Thursday, December 24, 2009

Author Interview Feathers_Mmmm & SinandShame

This week we have the RPF'ers, among other things, Feather_Mmmm and SinandShame.

These two did things a little bit differently and we just let them go with it. Enjoy!

Alice: hello chicken
Sin: hello cornish game hen
Alice: hello pigeon
Alice: did you know pigeons were brought to america to eat??
Sin: to eat what? lol
Alice: and they quickly multiplied
Alice: they were food silly
Sin: oh, lol
Alice: they are quite a tasty meal apparently
Alice: we could actually start the interview there
Alice: pigeon talk
Sin: sounded like the pigeons were eating something - and they are still eaten aren't they? squab they call it squab so it doesn't sound so fowl . . . get it? fowl?
Alice: i geet it
Sin: sorry, had to be done
Alice: it really did

Sin: so how do you want to do this?
Alice: i dunno, interrogate me
Sin: I'll interrogate you alright, lol
Alice: *cracks neck* *cracks knuckles* *cracks back*lets do this
Sin: okay, babe - bring it
Alice: do you have your own questions or just the reres sent in?
Sin: please, is the pope catholic? of course I have my own questions too
Alice: bwahahaha
Alice: ok, lets start there

Sin: Okay, first question: What are you wearing? oops, wrong list of questions. ah, screw it - answer it - what are you wearing
Alice: i was told pants were optional, so i opted out of pants. I hope that makes the interview
Alice: and you?
Sin: um, blue yoga pants and a grey t-shirt, but I wore my over the knee black suede 4inch platform boots for 14 hours today - I get something for that right?
Alice: you get everything for that, starting with a cocktail.
Sin: that is total win. I love a good cock. I mean, cocktail
Alice: *hands Sin a dirty martini* *and a cock*
Sin: the dirtier the better
Alice: this is going downhill fast

Sin: okay, onto the hard questions (yes, I typed hard) - so when did you get sucked into the Twilight world and who or what sucked you in?
Alice: to the twilight world or the twilight fan fiction fucked up world?
Sin: both
Alice: the actual books a woman I work with, and I fought it. Young Adult? Vampires? Romance? Hells no....but i gave in, and there went my life. I read all 4 books in a row, then read them again. That was in Sept of 08. The fan fiction came later
Sin: how much later? and what motivated you to look for it?
Alice: In oct, i was on vacation with my family and was playing on the internet and found a random site that i could never find again and i have never even heard of fan fiction before
and i read some story about rob and kristen "doing it" and i thought "ew"
Sin: I just threw up a little bit in my mouth too
Alice: and then I read a story where Bella made a list of what she wanted Edward to do to her when she was a vampire (not The List) and I went "ooooh" and then I found some awards site, and I kept seeing 2 stories over and over again Boycotts and Barflies and Passion Fish and
read those first, and I was freaking hooked! then I read a few of jandco's stories and then Welcome Home by wtvoc and then I went on smut overload, read everything I could get my hands on...and when the frenzy was over, I peeled myself off the floor, looked around, and realized not all ff is created equal there is some SHIT out there and I became more discerning
and then I found twilighted
Sin: *and the angels sing*
Alice: and could pick and choose what I wanted and then started reading some of the forum stuff, seeing what everyone else was reading and then I was in

Alice: what about you? how did you stumble into our fucked up little wonderful world?
Sin: well, I came by Twilight accidentally, fanfic, not so much. Last year about this time I had to have surgery and was off work for a week - and bored to freakin' tears. Everything I saw on the internet was talking about Twilight. But of course, I was a Harry Potter snob and assumed that Twilight was garbage. I was right of course, but I still read the books that week and found the characters so compelling I ignored the writing. as soon as I finished BD, I searched for fanfiction. I have been reading and writing fanfiction for about 12 or 13 years in several different fandoms. So this just got added to the list and replaced my HP obsession. I will say it took me longer to start writing in this fandom than it usually does
Alice: why do you think?
Sin: I was a little intimidated by the quality that was out there (not everything, as you noted, but certainly a very high level of talent is doing this stuff)
Alice: i agree i am constantly amazed at what I find out there sometimes it is recd to me. but sometimes i can find those little nuggets that no one else is reading, it makes me so happy
Sin: seriously - it's a tragedy that some of these people aren't doing this for a living
Alice: yes, i wonder about that sometimes.
Sin: you do get quite giddy when you find something new and sparkling, lol
Alice: yes, yes i do

