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Late Night Encounters by Kyla713

Late Night Encounters





Lonely ER doc Edward Cullen goes online one night to relieve some tension, never expecting to find what was awaiting him. AH/possibly some OOC. Rated M for a reason.


If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be recc'ing a story on the Perv Pack Smut Shack, I would have died. But thankfully, these awesome h00rs have given me the chance to tell you about an awesome fic by my old co-author, Dawnie aka kyla713, called Late Night Encounters.

Our story begins with Dr. Edward Cullen, an emergency room physician who has found himself in one hell of a romantic rut. Having ended a relationship 6 months prior, it's safe to say that our Dr. Cullen, or Greeneyeddoc1981, as we come to know him, is feeling a bit, um...frustrated, to say the least. His best friend, being the good guy that he is, hands him a card with the words:

"Find partners for sex chat, webcam sex, phone sex. Sign up for free today!"

After hours of deliberation and feeling as if he has nothing to lose, Greeneyeddoc1981 logs in and begins to search among the potential candidates. Frustrated and ready to give up, BellaNova happens upon him.
BellaNova: Hey there.
I took a deep breath and brought my hands back to the keys. Here goes nothing.
Grneyeddoc1981: hi
BellaNova: Saw your profile. Nice… new to this too?
Grneyeddoc1981: that obvious?
BellaNova: haha I’ve been on here for a few hours, and you only just now appeared.
Grneyeddoc1981: you said ‘too’, so you are as well?
BellaNova: yea… reeeeeeeeally horny tonight.
My eyes widened at the forwardness of this girl. But then I rolled my eyes at myself. What other reason do people have for coming to this site, dumbass.
BellaNova: hello?
Grneyeddoc1981: me too
BellaNova: so, doctor… I assume you really are a doctor?
Grneyeddoc1981: perhaps…
BellaNova: tease…
Grneyeddoc1981: yes, I am a doctor. why?
BellaNova: I like scrubs… easy access. What would you have me do to you right now?
Well that is a loaded question. What would I have her do to me? Looking down at my erection, only one thing came to mind.
Grneyeddoc1981: I want your pretty mouth on my cock
Holy shit! What was wrong with me? I never spoke to women this way, ever; let alone a complete stranger. I kept watching the screen, waiting for her to disconnect.
BellaNova: take it out for me
I felt my cock twitch at the sight of those words and grow invariably harder. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all. I lifted my hips to lower my boxers, releasing my erection.
BellaNova: is it out?
Grneyeddoc1981: yes
BellaNova: you have some lube?
Grneyeddoc1981: yes
I think you can see where this is leading. So, we have a couple of horndogs meeting at night through the Internet to become better acquainted. Okay, okay, to get each other off. And get each other off they do. Over the weeks, we find that cybersex is easier with two hands (heheh) and chatting leads to Skype conversations, texts, daily phone calls and eventually video conferences. Suddenly, we see that a relationship that was supposed to be all about "sex" has morphed into something more. Each encounter becomes a bit more personal, the lines between a strictly online relationship and something deeper becoming blurred. Now, anyone can write two people talking dirty to each other, but what Dawn has done so amazingly here is to build on that. Greeneyeddoc1981 and BellaNova find themselves preoccupied with each other and late night conferences begin to bleed into daytime fantasies. Edward finds himself thinking of Bella at work, wondering how she spends her days and what she sounds like. One of my favorite moments is when Edward wonders what his BellaNova looks like:

Bella. How could she be anything but beautiful with a name like that? Then again, who cares? The beauty of this entire thing was that she could be anything I imagined, right?

Bella, a college student who lives across the country in Los Angeles, is completely out of her element here. Having wandered into the online chat community while drunk, she also finds herself unable to stop thinking about the hours she spends online with her green eyed doctor. The online chats are sexy as hell, but it’s the struggle and burgeoning relationship that has so many hooked.

I've been seeing this fic talked about quite a bit, but just finally had the chance to dive in earlier this week and complete it for the review. And holy mother of jeebus, we get some sweet, juicy lemons. ;)

The basis of this fic is that Edward and Bella are both lonely, horny people, basically. They each go online looking for lust. We get the first chapter through EPOV, and I have to say...I was almost put off at first by the way it read in regards to how Bella was. However, we get to the second chapter in BPOV and see exactly why she was that made that first incredibly unlikely encounter seem more plausible.

As the online relationship of B/E progresses, so does the comfort and believability of the fic. When microphones, regular phones and finally webcams are finally introduced, their interactions become much more relaxed, which I always think leads to a better, well-rounded fic, as well as hotter lemons. ;)

Speaking of those lemons, while the first two did nothing for me, the sexy times that came after B/E got a little more courageous and ventured into voice technology were sweet and citrusy good.

