Monday, December 21, 2009

Canucks love the fuck out of the Submissive

Those who’ve read my work know me to be a lover of the manlove; so it may come as a bit of a surprise that the lemon I’ve chosen to write about comes from a story about a hetero relationship. It’s an obscure little fic titled The Submissive, by tarasueme. My favourite lemon is found in Chapter 18.

Bella in the library, reading the John Boyle O’Reilly poem that describes the rose Edward left for her at her place of work, is interrupted by Edward coming into the library – shirtless, in a pair of tan drawstring pants (and in my head, barefoot). They begin a teasing repartee, exchanging lines of poetry. The words of others must suffice for Bella and Edward as neither can articulate their feelings in their own words.

Edward begins to play the piano and as Bella listens she realizes that the haunting melody she tries to find in her dreams, is in fact a song Edward plays each night in the library. She watches his concentration, the way he delicately strokes the keys as a lover. He beckons her to join him at the piano. They make love there, her straddling his lap. She insists that he continue to play as she controls the rhythm and flow of their congress.

He couldn’t reach many of the keys with me sitting in his lap, but he tried and the song he was able to play was one I never heard before. It started slowly and sensuously. Delicate. Taunting.

I lifted my hips and lowered myself onto his cock. He skipped a note or two, even I could tell.

“Keep going,” I whispered, lifting up and pushing myself back down on him. He continued the song. I held my hips still, leaned down and nibbled his ear. “I love the way you feel inside me.” He missed more notes. “During the week, I fantasize about your cock – how it tastes.” I squeezed my inner muscles. “How it feels.” His arms trembled. “I count the hours until I see you.” I rode him slowly. “Until I can be with you like this.” His hands fell off the keyboard to my ass, trying to push me harder, but I held still. “Keep playing.”

The song got faster, more intense, and I worked myself up and down while he played.

“I’ve never felt this way before,” I said. “Only you. Only you can do this to me.”

He messed up more notes then, it didn’t even sound like a song anymore, just disjointed notes. Sweat formed on his body and I knew he was fighting. Fighting to remain in the control he valued so much. Fighting to keep the music going.

Fighting and losing.

The music stopped and with one swift move, he grabbed my waist and thrust up into me with all he had.

“You think it’s different for me?” he asked, all breathless. He hooked his arms around my shoulders, impaling himself deeper. “What makes you think it’s different for me?”

Oh, silly, obtuse Edward. Because you’ve never told her, my darling. I love this glimpse at Edward’s depth, the passion he feels for Bella and the allowance he makes for her to control their coupling while in her library. His line as they’re making love – What makes you think it’s different for me? – It’s so simple and yet somehow it just guts me.

After their climax Edward’s austerity reemerges; the walls are quickly rebuilt and by the time he dismissed Isabella by ordering breakfast at 8 a.m., he is back to being the carefully-controlled Master Edward. But, oh, we saw it; we saw the passion and the possibilities. We won’t forget, even if he tries to.

Katie Starfish is a slash goddess that penned the much loved story Over the Top, the scrummy, yummy treat of manlove goodness. OTT spawned her new story, Deep Dish that follows the tasty treat known as Jack Charles. She's Canadian and says awesome shit like aboot and ey'. I also want her to write a story about Mountieward or something ;) xo~ninapolitan