Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Team Slash adores the "Crushlicker"

Now it's time for Team Slash to have a go and give you a reach around. We love the man-love and enjoy a little girl on girl on the side.

We are Hopey aka manyafandom, Kathy aka MsKathy, and Steph aka purdueliz.



Jasper has a crush on his roommate. He wants to lick him. One-shot entry For the Love of Jasper Contest. AU/AH. Non-graphic, Slashper cuteness.
This story is downright fuckdorable. Jasper is a hot mess and it's all his roommate Edward's fault. Edward plagues Jasper's every thought it seems like. Jasper is distracted and tends to be clumsy because her can't get the thought of licking his roommate out of his head. Add into the mess that Edward is openly gay and seems indifferent to Jasper. Which kinda drives Jasper batty. They are opposites; Jasper fumbling and quiet, Edward confident and outgoing. But that is part of the appeal to Jasper, Edward's seemingly uncomplicated life.
The men he dates are normal, attractive, and usually students like us. I’ve never heard him suffer through a break-up, or seen him cry. He seems to be genuinely uncomplicated, as well as the luckiest bastard I know—completely unlike me. Again, with the opposites. Maybe that’s the point though, why I’m attracted to him. Maybe with him I would make sense?
Through some rambling thought processes while he's supposed to be paying attention to the professor lecturing Jasper comes to the conclusion that he needs to confront or spend time with Edward to assess the possibility of the his crush becoming more. And also, he can stare at the man some more that way. You'll just have to read to find out how that goes. hehe.

Like my cohorts below state, there is no smut, but the story doesn't need it imho. It's cute and light and really humorous. We've all felt the way Jasper does about his crush.

Crushlicker is the story of a curious Jasper, pining for a decidedly gay Edward.

Jasper has no idea how to classify his sexuality, saying at one point that he's not sure he can like guys. He knows that Edward is openly gay and masculine, and I actually like that Jasper has thoughts about this. He says he's masculine and “yet” openly gay – love the shattering of the stereotype that only effeminate men would be openly gay.

This is T-rated, so there's no down and dirty smut, just ripe and juicy lemons dripping forth now and then. The description of Jasper wanting to lick Edward's stubble-crusted chin, a very fun and enlightening semi-date and then some hot licking moments at the end.

Crushlicker is a quick read, but a delightful departure from some of the slash cliches that have begun to appear lately. I enjoyed it immensely!

I’m sure that’s part of my infatuation. He’s untouchable, perfect in every way. I’ve never known someone to be so masculine and yet... he’s openly gay. He has no shame for his sexuality, nor a grudge to bear over it, and seems content with...well...everything.
Okay, this has to be one of the cutest Jasper's I've seen. He's a bit shy, he's awkward, he's klutzy. And oh yeah, he kind of wants to lick his roommate. Being that his roommate is Edward, I can't say I blame him on that count.

We have an adorable little story of Jasper coming to terms with his crush on Edward and the fact that he likes guys as well as girls, but that girls "never fail to fuck shit up and make things complicated."

All-around, this is just a fun story of a guy accepting a same-sex crush and then getting to know that crush, and eventually, getting to just lick him, like he's always wanted. You absolutely can't go wrong with this one!

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Frenchbeanz said...

Oh wow. Thanks for the review :)

I really wanted to write something that slash and non-slash readers could both enjoy, and so set out to make this 'T' rated from the beginning. I'm thrilled that you liked it!

Frenchie (MySlashyFriend).

Bouncy72 said...

Aww it does sound cute. I'll try & get round to reading it tonight. Thanks for the rec :)

Twilightobsessed09 said...

I read this recently and loved it.
It was easy to identify with Jasper's crush on Edward..
Hell, after reading I wanted to lick him too;):)