Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MsKathy Gets A Bedtime Story

Bedtime Stories



Alone and lonely on an overseas trip to see her favorite singer, Bella meets a stranger who wants her to help sooth away some of his own loneliness. One-shot. Rated M for leMon.

So, I had the pleasure of reading The Beauty Within, another one-shot by afragilelittlehuman. TBW is a T-rated lemon-less one-shot, but it inspired me to check her profile for her other works, which led me to Bedtime Stories.

Without spoiling the ending of Bedtime Stories, I will say that this is a concept I've seen before. However, it is not often well-executed, in my opinion.

This isn't the most explicit or dirty lemon, but it is still smokin' hot. Something about lines like these just kills me:

“These fingers?” Edward asked, placing the tips of two fingers just inside her open mouth.

Bella grinned as she took his fingers into her mouth, sucking them wickedly. “Yummy.”

Mostly, this is a short, sweet, romantic lemon. The one-shot is so short, I bet you'll do what I did -- go back for a re-read immediately. It's even more sweet the second time around.

AFLH made me smile with the very cute twist at the end. Something about the romance of situations like this always gets me, and I love the unspoken hope there. I was left thinking... where's Ireland?


Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Awwww... awesome! That story is so sweet I peed ma pants (not only because it was a gift to me). I heart it big time!!

It was also rated with wet panties, wet paper tissues and wettest places in the continental US here, including a hot illustration!!

Thanks guys for pimping that gem out here!

uhyesplease said...

Fragile is truly something else..and not just for her lemons; she can tell a story like no other.

I have to say it again - Breathe Me is amazing as is her collab with OnePushyFox, In The Blood.

I'm so darn tickled pink that this is recced here! Thanks Mskathy!

michswan said...

That was a real treat. Thanks for the rec, MsK!!! :)

fragile little human said...

Thank you so much for your rec of my story! So glad you like TBW, too. Maybe I should consider writing about their Ireland trip ;)