Saturday, December 5, 2009

Contest Announcements

Three contests to announce this week!

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Geekward Shuffle Challenge - ends 12/12/09

Are you a Twi-fic newbie? A struggling author?

Or are you simply a Twilight obsessed writer with a penchant for music and Geekward? Then this is the contest for you.

Welcome to the Geekward Shuffle Challenge, The Twinklings Community’s first writing contest!

Objective: To write a one-shot Twilight fanfiction story with Geekward, based on a song that you have stumbled upon in your iTunes Shuffle Playlist.

Rules: Your story must somehow be related to or inspired by the first song that plays when you turn on your handy-dandy iTunes Shuffle Playlist right after reading these rules. (If you don’t have iTunes, and instead utilize a different music system, then you need to pick a song at random.) Obviously, we can’t check to make sure that you guys are actually letting Shuffle pick your song, but we’re going on the honor system here, okay?

Your story’s version of Edward MUST be Geekward. It doesn’t matter if your interpretation of “geek” is that he watches Star Trek, plays PacMan, lives in the downtown library, or is a member of some computer “geek squad”…the point is that you make it obvious that he’s our adorable Geekward for whom we all harbor a soft spot.

As for the other characters: they may be all human, or all vampires. It’s up to you.

Your story MUST be a one-shot, that has never been previously published. It must be able to stand alone, although you may continue it, if you so desire, AFTER the contest is over.

Your story must lie between 1000 and 8000 words. Anything shorter than 1000 words, or longer than 8000 words, will not be considered for the contest. This does NOT include the mandatory information at the beginning (which will be covered momentarily).

You may collaborate with another author if you wish. If you choose to do so, then both of you are counted as only one author, therefore, that will be your only entry.

Having said that…only ONE entry per author.

No changes may be made after you have submitted your story.

Your story may have any rating.

The basic common sense rules apply, in that we will not accept stories with nastiness (i.e. pedophilia, bestiality, etc.)

You may promote your entry with banners, buttons, etc. You may NOT, however, post teasers or pieces of your story on other website. This includes The Twinklings. You may only redirect people to your story, using your ff link.

You may not expect beta help from The Twinklings for this contest. We realize that our purpose is to help writers, but since we’re hosting the contest…well, it just won’t work out this time around. We apologize profusely.

Just to clarify, this contest is open for everyone, not just those associated with The Twinklings.

Submission: Your story must be posted to The same day that you post your story, you must also send an email to letting us know of your entry, so that we can add it to the C2.

You must include the following information at the top of your entry, as well as in the email you send us.

Geekward Shuffle Challenge

Pen Name:

Link to FFnet Profile:

Song Title:

Story Title:




Dates: The challenge will run from the 11th of November to the 12th of December. These are the dates between which you can write, submit, and promote your entry. The open voting will begin on the 13th of December, and will last until the 20th.

Prizes, & All That Jazz…: First, second, and third place will be determined by a public vote.

Our judges include:

-The Twinklings Staff (Natalie, Misty, and Drea)


-The Romanticidal Edwardian

-bella c'ella luna


We're still looking for a few more judges...but at any rate, the group will deliberate, and select winners for the following categories.

-Best Written

-Best New Author

-Best Geekward Rendition

-Best Sweet-yet-awkward Moment

-Most Inventive Meeting

-Best First Kiss

And perhaps…best lemon? It rather depends on if we get any citrusy entries.

All winners will receive brand-spankin’ new banners, and will be announced on The Fictionators and TwiFic News.

The Twinklings Staff may see fit to change dates, rules, etc. We reserve this right 100 percent. No complaints!

Come play on the twilighted thread:

Thank you so much for your interest, and best of luck to all who enter!

Your Geekward Obsessed Hosts,

The Twinklings Staff

(eglantine, drea, and Misty)

Out of This World Contest - ends 12/16/09

As much as we all love the Twilight saga and Forks, we’ve decided that we want to see YOU take the Twilight characters out of their world and drop them into another world YOU already know and love.

Objective of this Crossover Contest:

Choose between a television show, another novel, or a movie and put one or more of the Twilight characters into that world. No stories can take place in Forks, the characters must be in the CrossOver location. There has to be at least one interaction between a recognizable character from both worlds.

If you choose to deviate from the three categories specified at your own risk, remember that your story must place the characters into another fictional world and you must have an interaction with a character from that world. Please be aware that there is a possibility that your story may not be accepted if it does not meet these specifications.

Examples: (feel free to use these examples - we wouldn't mind reading these :)

Grey’s Anatomy: Edward, McDreamy’s younger brother, is the new intern at Seattle Grace, will he give McSteamy a run for his money on capturing nurse Bella's heart?

Desperate Housewives: The Cullen's move to Wisteria Lane, what are they hiding, and why don't they ever come out during the day?

Titanic: Alice shares a chaise lounge with Rose DeWitt and expresses that she has an eerie feeling that something bad is going to happen. Is Alice able to keep her and her fiance Jasper alive?

Pride & Prejudice: What if Edward won the affections of Elizabeth Bennett before Mr. Darcy was able to admit his?

90210: Carlisle is the new Dr. in town and when Kellie Taylor sprains her ankle, will love be found in the Emergency Room?