Alice: so what finally pushed you over the edge and made you write??
Sin: you
Alice: hahaha
Sin: not literally, but I Love LA is what inspired me
Alice: aw
Sin: and you know I don't blow smoke, lol
Alice: heehee
Alice: aw stop *motions with fingers to keep going*
Sin: Honestly, apart from Harry Potter, I've always written RP fic, so when I read yours and realized it wasn't "taboo" here, I figured, what the hell
Alice: ah yes, the dreaded rp fic
Sin: so I wrote something as a present for a friend and the rest is history, lol
Sin: why do you think RP fic is still frowned upon?
Alice: i think you jumped too quickly to that conclusion, rp fic is def taboo to some
Alice: i have no idea sweetie i wish I knew i get it, but i dont get it
Sin: yeah, it is taboo - but you had such a following that I at least knew there was an audience for it
Alice: of course there is an audience for it
Sin: and there is a much bigger audience than will admit it - don't you agree?
Alice: and believe me, you should see the people who read rpfic in secret
and will only admit it under penalty of death or cake. cake or death. LOL
or peen cake death or peen thats the name of my new fic!!!
Sin: that's what I thought when I noticed that my little 6 chapters had 18000 reads - and 200 reviews. I thought - you know, someone is reading this shit
Alice: people are shy about admitting they read it
Sin: and I love that fact - I'm all about subversive, and the underdog, lol. I take it as a challenge honestly. to get people to do something the normally wouldn't imagine themselves doing
Alice: i don't know why illa caught fire the way it did, nothing made me more proud when it made the top ten most reviewed
Alice: I know! That was a HUGE day for RP fic

Alice: dont you like how i am refusing to capitalize or use hardly any punctuation in this here interview??
Sin: LOL - I hate to tell you this, but I'm not correcting that shit later

Sin: it's strange - sex and smut have always been widely accepted but RP isn't
Alice: thats because we are stealing robs soul
Sin: we are stealing robs soul. . .hmmm, okay.
Alice: and his pants. his soul and his pants
Sin: whatever, I'll give it back later - as soon as he comes to my house to pick it up
Alice: and there's the name of my next next fic!!!
His Soul and His Pants

Alice: well sweetie, The Anonymous Series isn't smut i have said this from the beginning
its erotica, straight up
Sin: you are biased
Alice: i dont blow smoke either *puffs smoke in Sins general direction*
Sin: smoke isn't what I was thinking you're blowing
Alice: guilty. actually, i am very easily entertained but i am not easily impressed
and you my dear, impress the pants off me every time i get to read a new chap of yours
Sin: aww, seriously - thank you

Alice: ok, so do you remb your first twilight fanfic? the first one that made you scream??
Sin: I was trying to remember the first one I read and I couldn't remember it for the life of me
Alice: or the first one that you fell in love with
Sin: but the first one I fell in love with was I Love LA - the first one that made me scream was the Submissive
Alice: you are so getting laid after this btw
Sin: my husband wants to know if he can watch
Alice: obviously he can watch
Sin: he's willing to run the video camera too

Alice: The Submissive made us all scream. the first buttsecks scene that didnt make me squeal in terror
Sin: omg - that scene, in both the submissive and TD - I was in awe. I waited for that when she first hinted at it in TS
Alice: although the DP scene in The Arrangement was lovely too, and not what I was expecting
Sin: agreed!
Sin: could have been very very weird but it was brilliant

