Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Honorary Perv QJmom is in the Christmas Spirit!

A Very Cullen Christmas: Santa and the Naughty Elf



When Emmett took a job as a mall Santa, he never thought that he'd be getting a gift of his very own, a naughty minx of an elf named Alice. Co-written by fiberkitty


Yeah, I said it. I have not yet found that Christmas spirit, and I better hurry the fuck up because it is only about a week away! Lately I have been the biggest Scrooge/Grinch. My house is decorated for the holidays…just barely. The shopping is done, and I’ve already told Santa I don’t want anything! But there has been something missing…

With those thoughts in mind, I set out to find something to inspire some of those warm fuzzy Christmas feelings. I searched a lot of Christmas Twific…and don’t get me wrong, there are some really good ones! BUT anyone who knows Q knows that she loves her Emmett. AND Emmett with anyone other than Rose is most especially delicious!!

That’s how I found an entry from last Christmas’ Very Cullen Christmas collab contest. And while we all know that I love me some Emmett/Bella lovin…I have discovered that a little Emmett/Alice can go a long way to put some “OHOHOH” into my “HOHOHO!”

A Very Cullen Christmas: Santa and the Naughty Elf by mischief-maker 1 and fiberkitty was inspirational on so many levels…first I got the image of my Emmett dancing in my head with things like this:
And she was tiny. I’d be willing to bet she only came up to my chest, maybe even my stomach. Not that it mattered. When we were lying down and I was hovering over her, it really wouldn’t be an issue. Hell, she was so small; I could pick her up and just sit her on my cock.
The pants didn’t hide much and his South Pole was certainly something to be appreciated.
I also got some great gift ideas from this little one shot. For the past few weeks, I’ve been stumped as to what to get the hubs, but after reading this…I know exactly what to get.
I felt her swallow around me once and I almost came there before she backed off and tugged on my balls. It was like…nirvana, like the angels singing, like…like winning at Halo,
Really?? Well, since the next best thing to deep throating is Halo…I am so buying that game for hubs and I’ll even let him win!!

Finally, I found the Christmas spirit that has been absent in my life these past few weeks in the last line…

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fuck.”


Mistress Boo Boo Kitty Fuck said...

Thanks so much for the rec. I'm glad we could help you find your Christmas spirit. :)