I've grown attached to the characters and their "relationship" and am invested to see where it goes. The last two chapters sort of threw us a wrench and I wish Bella had just been honest with Edward from the get-go. The reason she felt she needed to bend the truth was so incredibly inconsequential that it made her seem incredibly immature - not a good thing when you're "seeing" someone several years older that you.

However, after that little mishap, I'm hoping they can overcome it and move forward... I'll tell you one thing...I'm looking forward to New Year's, that's for sure. I'm also interested to see how in the crap she's going to work in the twist with the eye-color...hopefully there is a genuine purpose for them and something that makes sense to us peeps that can't see anything but Canon physical traits.

4 out of 5 self-induced Os.

I like when an author brings out an Edward who is a wee bit different. Has a bit of an edge or a kink. Yup I just admitted it. I get bored (apart from my favourite stories where he is just written so beautifully) of perfect Edward, or love-god Edward. Its nice to read a fic where refreshingly he is normal in the fact he's in a drought, too wrapped up in work or RL is kicking his arse hard? Hello I think we can all relate to those kind of things every so often. The other thing I like about Late Night Encounters is (and I am just going to be blunt here) the wanking and sel-love. When its written right it can be terribly erotic and intimate. So I am quite a happy bunny with this fic as you can imagine. As we get lots of long distance intimacy and sexy times between these two.

LNE is deffo a sexy times tingle of a read. But its more than that... Any one who relies on long distance loving, with only sporadic physical and actual together times knows how insecurities and difficulties can easily take over. So when there is NO face-to-face time - for either sexy or practical/stupid/fun/dorky purposes you can see how easily misunderstandings and insecurities can come into play - and this is what is happening to to Bella and WebCamWard.. . Their feelings have increased and got complicated faster than they can keep-up with! Hello jealousy and fear.

Things now mean more for both Bella and Edward. They want and need that physical contact but also that 'them' time. That opportunity to learn each other inside AND out... Can they make it happen? Time will tell - but I bloody hope so....

As things progress the O's will ratchet up as they come together in person, until then a very strong, sexy 4 self-induced OOoooooo's out of 5 from yours truly.

Hehe, this is a very naughty fic. Very naughty. And that's with the two main characters never actually having met....yet.

It's starts out innocent, well as innocent as trolling the web for someone to cyber with can be. Bella's drunk off her ass and horny. Edward is to busy to go out and find a real woman and honestly doesn't want the hassle, but the dude needs to get off. They met up on a random hook-up site (given to Eddie by Emmett). Bella having no inhibitions because of her intoxication immediately starts right in on the good stuff to the mild shock and surprise of Edward. Who happens to really dig the words Bella is sending him across the webz. The next morning Bella is appalled and Edward can't wait to log back in.

Don't get me wrong...the whole thing is awkward, but a hot, steamy awkward. As the story progresses and microphones, texting and webcams are introduced the awkward seems to disappear as they become more comfortable with each other. It also becomes something more, it's not just about the release, the self-induced "O" with a little help from a friend. These two come to genuinely care about and for each other. They know that a "relationship" is almost impossible given their geographic distance. Suckage.

This story is cute and it doesn't take itself to seriously. There was a little bit-o-drama in the last chapter, but it's not par for the course, so no worries there. Even though Eddie & Belly are getting off on the regular (even if it is by themselves) the UST is pretty intense. Escpecially after they start to have feelings for one another. I can't wait to see where Dawnie takes these two. Hopefully somewhere where they are physically in the same room. Because yeah, that's gonna be really effin' good.
4 out of 5 self Induced-O's from moi.

Hot, lonely doc Edward signs up for an internet chat service after BFF Emmett has harassed him enough. He doesn't want a fling, he needs substance, but he's … frustrated. Willing to go to new and different measures to get some satisfaction.

I liked the first chapter, because there's something smile-worthy about Docward loosening up and letting go just a bit. The waiting for the person the next time, will it be awkward? Will they show up? Etc.

In chapter two, Bella muses:

It was a freeing feeling to be able to say or do anything that was on your mind, or in your wildest kinky desires.

I think that's a huge appeal to the internet in general – the anonymity. You can be anyone you want to be on the Internet.

Chapter three is where this story begins to soar, with Bella and Edward getting to know each other better. After all, without that, it's just porn, right?

Loved the slow reveal of the webcam in chapter five, and of course corset talk is delicious. The eye thing has me curious, and I can't wait to see what in the world is going on there.