Sin: lol - actually, what made you write rob/rp fic instead of edward/bella? and don't worry - we'll talk about your aversion to buttsecks in a few minutes
Alice: great, can't wait to discuss buttsecks
Sin: so back to my question - why rob fic instead of edward?
Alice: why rob instead of edward, hmmmm
i think because i was new and i couldn't find anything about rob the only one I had ever read was stranger than fiction by the lovely psymom
Sin: beautiful stuff there
Alice: and i was new enough in the fandom that i didn't realize writing rp fic was akin to devil worship haha and i had this thought and then a string of thoughts and pretty soon i had enough thoughts to think i could actually write this shit down! i had never written anything before and i cringe when i read the first 4 chaps or so ugh but there was enough there to build on and then grace came to life rob i had taken from interviews and clips and thought in real life he would be silly and funny because my god, the kid is hysterically funny
Sin: and unintentionally so, lol
Alice: there is a clip from the commentary on the twi dvd where catherine something about not wanting to put someone in a box and rob " i wish i were small enough to be put in a box
and you get crickets from kstew and catherine and i am dying thinking that is one of the funniest most random things i have ever heard and anywho, i figured i would write a rob fic because there werent any out there and i have been in sales long enough to see where there is a hole in the market so thats how it came to be and then i pimped myself shamelessly to anyone who would listen to me
Sin: that you did - but in the best possible way, lol
Alice: no shit. i was very lucky that i got psymom as my beta she was at the point where she wasnt taking many new fics and she was a big supporter of illa from the beginning
whats funny is that i came to writing late in life never did it before
Sin: before I Love LA?
Alice: never wrote a thing
Sin: wow, that's unbelievable
Alice: but i always heard dialogue in my head and not in a "shes hearing voices" way
i tend to see things in cinemascope like i am casting a movie or directing a scene
which is why i wrote illa with a built in soundtrack
Sin: your writing reads like a script a lot of times - so it comes through perfectly
Alice: i truly scored it like it was a film like i would want those songs to be playing in the background
Sin: I have to admit, I knew nothing of Prodigy before ILLA
Alice: ah prodigy
Alice: its perfect tho isnt it, jesus, makes me hot

Alice: is there anything you are tired of reading about in fics...anything that you have seen and cant stand to read anymore?
Sin: unfortunately, yes - and I hate to put it this way, but the majority of what's out there is just boring and cliche. Don't get me wrong - there are brilliant fics out there. But I think we've almost reached a point where even the brilliant writers are writing the same stuff over and over again
Alice: occupational hazard?
Sin: Yes, exactly. Part of it is that the volume has gotten so big - that most of it's been done
so people are writing just to put something out - rather than taking their time and developing something new does that make sense?
Alice: yes, I can see that.
Sin: I'm not trying to put anyone down, please don't misunderstand
Alice: I have noticed that it takes something pretty new and different to make me excited
Sin: I was just going to say that, it takes a lot to get me excited
Alice: and i mean in a cant wait to read it way, not a my oonie is paying attention way
Sin: I'm actually on a non-smut kick! I found one today that is really sucking me in
Alice: gimme
Sin: Rough Start
Alice: LOVE IT!!!
Sin: it was mentioned in an e-mail today and as busy as I was I clicked on it and just couldn't stop
Alice: i adore that story!!!
Sin: that Edward is so tragic and refreshing and the writing is so sincere
Alice: yes, i haven't been reading much smut either I mean, I like a quickie as much as the next girl but lately I need an amazing story I want some substance
Sin: I want the characters to suck me in as much as the sex
Alice: i need to be grabbed, i need my brain to be spoken to as well as my oonie
Sin: exactly, I think we've reached a saturation point in the fandom
Alice: critical mass

Alice: do you find that you like more vamp or more all human?
Sin: definitely all human - although lately I've been seeing more vamp/canon that are catching my eye. But I think that's just the tastes of the fandom ebbing and flowing. It all goes in waves
Alice: yes

Alice: so why do you think twi fan fiction is so popular? Is it really e/b? Or is it something else?
Sin: no, it's not e/b. It's an inexpensive and readily available way to escape through something that is slightly familiar
Alice: great answer. And women dont have to feel bad about reading online smut
Sin: going to the store and buying a book - unless it's a series, you don't know what you're getting but when you have characters that you have a relationship with - you feel an investment in reading something about them - regardless of the plot/characterizations and you still feel a connection with them even if they are so OOC it's crazy. Humans seek out the familiar.

