Yeah no longer that interested in reading it anymore.

Chele681 said...


I agree that the last chapter was was painful to read, but it is a very poignant turning point in the story where Edward's goals and motivations switch from being okay with having Beauty in the barn, to needing her safe with him in a long term relationship. It is not glorified or eroticized, in the least, and is written horrifically.

This is exactly the type of vulnerability a sub has when immersed in this level of play, and I think it was a valid point to the story. It's not pretty, but one could further argue the point that while Beauty may not have wanted Jacob in that way, she did have the option of speaking in order to stop it, which she didn't, though she did speak to Edward when he arrived. Though personally, I don't think that a sub that deeply immersed could be held responsible for giving consent or lack thereof, and the situation here is horrifying, which I believe was intentionally how it was written. This part of the story was clearly not written to be sexy, but to highlight a danger and horror which can occur under these circumstances.
I felt that the way Edward and Beauty deal with the aftermath could be a very important part of their story.

The Perv Pack feels very strongly about refusing to support fics which glorify or eroticize rape, but those who recc'd the story did not interpret that the author's intent was to sexually titillate here, but more to prompt a deeper thought and examination of the characters and their choices.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous and other readers,

Let me please first say that I humbly admit to being remiss in posting a warning on chapter 13. This is a mistake that I plan on rectifying as soon as I am back at a computer.

Second, if the gentle reader will allow me a brief explanation. Remember that Jacob has spent the last two weeks reading Beauty's contract, a contract wherein she gave permission to be used by multiple partners and to submit to more than one Master. (Edward would not have trained Jacob if her contract had said otherwise.) It was Edward's rule, not Beauty's that Jacob not use her in that way. Jacob figured if she gave consent then Edward couldn't really say no. Remember also he isn't familiar with D/s ettiquette. Jacob is only there because Embry was there and he thought it sounded cool.

Next, my characters are not meant to be portrayed as perfect. Did both Jacob and Beauty make a mistake here? Yes. I can speak on this because, as a very submissive person by nature myself, it isn't always easy to say no, even when it's perfectly okay to do so. This is what Beauty did. She didn't feel well and had reservations as to whether to allow Jacob to have intercourse with her but she is with someone she is not fully comfortable with, in a situation where she has subjugated herself totally. Beyond that she is timid about refusing just because that's how she is. This does not make what Jacob did a clear cut case of rape.

Allow me an example? If I'm not in the mood for sex with my husband but I fail to say that, does that mean he's raped me? No. It means that I have given consent by going ahead and allowing him to do as he wishes. The fault is mine, not his. Equally true is the fact that I would have violated the trust he puts in me to tell him my needs.

Is Jacob guilty of being oblivious to her condition and blinded by his own lust? Yes absolutely! Is Beauty guilty of failing to speak up for herself? Yes. If you combine these two things it makes for a terrible situation but it does not make it rape and I never intended to write it as such.

That all being said, I am very sorry to have offended anyone who read that chapter and was triggered into painful memories. That was not my intention. I meant only to show a very pivotal point in Edward and Bella's relationship.

I hope that clears up some confusion and allieviates some concerns.

I love all of my readers, even the ones who don't care for the story and wish to thank you all for at least giving it a shot.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Fetish Fanfic

Anonymous said...

NGL I giggled like hell when this story was first rec'd to me by a group of women in the fandom whose opinions I respect. They had an opportunity to read it and were joking around the concept on morning when I TJ'd the conversation. Even though they were indulging in 9th grade humor everyone attested to the fact that this was a brilliant well written story. I was assured that once I got away from the milking fetish it would reveal itself to be something far more thoughtful than people indulging in a fantasy that was likely alien to most people.

Ever curious I clicked the link and
Was beyond happy that I did. F_F did a wonderful job explaining the intricacies of: 1) What it means to have a fetish. 2) The mechanics of a D/s relationship and 3) The overall need we each have to be able to be ourselves with the one we love. Where trust and respect are the foundations of a successful union.

Giggle all you want to about the world of the Hu-cow but just recognize that beneath the laughter you too would crave a deep and abiding love from someone who works hard to understand you and accept you in every way. Bella and her Cowpoke Edward were very lucky to find each other.


Lena said...

Hmmmm. Very interesting. Ummmm...are there more stories similiar to this? It's fascinating. Sometimes I really *ahem* enjoyed it, at some parts I bust out laughing, and at some I was just...WTF? But...very interesting. Thanks for introducing me to something new PPSS!

Anonymous said...

If you are interested, I have 7 stories over at TWCS library. You can look me up over there under my penname Fetish Fanfic. There are stories that are similar and some that are not. If you find, read and enjoy, drop me a line and let me know. :-)
Thanks bunches!
Fetish Fanfic

What? Who?. . . Me? said...

I remember reading this story after following vbfb1's recommendation at the coffee shop. This is a really awesome fetish story. It was kind of interesting to me, because after reading this story, I was finding more and more stories that are about similar fetish.