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TZ and the Monster take "The Oath"


Bella & Edward's Sex Anthology


Okay, I’m totally starting to feel predictable. Someone says the words "pimp a story" and I immediately default to JenWordSong. People are going to think she’s the only author I’ve ever read.

But here’s the thing – I was asked to write about my favorite (smutty) chapter. And as much as I love pretty much everything Jen has ever written, The Oath just stands out for me and has since the first time I read it. It really just touched me on a level that no other fanfiction smut ever has (that sounded kinda dirty).

The Oath is part of Edward and Bella’s Sex Anthology, a wonderful series of, well . . . sex scenes displaying different emotions and representing various points in ExB’s relationship. While the entire series is well worth reading, The Oath really blew me away (I did it again). It is different from any other Twilight smut I have seen.

Let me set the stage. It takes place after Bella’s transformation. In Jen’s world, Bella’s change was not a walk in the park – she ended up having to deal with all of the issues that we would have realistically (okay, that’s just a weird thing to say about paranormal fiction) expected. In other words, Bella is not the perfect newborn.

So when the scent of humans walking through the Cullen property reaches newborn Bella, she has the reaction we (well, I) expected her to have – she goes berserk. Rosalie is unable to restrain her, and Edward must chase down a Bella rushing to the source of the scent to keep her from killing a human. So this is a good set-up for a sex scene, you ask dubiously?

Indeed it is, because what we have here is the angsty, emotion-laden intimacy of redemption. Once the temptation is gone, Bella feels nothing but shame, concluding she is evil, disgusting and unworthy of love – something Edward simply cannot accept:

It was clear what she was thinking. She believed that every particle of her was unclean, that she was something vile…a monster The very idea made me sick. As a human, she had been so good to me, so intent on showing me that I was not evil, was worthy of love. And now she needed someone to do the same for her. I would not allow my Bella to feel like anything less than what she was—my angel, my cherished love.

But Bella’s shame and self-loathing are too great to allow her to permit Edward to redeem her, at least without a struggle, and we see Edward’s naked fear of being denied Bella’s love:

"Kiss me back, Isabella," I demanded, my tongue coaxing her lips apart.

She allowed the invasion but no more than that, and the feel of being
alone, of being shut out sent sudden, ripping blasts of pain through my being. I
was afraid.

Opening my eyes, I looked into hers, and when I spoke I did not recognize
the fear there, the weakness. "Please, Bella, please," I said.

Okay, so am I making myself clear? We are talking some fervent, urgent sex here – characters who are desperate for the comfort and reassurance that only intimacy with one another can provide. Edward is driven by fear to bring Bella back to him, to break down the barriers she has raised. And for Bella, only Edward’s love can restore her sense of self. It is a moving and beautiful moment in Twifanfic. And if this doesn’t, um, do something for you, well, I just don’t know:

My fingertips brushed the satin of her thighs as I pushed her skirt up to her waist. Lowering my face to her panties, I smelled her arousal, the sweet musk staggering my senses. I shivered in anticipation. In mere seconds I would taste her, lap at the essence of my love, and she would know how good she was, how perfect, how deserving. I needed her to be exposed to me, open to my kiss.

While there’s certainly some great smut in this fandom, for me, this is the one. The characters are driven by a sense of need that has nothing to do with simple sexual attraction or a desire for release. It goes far beyond that—an urgency to achieve a primal connection that speaks more to salvation.

So, as tempted as I am to just keep quoting the story to demonstrate, I have to stop myself. It’s not that long! Just go read it!

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I loved The Oath, but my favourite of hers is also in the Anthology, it's called The Throwdown. It took me several days to get over it!