Alice: ok, you mentioned you started the anonymous series as a present for someone, why did you write rob and not edward. And this leads to a question from the lovely ninapolitan
"You write an incredibly sexy story but its about rob and a mystery foxy lady. do you ever wish you wrote it as e/b? clearly rpf doesnt have nearly the following as a straight canon story does, so if you could do it all over again, would you write the anon series as canon just to bask in the flurry of reviews it would bring?
Sin: LOL - leave it to Nina. . .well, consciously I wrote rob because that's kind of what this person wanted - subconsciously, later realized that I like to poke at people, to cheer for the unpopular and I realized how RP was frowned upon so I tried to push it further than I thought anyone really had at that point. And also, now I look at each new reader as a small triumph
Alice: niiiiice Also from nina "What's it like in your head? Does your hubs benefit from your ahem...research?"
Sin: LOL - what's it like in my head?
Alice: yes
Alice: nina wants to know, because she is a pervert. dur
Sin: 2nd part first - yes, he benefits from research, lol for the first part? honestly, I focus less on the act when I'm thinking about it - more on the sights, sounds, smells and feeling of things? I try to write it through the five senses instead of writing it kind of expositively for example, I'll think about giving a blow job - and what it sounds like rather than what it feels like
Alice: i might need a minute
Sin: you crack me up
Alice: mr alice is usually screaming, so that doesnt help me
Sin: earplugs help
Alice: i wil try that. I have some...bit of a snorer he is ok, another question from pervert, i mean nina. You've met me in person. How did my boobs compare to the hype. Nina is shy. *bites knuckles*
Sin: oh god - they were fantastic in every sense of the word. I slept in the same room as her - you know that right?
Alice: I do know that and I am ignoring you. Last question from nina "Does it make you happy that you've met me IRL and my taco hasn't?"
Sin: does it make me happy? no, not necessarily - does it make me feel privileged? very much so :)

Sin: let me pull a question from our studio audience
Alice: hahaha
Sin: this is from the lovely anna - and will segue nicely into my next topic. . .

Sin: If you were out, say at a Bobby Long concert in some small bar and you spotted Rob lurking in the corner, and you decided to bite the bullet and order him two beers/two shots...and he was appreciative, and not totally drunk, and you struck up a conversation. One thing leads to another and he whispers in your ear, "Let's go back to my place." which of course you accept. But before you step in the cab (cause apparently rob only rides in cabs) he says "by the way, i have one rule, i only do anal." What would you do?
Alice: bwhahaha, i would take the shot, push him in the cab, and tell him all about my magical oonie he wouldnt want to be a back door bandit after that. anna, you dirty dirty bitch
Sin: and that's why we love her
Alice: no one is going in there
Sin: but seriously - is there something you can consciously think of that is the foundation of your fear of the buttsecks?
Alice: hahahaha, oh man - i never fell on a fence post? let me just say this
i can barely pee when mr alice is on the same floor as the bathroom I am in much less *ahem*
in the words of mr alice "gross...thats where the poop lives"
Sin : I was just going to ask if you've ever had the conversation with him, lol
Alice: thank christ i have managed to snag the one man in the world apparently that is not fascinated by the bootyhole. we have discussed it at length but hey, i dont judge...get yer freak on...get it done. I just can't
Sin: I've actually known a few that weren't interested
Alice: *golf claps*
Sin: speaking of Mr. Alice - this question comes from Heather/HMonster4
"I want to know what Mr Alice thinks about all this fuckery. How does he feel about her fascination with all things Rob, and does he get reciprocity (not with"
Alice: yes, mr alice is allowed to fuck rob
Sin: as long as you can watch?
Alice: he thinks i am insane which isnt that different from what he normally thinks
Sin: but is he tolerant?
Alice: he is sweetly tolerant especially since he benefits from a night of smut reading he is all over it there is something nice about being with the same guy for as long as i have been with mr alice and the fact remains that if i kiss him for longer than a few seconds i still get that flutter in mah tummy
Sin: awww, how sweet
Alice: i know we are sick we still hold hands when we sit on the couch together
Sin: I love that feeling
Alice: its nice
Sin: *sigh*