Please remember that FanFiction.Net respects the expressed wishes of the following authors/publishers and will not archive entries based on their work:
Anne Rice
Archie Comics
Dennis L. McKiernan
Irene Radford
J.R. Ward
Laurell K. Hamilton
Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb
P.N. Elrod
Raymond Feist
Robin Hobb
Robin McKinley
Terry Goodkind

Rules of the Contest:

  • Choose between a television show, another novel, or a movie and put one or more of the Twilight characters into that world. No stories can take place in Forks, the characters must be in the CrossOver location. There has to be at least one interaction between a recognizable character from both worlds.
  • A one-shot that must be a stand alone original story. It cannot already have been published somewhere else.
  • Stories cannot be continued until after the contest is over.
  • Entries must have a minimum of 1,000 words and a maximum of 8,000 words. This does not include the information at the top. This is the content of the story. (We will be using g-docs to measure the word count. Drop your story content into a Google Doc & double check before you submit it. If it's over, it will be disqualified.)
  • Any rating will be accepted.
  • A maximum of two submissions are allowed.
  • Entries can be collaborations or a solo entry.
  • Entries can be all human or include vampires.
  • Because the contest is anonymous, please no Author’s Note’s. I’m sure your Beta(s) will understand and you can add them after the contest is over and you post the story to your own account.
  • Once you have submitted your story, no changes can be made.
  • Entrants may promote the contest itself, but not their own story.
  • Stories may not be posted anywhere but the Out of this World Contest profile page, by the owners of the contest, until the winners have been announced. Entrants deviating from this rule, including posting teasers, will be disqualified and their story removed from the contest. We’re operating on the honor system, so please be fair and follow the rules.

Get your story beta’d. Stories will be validated for spelling and grammar, and if the story does not pass validation, it will be returned to you. You will, however, be welcome to resubmit it with corrections to spelling or grammar.

If you wish to obtain a beta and do not already have one, we strongly recommend you check out Project Team Beta:

Please Note:

Although you cannot share your entry, you can let others know you have submitted a story for the contest. If you would like to promote the contest, feel free to use the banners which can be found on the Twilighted Thread.

After the announcement of the contest winner(s), entrants are free to add their stories to their individual accounts. Out of this World will list all entrants and their authors in our Out of this World Contest Community.

We reserve the right to make minor adjustments to dates and/or rules should that become necessary.

Not Allowed:

No rape, incest, pedophilia, etc. will be accepted.

Submitting Your Story:

All entries must be submitted via email to by December 16, 2009.

Although this contest is anonymous, all entries must be submitted with the following heading that will be removed before posting, make sure you mark if you this is your first fic:

Anonymous "Out of this World" One-Shot Crossover Contest

Pen Name:

Link to FFnet Account:


Movie Title, TV Show or Book and Author:

Recognizable Character(s) from other world:





All entries will appear as a separate story on the Out of this World FanFiction profile page.

Once you have submitted your story, no changes can be made.

Contest Timeline:

Now – December 16th 11:59 EST – Accepting Entries
ALL STORIES WILL BE POSTED the weekend of December 20th

December 20th – January 2nd – Public Voting
January 5th – Winners Announced

Regardless of how many stories are submitted & accepted, we will only have one round of public voting that will include all stories in the contest.

Judging, Winners and Prizes

There will be 3 winners decided by a public vote.


There will be judges selecting winners in the following catagories–

Best Overall Story

Note: Your story does not have to fit in any of the below catagories to win in the overall catagory.

Best Knee Slapper
Best Tear Jerker
Best Citrus
Best Newbie Author

The judges are:


We reserve the right to award anything else we deem necessary.

Winners will be announced and featured on "The Fictionators" on January 5, 2010.

The first place public vote and the Judge's Overall Winner will receive a banner designed by HeatherDawnC.

All winners will receive a contest banner displaying their placement in the contest.

Any updates to the contest will be announced here and by TwiSherry & heathrdawnc on Twitter.

Thank you to all who enter, and Good Luck!!

Your Hosts ~ HeatherDawn & TwiSherry

Thank you to TwiFic News and The Twilight Awards for featuring information regarding our contest.


A Picture is Worth 1000 Words - ends 1/10/10

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words Contest

Everyone says a picture is worth a 1000 words and if anyone has seen the recent Vanity Fair photo shoot of the gorgeous Rob Pattinson they know it is true. We have chosen what we feel are the 5 most inspiring shots and would like you to pick one and create a 1000 word one shot placing our dear Edward center stage.

Co-Hosted by: Katiedid01 and Rosalynn

Have fun and good luck!

The selected photos are available for viewing here.

Contest Rules and Guideline

Submissions must be a one-shot. Must contain exactly 1000 words (excluding header and author’s notes). The official word count will be assessed during validation. Limit of two entries per author. Entries may have any rating but the author must be 18 years old to submit an entry. Entries may be Canon, AU, AH or of any genre. Any and all pairings are accepted. The entry must be new material, written for the contest, but may contain characters from the authors own existing fan fiction. One-shots may not be expanded until after the contest is over. Absolutely no entries of rape, incest or pedophilia. Any entry found guilty of this will be disqualified.


All entries must feature the following heading:

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words Contest


Your pen name:

Inspirational photo number:

To view the photos for this contest visit: http://i618(DOT)



If you would like to see all the stories that are a part of this contest visit:


Submitting an Entry

Post your one-shot between the 1st and the 10th. In the summary of your one-shot make sure to put Entry for the 'A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words' contest. Send a message to the A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words when it is posted and it will be added to the community for viewing.


Entries will be accepted from January 1st – 10th. Voting will run from January 11th – 18th. Winners will be announced on January 25th. 1st place and runner up will be chosen based on votes by reader. The judges will also select their favorite entry.


Winners will receive a banner featuring your story name and penname by m81170 to post on your website and/or profile and of course bragging rights.


Of course, don't forget about The Perv Pack's own contest, An Officer and A Gentleman, which ends 01/09/10.