Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Team Spank Gets A Surprise

Team Spank Me is bringing you this week's Team Rec!
It's pretty clear what Team Spank is looking for and rec'ing, right? If not, we want your well-written BDSM/roleplay stories. They can be serious, light, hardcore, or one-time fluff playing.

Team Spank Me is made up of myself, Kathy aka MsKathy, and Steph aka PurdueLiz. This week we have a special guest reviewer, Hopey aka manyafandom.

Surprise Encounter


Bella is a successful Public Relations professional. She is hired by a company to launch their product. What happens when their financial backer is someone from her past? D/s Birthday Contest Entry. AH, AU, OOC. Edward/Bella. GRAPHIC LEMON.

Surprise Encounter introduces us to a very confident, business-savvy Bella and Alice. They work for a New York public relations firm, and are making a very important presentation for a potential lingerie manufacturing client. Edward is the end of the line decision maker for said client.

Turns out, Bella has already met Edward, and I won't spoil how. I did smirk though, enjoying this little tidbit as she freaks out for the presentation she's about to make in front of him, considering their past.

I'll be honest - this is on the tame side of things, but really great for anyone that's nervous or new. Bella is pleasured in a very fun way, more than once. There's a genuine sense of caring and tenderness between the two of them, which I enjoyed. Who doesn't want to hear:
“You are the picture of beauty when you cum, did you know that?” he asked.
This is a quick read, and I think you'll like it, whether you're new to the idea of BDSM or an old-timer.

I really enjoyed this one-shot. Like Kathy said Bella is confident, intelligent and sassy. Bella is focused on giving a presentation to a potential client. When said client arrives it all falls apart for Bella...at least internally.

Then I promptly forgot my own name.

Shit. And then Hot. Damn.

But on the outside she's all business as usual. She knows the client, Edward Cullen, but not in a way that she...or he can reveal. hehe. As the presentation goes on her mind wanders to the man, their previous encounter and how she hasn't stopped thinking of their previous encounter since it happened 5 months before. Yeah, she's basically fucked. Or is she? read to find out.

This is a little bit soft and not so much with the hardcore, but still very highly enjoyable. If you're looking to sample or dabble with BDSM D/s this would be the fic for you to cut your teeth on. But those that are fully into the scene or genre would enjoy it as well.

If you've got a Spank-worthy rec for us, send it to me!


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