Alice: ok, hang on here is a question from the lovely songirl
Sin: she is my muse!
Alice: Jen says, Ask Sin where she gets her diabolical ideas and who taught her to write (amazing) nasty sex using only the nicest words....
Sin: bwah! Um, if you really look at it objectively though, I don't write any scenarios that are out of the ordianry well, ordinary if you're a little freaky. I think the real difference is how I approach them - going back to the 5 senses thing
Alice: i would agree with that
Sin: that coupled with the fact that I spent a shitload of money on my post high school education, gives me a good imagination and a decent vocabulary
Alice: you elevate it! Next question from songirl: She knows I am afraid of the sex ninja ( her domme) but how much of that character is inspired by herself and if it's not -who did inspire her?
Sin: oh wow
Alice: heh heh heh
Sin: if I'm being honest, that character is more who I want to be - not necessarily who I really am (there are elements, of course - because I feel we all put something of ourselves into our writing even if its subconsciously but there is so much more to her that we don't see that is a bit closer to home maybe
Alice: mmmm will we see that side eventually?
Sin: Yes. There may come a time that some of her secrets are revealed *whistles innocently*
Alice: aaahhhh!!!! Ok, last question from songirl. What in Sin's opinion is good writing and what differentiates good lemons from bad, cliched smut?
Sin: that's a very tough question
Alice: she is a very bright girl
Sin: I hate to put it this way, but it's kind of like the Supreme Court's idea of pornography - "we know it when we see it" good writing has elements that make us relate to it - it doesn't have to be a particular style or topic
Alice: i agree, you know what you like when you like it
Sin: and cliche smut can come from anywhere - I've honestly read great stories that have a lemon in there that was just phoned in
Alice: YES!
Sin: I would much rather they forego the lemon than force something they aren't feeling
Alice: YES! And not for nothing, but they dont have to fuck in the first chap and then every chap after that. not that i dont like that sometimes, but it has to be there for a reason. Like I keep getting emails about when wallbanger is gonna fuck pink nightie girl. I mean, come on!!!
Sin: Exactly! If you write well, you don't have to have lemonade flowing everywhere - take VGJM for example!
Sin: speaking of wallbanger -
Alice: cue floodgates
Sin: ECyesplease, the lovely and talented Annie wants to know: Who is the real life Alice more like, Banger Bella or Grace? Is Mr. Alice available for a couples interview? Does he really know how awesome you are?
Alice: bwahahaha!!! real life alice is a cross of both, but i am a little more reserved at times, and more demanding at times than either of them and yes, mr alice is avail for a couples interview and he in fact DOES know how awesome i am, as I tell him daily
Sin: OOHHH. . i want to apply to do that interview
Alice: heehee
Sin: actually, I think TaraSueMe should do that interview. . .
Alice: interesting
Sin: and continuing on with a real life crossover - - -
Alice: oh boy
Sin: the amazing Gustariana queries: I'd like to know how she manages to keep her super secret fanfic identity hidden and if she's had any close calls. I know I've been sweating bullets since the old hags in my office discovered Edward Cullen. I expect any minute someone will bring up fanfic and I'll start singing like a canary, Ending up in the unemployment line. Not fun.
Alice: yes, i have had a few close calls, like a friend of my sisters actually recd my fic to her, not knowing who she was!! haha I'm very careful to keep my fanfic life private.
Sin: does your sister know?
Alice: yes she knows
Sin: that's awesome, did she bust out laughing?
Alice: she could barely keep a straight face
Sin: Gustariana would also like to know: Also, if she was an animal, which kind would she be (can't say beaver or pussy) and why. And, if had to listen to the same song till the day she died, which one would it be ( can't pick any Prodigy).
Alice: she is a pushy little thing isnt she?? Okay, animal? Dolphin. Song? Into the mystic, Van Morrison.
Sin: aww, how sweet! why a dolphin?
Alice: i like to swim, and they seem like they are always having fun plus, they are very smart, and I am clearly a genius