Chapter six gets us back into Bella's head, with her insecurities. I loved the photoshopped image she sends him, and the banter back and forth between them, as well. There is drama in six and seven, but we end on a high note and I am anxious and eager to see where these two take things! I don't want to spoil what they have planned, but it'll be an interesting twist in the story when/if it happens.

4 out of 5 self-induced Os.

Cyber sex? Web cams? Edward Cullen? Dude, sign me up. Even better, is Carlisle around? ;)
Interesting premise, one that while yes, it has been written before, it hasn't been done quite like Kyla's version here.

Usually, these types of fics are set in one city, so when they do decide to finally meet face to face it's no biggie, since they just pop down to the Forks Bar & Grill, toss back a few brews, scarf some wings and go to the closest home to bone.

LNE right from the start is unique in that Kyla has set it up so Bella is in CA and Eddie is in IL. The Holiday Inn isn't exactly a hop, skip and a jump between them, so right there the tension and the UST is at a killer level because we're unaware if in fact they ever will meet up.

Edward is a doc in a dry spell and thanks to Emmett and his unrelenting matchmaking ways he passes him a card for an adult chat room. Bella is pickled, bored and horny and also ends up in said chat room. Obviously, you see where I'm going here.
BellaNova: you have some lube?
Grneyeddoc1981: yes
Sounds like a good time. Heheehe. The funny thing about these chat rooms and cyber sex and all that jazz is that you can totally be 20, living in your parents' basement with your 15 cats and bacne. :) Or 41 with a husband and 8 kids or you can have a pencil dick and play with your light saber. I can keep going but I'll stop.
My point is, is that you can actually be a hot, young co-ed that gets wrapped up in something and someone that scares the shit out of you. So while the circumstances may not be clothed in realism, their reactions are.
He's gunshy but at the same time, he's recognizing that he does in fact have a connection with this woman and he doesn't want to let it go. So in the recent chapter, he pushes the envelope.

Obviously, I can't wait for the next chapter. It's going to be a doozy, to get her reactions.
4 out of 5 Self-Induced Os from me

So far, LNE has been quite the fun little romp. Thoughts of Edward using webcams and having cyber-sex? Um, yes please! I love that just through the words that first time, the two of them form a connection.

It's a slow build, with it basically being just getting off with each other. But then they start to get to know one another, learn things, talk more. It's a blossoming...something. Can you call it a relationship? Who's to say. But they certainly seem to be heading that way.

A bit of drama in the most recent chapter. And yes, probably something Bella might have been a little more mature about. That said, we don't always make the best decisions when we're nervous about things. And admitting how you feel about someone who you met in such an unconventional way, not to mention someone with Bella's self-esteem issues. It's easy to see how she reacted that way.

I very much am looking forward to seeing their relationship progress and especially how the long-distance aspect will be tackled. The lemony-goodness keeps getting better with each subsequent happening and I can only imagine how hot it will be when they actually get together skin-to-skin.

4 out of 5 self-induced O's from me

I have to say that any fic that has Edward with his dick in his hand within like the first 2000 words, definitely has my attention! And when all the lemons are self induced…sort of…but still get me all tingly in all the right places, well then we are talking about ONE STEAMY fic!!

I love the way that Bella and Edward’s relationship develops in Late Night Encounters. They become attached to one another without ever having met. While they start off with the HOT HOT HOT cybersexin…it grows into so much more, until they crave just to be able to “talk” to one another. Of course the lemons are one benefit, but they seem to connect on a level that it wouldn’t have mattered what the other looked like. The fact that they are, of course, Bella and Edward with all that entails, was just icing on the cake.

My favorite thing about Late Night Encounters is that I think a lot of women (big shock here…including me) like the idea of talking REALLY dirty, but just can’t when in the moment (TMI?? HAHA!). And the way that Bella is written is kind of like that “every woman” who normally wouldn’t be so vocal…and downright DIRTY! But now, I want hubs to go on a business trip so I can dirty talk on the computer to him…because THAT I can definitely do!
So thank you Kyla for the wonderful inspiration…

4 out of 5 self induced Os


Sarah said...

Great rec ladies! I love this story!

But I'm pretty sure its 2,018 reviews, not 20,818! It's not that popular...yet!

KristenLynn said...

I'm loving this story, too... Interesting concept, at least to a non-computer/internet savvy person like me! Ah... the possibilities.

Momma Bear said...

I love this story. I've been reading it since day one, and can't wait to see what will happen next.

Bouncy72 said...

Lol, yeah this story is awesome. If you're not reading it you really should be!