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Kassiah gets Chapter Fived...thud.

Shortly after the Love Through Lemons contest, I instituted a new rule: if Edward and Bella aren't fucking by Chapter 5, I am not reading the fic. Thank Rob I stumbled onto Reality Minus Expectations at just the right moment.

I am not going to go into all the details about why I love this fic. I'm not going to bother to tell you about Delia being adorable, or Bella being strong and independent, or Edward wiping the dripping OJ from his chin with a smirk on his face, causing me to order my own pair of shamwanties from ilsuocantante's seamstress. Because this is a lemon shot, you want me to get right down to the lemon(s).

And jesusfuckingchristihaveneverreadanythingsohotithinkillburstintoflames, does mjinaspen deliver. When I signed up to do this lemonshot, I couldn't even tell ninapolitan which chapter I wanted, it's all just so fucking delicious.

I'll start with Chapter 5. Yes, the Chapter 5. Bella and Edward walk into her apartment, having just met at a bar.The buildup is insane:

Before we ascend the last flight of stairs, Edward takes hold of my elbow, spinning me slowly. He looks dangerous as he pushes me back against the railing. His fingers travel up until they are stroking my neck, my jaw, and then my lips.


Fingers on my lips, inside, over my teeth...

I open my mouth, and I’ve never been touched like this before. He anchors himself with his fingers in my mouth and his other hand on the railing behind me as he pulls in close.

“Bella,” Edward breathes along my jawline, my cheeks, the bridge of my nose, my forehead.

He inhales deeply at my hairline, then makes his way down the other side of my face. I’m gripping the railing behind me as he slowly pulls his wet fingers from my mouth, trailing moisture down my throat.

Then he’s kissing me. His hands are in my hair, and I need him to be closer. I want him closer. I unbutton his shirt, popping a few of his buttons in my mad dash to get him naked, and I toss the offending garment to the wind.

I remember where we are then - on the balcony leading to my apartment. In plain sight of five other apartments. I decide I’d rather my neighbors weren’t privy to this little indiscretion, so I tell Edward we need to keep moving.

When we enter my studio, I pull Edward into a kiss that ignites a 40-minute fuck session on the parquet floor. My hands are in his gorgeous, fucked-up hair, and he’s laughing against my lips as I bite and nip at his grinning mouth.

After some some intense moments, we switch to EPOV:

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted so badly to fuck anyone in my life. I feel intellectually challenged by Bella. I’m intrigued by her behavior, her reactions to me, and the fact that she is genuinely without any motive other than to be with me.

But also… Bella smells like something to eat. She’s wild and sensuous, and she’s making some of the most cock-hardening sounds I have ever heard as I lick her neck, savoring her taste. Her husky little voice vibrates in my ears.

So hot.

A little later, we switch back to BPOV:

I lean forward. He licks and bites my ear, my neck, and my collarbone with his gleaming, white teeth. I bunch up his thin under shirt in my hands and pull it over his head. I want his skin completely bare.

Resting my hands on his chest, curling my fingers in his hair, I sit upright to ride him.His hands frame my hips and glide me up and down his shaft. I am so full of him. I don’t think I’ve ever been this full. The tension I feel is delicious and thick.

The friction is… splendid.I still cannot believe what I’m doing, but it feels so natural to be with him like this. We fit. Everything fits. If I believed in that “soulmate” shit, I would say that he is mine.

It was so hard for me to pick out my favorite part of chapter 5, and not just because the sex is so amazing. Being with Edward is an emotional hurdle that Bella is jumping onover, and the experience of being connected emotionally and physically to someone is new for him as well. I love that mjinaspen switches points of view throughout the chapter and story, overloading our senses with their emotions, thoughts, and reactions.

Another great thing about chapter 5? The fucking continues, into chapter 6:

“Fuck!” she cries and arches off the bed, hands wound in the comforter.

She’s so close. I swear, I don’t know who’s been fucking this girl, but whoever it is, they weren’t doing a very good job. I touch her clit with my forefinger and push down while I fuck her with my tongue, and she’s coming undone within minutes.

I crawl up beside her and kiss her sweat-dampened brow. Her chest is rising and falling in time with her heavy panting. The sight of her bare, glistening tits is making me harder than I thought possible.

I want to sink into her, lose myself.

Yes, please. They keep going:

Edward groans and rolls his head on the pillow, reaching up to wind my loose ponytail around his wrist. With his fingers buried to my scalp, he draws me down and kisses me hard on the mouth, pushing his tongue past my lips and teeth.

I straddle his waist as filthy thoughts race through my head at the mere sensation of his cock against my ass. Never in my wildest dreams have I considered a cock in my ass to be a good thing. But right now? I’m considering it.

Edward releases me from the kiss and mumbles against my jaw. “Are you implying that you want to suck my cock, Bella?”

I should really clarify.

“Not implying,” I climb off of him and dive for the object of my current desire. “Telling.”

This is a fic that is just full of win. The fuckawesome sexy times abound. In chapter 10, Bella and Edward have just reached a sort of milestone in their relationship, boosting her confidence and causing him to relish the newfound boldness:

“You set the pace, Bella.” My hands encircle her perfect tits, and I want to know her body inside and out. “Just feel it. Show me how you like it.”

She grinds her hips down and then squeezes as she pulls up, slow and tight. Her head is back and her hands are on my chest. She seems to be pushing me away. I wrap my fingers around her wrists and let her fall back to balance mid-air.We’re joined at the groin and she’s floating and moaning and riding me. I can feel her tightening and I’m about to pop. Her body is glistening with sweat, her chest is heaving, her hair hanging behind her.

“Oh, god…” She’s coming. I can feel her quake and shiver.“Yes.” I hiss. “Fuck me hard, Bella.”

She slams down a few more times, clamping, squeezing, and I come just after her. I slowly pull her to my chest. She’s breathing heavy, sniffling, like she just ran a marathon.“Holy shit,” is all she says as her sweaty little forehead drops to my shoulder, and I stroke her back and her hips.

Holy shit indeed.

There's sweetness, too. In chapter 13:

He gently covers my body with his, enters into me, reaches under the pillow and our fingers are entwined. His knees are holding me wide, elbows holding him up, hands holding mine.

I feel his head drop to the pillow that covers my eyes, I feel his breath on my neck, and he is so close to me. We’re touching everywhere.We are one body, twisting, moaning, sliding in tandem. Everything feels new and precious, so precious.

“Uhhhn…” It’s a slow build, but everything is satisfaction, everything feels like something real.Teeth grazing my neck, collarbone, shoulders… Biting, sucking, licking.

“Come, baby,” he mutters, hot and low. “Come.”


I could go on and on, allowing you to sip on this lemonshot that gives you a tiny peek into the fuckhotness that is Reality Minus Expectations. Instead, I am telling you that you want to experience this story for yourself. Just be sure to bring along the shamwow cheekies and someone or something to help you out because trust- you will need it.

Kassiah is quite possibly the hardest working woman in the FanFicdom. Fictionators, TwificNews, she contributes on TLYDF, the hilarious Word of the Day blog and she has recently joined the ranks as a FF author. Good on you sweets. Her epic list of accomplishments is only overshadowed by one thing. How tremendously fuckawesome she is. xo~ninapolitan


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