Alice: ok, question from LaurenCullen "what is your writing process?"
Sin: oh god, I knew this was going to come up and I am the worst person ever to answer this question. I literally write whenever a scene pops into my head - and not a minute before. I don't outline anything and I rarely have any idea what I will accomplish in any given chapter
Alice: is that why it takes you forever to post your chapters?? I'm just saying
Sin: that is exactly why it takes me forever. Jen/Songirl (who seriously is my muse/writing partner) - calls me an "organic" writer, lol. I think that's a nice way of saying I'm insane
Alice: could be
Sin: I have a vague idea of how things will progress and what I want the characters to go through - but no details until I'm in the moment. For example, do you remember the scene where the Domme tells Rob to run his hands over his chin/stubble etc?
Alice: mmmmm I mean yes, yes i do
Sin: I was sitting in a deposition and opposing counsel was playing with his goatee. . .that inspired that whole scene so I wrote that while I was in the depsoition
Alice: hot
Sin: what about you? please give everyone an idea of how things really should be done - instead of my fucked up method writing
Alice: please, I dont know what the hell i am doing
Sin: bullshit
Alice: i took one freshman comp 101 class in college. I do know how my stories end illa i changed about 8 chaps in, but then i knew exactly where it was going wallbanger i knew where i wanted it to go, but it took several chaps before i really feel like i had a handle on who they were...but i have always known where they are all going i have an outline, and then i map each scene before i write it. 7a, 7b, 7c, etc i never map out the dialogue tho that comes fast haha and I rarely if ever rewrite I never make changes. I sit and it goes. And never in the dialogue. And I try to write one scene at a time. And not start until I have time to finish the scene.
Sin: do you ever let comments or reviews influence what you write? or change your game plan?
Alice: hmmmm consciously? no subconsciously, I would like to say no. but I will also say I have been very lucky and have had no real flames. I got a really bad one for illa, but it wasn't even about the story. It was about me and it was great!
Sin: I remember that!
Alice: i loved getting the flame, made me feel like a big girl. And I haven't gotten any for banger. there were a few that were a little pissy because of the hiatus, but 99% have been super supportive
Sin: do you think flames are less prevalent now? Because it's less accepted in the fandom maybe?
Alice: i think people are getting sick of the negativity
Sin: I feel like it's no longer accepted to give constructive criticiism about someone's writing - but it's okay to flame the person
Alice: and unfortunately there are plenty of places where you can bash the writers or the story without actually having to answer to the writer. I am a big fan of people saying what they want when they want to but I don't have time for drama, so I stay out of that stuff. Seriously, I just don't have the interest or the time. I only get involved if my very close friends are in the mix.
Sin: can you answer a couple more questions from your adoring fans?
Alice: yes of course:)
Sin: these are from the wonderful Lauren/Tinman What was the last book (as in actual book with pages to turn not scroll down) she read? She reads sooooo many fics, when does she sleep? I also would love to know what is her favorite fic ever..yes she has to choose one! Who would she rather meet in person, Nina or Rob? How much TV does she watch because clearly she is on the up and up with pop culture? And I want to know the craziest place (besides her kitchen counter between the kitchenaid and frozen niblets) that she has been dirty?
Alice: oh man
Sin: she's a hardass isn't she?
Alice: yes, yes she is. ok last book read: The Stand. I reread it every year, love it. i sleep at night, in my bed fav fic ever, can not possibly answer that would rather meet rob, because i will meet nina anyway someday, and i know she would totally tell me to take the rob choice actually dont watch as much tv as i used to since i found this guilty pleasure, but i do know a fuck ton of pop culture, its sick really. craziest place I have ever been dirity, jeez that's hard. shut it!
Sin: hee
Alice: mr alice and i had sex once on a trampoline back in high school. we also had sex on a slide
Sin: oh my, that's fantastic
Alice: and lots of kitchen sex
Sin: that brings up our last viewer questions - am I not the sugue queen? bklover/Valerie:
So, I think you really need to push her on how and why the kitchen fetish came about, you saw it in her Wallbanger chappie, but it is "a well known fact" that countertops turn her on, again, I can reference I love LA, so there you go - She was all over that about 6 mos ago - on the chat
Alice: i have to tell you that kitchen sex is something fairly new for us i mean, we have been together 108 yrs so naturally it has come up...ahem...many many times but in the last year or so its been off the fucking charts! once i had just mopped so the floor was extra slippery and we went from in front of the sink all the way across to the fridge i was banging my head on the bottom of the fridge. Now THAT is a slut *bows*
Sin: I can say that my husband built our dining room table - and made it a very specific height for a reason
Alice: wow -
Alice: no one will ever want to come over for dinner at either of our houses...which is sad since we are both amazing cooks!
Sin: I know! we both worship at the alter of InaMartha
Alice: i love ina and martha is my goddess. I want Ina's house when I grow up. And her kitchen. We are remodeling next year and I am planning to have her kitchen. What I won't do on that island.
Sin: if I had to choose between sex w/ rob and Ina's kitchen, I'd have a nervous breakdown trying to decide
Alice: sex with rob, in ina's kitchen, broadcast live over food network while I made brownies in the kitchenaid *drops mike and walks away*
Alice: thank you and good night

Sin: so, for a quick encore, I have a couple of rapid fire questions that seem to be common to PPSS interviews -Do you have any tattoos? Favorite sexual position? If I looked under your bed right now what would I find? Favorite sex toy? Fav Fanfic ever - which you already wussed out on.
Alice: no tattoos, me on top, OR reverse cowgirl under my bed is boxed up clothes my fav sex toy right now is a tie between my old faithful vibe, that I don't even remb the name of, and my new vamp, courtesy of tantus
Sin: ahh, the vamp *drools*
Alice: where if you put in the discount code twigasm you get a discount!!
Alice: same questions for you - GO! GO!
Sin: Oh! I'll have to remember to tell hubby about the discount - that's what I asked for for chrismakkuh Okay. I have 2 tattoos - the japanese symbol for wisdom on my right hip, and a yin/yang w/ peace signs in the circles on my left boob area
Sin: fav sexual position is anything where he is behind me *snickers*
Alice: *milky way*
Sin: my fav fanfic ever isn't a twlighted one so I can answer this - it's call Flame & Shadow, it's an HP fic about Ron Weasley and Pansy Parkinson (my favorite ship). It's gone now, but it was amazing, really. One of those aha moments. . .under my bed you would find lots and lots and lots of dog hair. . .and maybe a cat or two and my favorite sex toy is my bullet (until my vamp arrives, of course)
Alice: heeheehee
Sin: so there you have it everything about us you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask
Alice: can i rec a fic in this interview?
Sin: you certainly can! you can do anything you damn well please - because, well, you're alice
Alice: Why yes, yes I am. ok, just found this one recently, and you know how i love to share - With Teeth by talulahblue. It is soooooo good. And hitting me right in my tiny grinch heart.
Sin: AH? Vamp?
Alice: AH
Sin: hey, leave off the grinch - he's my bitch. So is heat mizer. hands off.
Alice: eh bite me cindy lou
Sin: lol
Alice: who was no more than two
Sin: and we digress. . .
[fade to black - take that SM]

That's it for this time. Tune in next week.


Anonymous said...

Love you girls...Hilarious, smutty, ADD nonsense. Good job wrangling Alice, Nicole!


Dave said...
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